10 Energy-Giving Foods to Improve Stamina Naturally

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Present-day millennials and working professionals are engaged in hectic lifestyles. To go through the day, meet deadlines and feel productive, one needs to focus on having a healthy diet that boosts stamina. Food to your body is like fuel to a car. When your fuel tank is nearly empty, your car tends to become sluggish. Similarly, lack of energy in your body could affect your daily life too. Each day, our body needs certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that enable it to run at its full capacity. It not just boosts your concentration but also improves performance. Besides increasing energy levels, certain foods also build immunity and keep you fuller for longer.

There are several natural ways to increase your stamina. One way is to consume healthy foods, which gives your body all the energy it requires while the other way is to exercise for at least thirty minutes per day. The best way to increase your stamina is by breaking your daily meals into smaller ones. This will help you last through the day. Don’t have a feast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead, focus on portion control. Eat enough to satiate your hunger, and consume nutritious snacks as and when you’re low on energy.

10 Best Foods that will Make you feel Energetic Instantly

Everybody needs to consume stamina-enhancing foods. If you’re a regular at the gym, an athlete or a sports enthusiast, we cannot stress enough on the importance of including certain fruits, vegetables, seeds and foods in your diet. We like to call them power foods as they’re literally a storehouse of energy:

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  1. Bananas

Looking for an ideal pre-workout snack? Bananas have you sorted. They’re inexpensive, easily available and a part of every fruit basket in an Indian home. Bananas are a rich source of potassium, complex carbohydrates, vitamin B6 and fibre. It is an excellent low-calorie snack that can be had at any time of the day. Besides the nutrient benefits of consuming a banana, they are also effective as they trigger the release of dopamine – a feel-good hormone that increases focus, concentration and makes the task at hand seem less exhausting. You can even carry a banana in case you’re going to be on the move with absolutely no time to grab a bite. To store the banana securely, you can buy a banana case. Thus, whenever you’re feeling low on energy, munch on a banana to boost your stamina instantly.

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  1. Peanut Butter

If you are a gym freak, you’ve probably heard your trainer telling you to have a spoonful of peanut butter before you work out. Well, it’s no myth. The good old peanut butter is a reservoir of energy. It can keep your hunger at bay and boost stamina instantly. Although it is a calorie-dense food, it helps in giving your body the much-needed energy boost. It is full of healthy fats that are required by the body to increase the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Since peanut butter is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, it reduces pain, boosts heart health and aids in brain development. Those engaged in regular sports refer to it as a superfood. For added energy, you can also consume peanut butter in combination with other complex carbs such as a banana or toast.

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  1. Eggs

Another food you should add to your healthy diet is eggs. It is the best source of protein on the planet. It is also packed with amino acids and carbohydrates that keep fatigue away and boost energy. Don’t go by its reputation of raising the level of “bad cholesterol” in your body. It can be consumed in 100+ ways not just for breakfast but for lunch or dinner too. Besides increasing the energy production in your body, eggs even increase the rate of fat breakdown which further boosts stamina and builds immunity. A common reason body-builders and weightlifters consume eggs on a day-to-day basis is because it repairs muscles and improves exercise endurance levels too.

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  1. Brown Rice

They say carbs are a primary source of energy. However, not all carbohydrates are good. If you’re in the habit of eating white rice, you should make a healthy switch by moving to brown rice. Since it undergoes a lower amount of processing, you get more nutrients out of the food. It is also full of complex carbohydrates that are key to better stamina. It is also rich in fibre and vitamin B complex. Studies reveal that brown rice regulates blood sugar level and keeps you full for longer. Unlike white rice that makes you feel sluggish after a meal, brown rice enhances your body’s energy.

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  1. Fatty Fish

For someone who consumes seafood regularly, fish is the best way to increase stamina. Salmon and tuna particularly are known to be great for the brain and body. They are also a great source of vitamin B, protein and fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 can reduce inflammation and fatigue in the body, and aid in production of red blood cells. 100 grams of fish contains 50 percent of the daily protein required by an adult. If you’re involved in sports or any strenuous activity, consume fish regularly as it contains DHA and EPA – two essential fatty acids that improve endurance.  

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  1. Beans

Most healthy meals include some kind of beans in them. The reason behind this is that beans are the best natural energy and stamina booster. Kidney beans, black-eyed beans, cowpea and green gram are excellent sources of protein, iron, fiber, folic acids, manganese and magnesium. Consuming beans on a daily basis generates red blood cells that carry oxygen to the muscles. This further increases stamina and endurance during a workout. They also maintain a stable blood sugar level since it is digest slowly. You can add legumes, grains and beans to salads, snacks, soups and meals. Every balanced diet should include beans.

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  1. Nuts

To strengthen the immune system and increase stamina, most nutritionists recommend consuming nuts to curb hunger pangs. Walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds are ideal. Since nuts are rich in proteins, bioactive compounds and polyunsaturated fatty acids, they make an excellent food choice to increase stamina. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that build endurance and improve the blood flow to the working muscles. Thus, a lot of bodybuilders consume almonds and other nuts before their workout. The best way to have almonds is by soaking them overnight and peeling the skin. It is a powerhouse of healthy fats that aids in weight loss. Have at least five nuts a day to keep your energy levels high.

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  1. Coffee

Coffee is an instant energy booster on a dull day. Owing to its high caffeine content, it boosts stamina, benefits endurance performance and helps in high-intensity workouts. Since it stimulates the brain and body, it also increases concentration and focus. Instead of including milk coffee in your healthy diet, include black coffee. It contains negligible calories. Research suggests that coffee triggers the central nervous system. It instantly passes to your brain from your bloodstream to inhibit the activity of adenosine. On the other hand, coffee increases the production of epinephrine, a feel-good hormone that enhances brain and body performance. However, stick to only one cup of coffee per day.

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  1. Green Vegetables

Since childhood our parents have emphasised the importance of green leafy vegetables. They’re packed with micronutrients that build stamina and improve the red blood cells count. Spinach and kale are rich in iron, fiber and vitamins. Hence, it is considered effective in improving sporting performance, releasing short-term energy and improving stamina. Green leafy vegetables also aid in effective working of the digestive system. As a bonus, they also maintain blood sugar levels. Feeding children green leafy veggies might seem like a difficult task. However, disguise them in their food so that they get the required stamina without creating a fuss.

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  1. Dark Chocolate

Did you know? Dark chocolate is a powerhouse of antioxidants and good carbs. Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains high levels of cocoa and caffeine that increases blood flow throughout the body. It not just enhances stamina but also can significantly improve moods and reduce fatigue. Studies reveal that dark chocolate also boosts stimulation during sex thereby increasing the sexual drive. Since it is a source of magnesium, it also has a beneficial effect on period cramps and thus helps in fighting against any kind of free radicals. Remember the darker the chocolate, the better it is. It also has the potential to fight stress, depression and anxiety since it contains the mood regulating hormone, serotonin. However, don’t reach out for a full bar and finish it in a few minutes. Have just a couple of pieces at a time and enjoy it.

In your every day diet, try and include a combination of energy-giving foods. Don’t just focus on one food. The best way to increase your stamina over time is by incorporating a balanced diet. If certain foods are making your body sluggish, eliminate them completely.

Are there any other foods that have helped in building your stamina and endurance? Share them in the comments section below.


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