10 Amazing Small & Local Businesses That We Found On Instagram

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By Likita Gowda

Gone are the days when Instagram was just a photo sharing app where people just posted things that they liked in a square format and followed friends and family they knew. This platform has grown to become one of the world's most favourite social media apps where one can not only share their special moments but also grow their brands and showcase their skills and products. 

And the one thing that we are grateful for from all of this is that small and local businesses are getting a chance to shine. So here’s a list of 10 amazing small & local businesses we found on Instagram. Give this article some love and we would be more than delighted to make this into a series. 

1. Lacuna


Tanushree Singh’s endeavour, Lacuna is a pottery studio based in Goa and is every ceramic lover’s dream. Her handmade pieces are unique, beautiful and made only in small batches. She often posts about when her shop is opening for sale once she is ready with a new collection or a fresh batch of her signature creations. Don’t just follow her account to know when her products go on sale but also for a regular dose of pretty pictures from Goa, her travels, life and hands down our favourite thing on her feed- her adorable dog Hugo!

2. Baariqi


If you love handcrafted clothes made in good quality fabrics, then Baariqi has you sorted. They have everything from gorgeous dresses, tops, skirts to pants and even kurta sets. We love the attention to detail in all their products and the fact that every design of theirs is unique and special. They have even collaborated with lifestyle Influencer Aakriti Rana for two of their collections - Candyland & Lovestory. And needless to say we are fans of both of them with all the pretty colours, the generous use of tulle and beautiful designs. 

3. Angrakhaa


Founded in 2018 by Vishakha Bhaskkar & Asana Riamei, this women-led brand is promoting a body positive clothing culture in the fashion world. Angrakhaa in fact is one of the most size inclusive brands that we’ve come across. All you ladies should rejoice as you can get any of their designs custom-made in your size at zero extra cost, which is something we wish more brands did! Not just that, they are also an ethical, sustainable and zero-waste brand as they recycle and reuse waste fabrics for making accessories, labels and packaging.

4. Linen on me


If easy, minimal and natural is your vibe, then Linen on me is a brand made for you. They have bed linens, duvets, cushion covers, curtains and loungewear in superior quality fabrics. They even have a small collection of luxury silk products for you to indulge in. Their aesthetically pleasing and clean minimal designs are something one will never get bored of and would want to use, cherish and love for years to come.

We highly recommend them!

5. Echoes of the Hills


Echoes of the hills is a brand that brings products handmade by artisans from Northeast India. One can find everything from home decor items like planters, coasters, vases, table mats, lamp shades, dried flowers, baskets & trays to fashion items like scrunchies and eco-friendly bags. We especially love their products made with water reed!

6. Scrunchies by Sakshi


Love scrunchies? Then @scrunchiesbySakshi is where the best ones are at. Not only are these better looking than regular elastic bands but scrunchies are much more gentle on the hair. And you can expect to find ones in satin, organza, pretty prints, mixed fabrics and even ones with embellishments and embroidery on them at this store on Instagram. We love how innovative their designs are with the play of fabrics and mix of textures - for instance take a look at their satin scrunchies with fringe, organza scrunchies with crochet border, the double layered satin-net or satin-organza scrunchies and our favourite - net scrunchies with sunflowers inside them! 

If that’s not enough, you can even customize your scrunchies with them. 

7. Flexchamps India


Looking for international quality high-performance activewear in India? Then look no further as Flexchamps India has you covered. This Indian brand is redefining activewear in the country by bringing about unique and trendy designs in luxurious work-out friendly fabrics. Their products are seamless, lightweight and breathable, making them super comfortable to train in. We also love the whole range of colours their products are available in. 

8. Aghaaz


Here’s a special small business that we came across on Instagram. Aghaaz is a social entrepreneurship project by NSS-LSR students wherein they empower & work towards the upliftment of underprivileged women by helping them become financially independent. Being advocates of slow, sustainable and ethically produced fashion, all their products like scrunchies, masks and bags are made from scrap and waste materials. They are also spreading awareness and educating everyone about sustainable fashion by sharing tips & facts on sustainability and even hosting sustainable pop-up shops to promote other small businesses as well. They also have a sustainable swap at these events wherein people can swap any product they bring with another product to promote sustainability. Kudos to this endeavour! 

9. Gourmet Garden India


It’s a known fact that contamination free fresh produce is difficult to come by. With the rampant use of pesticides, genetic treatment of seeds and inefficient farming practices, food these days has less nutrient value and flavour. But these are things you will not have to worry about if you are getting your produce from Gourmet Garden India. They use the naturoponic farming technique to grow their produce which ensures there is zero contamination. Another plus? The veggies you order are harvested post your order - which means you will get to enjoy and taste the freshness! Currently only serving Bangalore and Chennai, we hope Gourmet garden is available in other cities soon.

10. Maisha


Based in Ahmedabad, Maisha is a lifestyle and accessory brand started by a father-daughter duo. Inspired by the rich arts and crafts heritage of India, they use age-old fabrics, traditional weaves and dyeing techniques to make their contemporary products which have a global appeal to them. We love the stylish designs, vibrant colours and quirky prints that their bags are available in. They are also a cruelty free brand as they use vegan leather instead of animal leather. If that’s not enough, besides their extensive range of bags, they also make fashionable clothes, stationary and home goods.

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