10 Evergreen Lipstick Shades For All Skin Tones

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Evergreen Lipstick Shades For All Skin Tones

As someone has said, ’’ Flowers in the city are like lipstick on a woman -- it just makes you look better to have a little color’’. Every woman has a different personality, a different look and different choices. They have different moods and these moods can be judged by the colour of their clothes, makeup shade and most importantly their lipstick shade. Even if a woman isn’t donned with other makeup products but just has some lipstick on, it does the trick and makes up for an entire makeup look. And there are certain shades of lipsticks that look fabulous on all the skin shades.

The right lipstick shade can give you an altogether different look and mood. Here are ten shades of lipsticks that are evergreen and suit people of all skin types and colours. Do not think twice to use these beautiful shades.

A Blood Red colour

Image source: https://www.violettefr.com/products/petal-bouche-matte

That fierce colour that builds confidence along with sensuality in a woman is red colour. Irrespective of the skin colour, when you wear a red lipstick, you feel more energetic and self-assured. Wear this with your little black dress or even a red dress on a ball dance or fine dine and make your partner fell in love with you more. Complete the look with a pair of golden danglers which would give you an overall elegant look.


Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/36-best-maroon-matte-lipstick-shades-to-look-stunningly-beautiful--523332419189555295/

Maroon is a shade that looks fantastic on everyone, be it on darker skin or fair skin. Wear this mesmerizing shade with a saree or even a long or short dress, you will stand out in the room. After applying this shade, refrain from using heavy eye shadow and other makeup as this lipstick is enough by itself. With poise and sophistication, leave a mark on everyone during celebrations.

A Light Peach

Image Source: https://www.charlottetilbury.com/ie/product/k-i-s-s-i-n-g-bitch-perfect

Subtle shades are not just trending but they are evergreen as they exude a smooth and refined look with all types of dresses. For all skin types and colours, choose this shade and carry your look with confidence. Be the belle of the ball and attend soirees and dinner dates with the perfect glow on your face.

Nude shades

Image Source: https://www.lisaeldridge.com/blogs/articles/nude-lipsticks-for-every-skin-tone

The nude shade is one of the best and evergreen colour that is forever elegant and will never go out of style. Nude shade of lipstick is not too bright to catch attention but not too light that people can ignore you. It’s just the right kind of shade that will make you look stylish and attractive.

Pretty pink shade

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/659566307910059342/

Pink shade has always been one of the most preferred shades of lipsticks. It is a colour loved by everyone. It brings out cheerfulness, love and kindness. When you go out on a movie date or spend time with your partner, you must wear this shade of lipstick as this signifies your romantic side. Wear any white or black dress that goes with this shade of lip colour and you are good to go!


Image source: https://www.makeup.com/product-and-reviews/lipstick/orange-lipstick-for-your-skin-tone

This is a bright colour for the ones who love to catch the attention of the crowd. Wear confidence with this colour as it exudes cheerfulness and bravery. You can don this shade with a dark coloured dress while going for a birthday or a special gathering.


Image Source: https://www.maybelline.co.in/makeup-tips/lip-makeup/bring-back-the-90s-with-a-bold-brown-lipstick

You might think it is a dark colour so it cannot look good on people with a darker complexion. Well, if you think this, it’s completely wrong. It gives a great look on people of all colours. You just need to have the confidence to carry this shade that will make you feel classier. Wear this on your casual days along with your tees and shorts for a lively look.


Image source: https://us.sugarcosmetics.com/products/limited-edition-nothing-else-matter-longwear-lipstick-23-peachy-keen-light-peach-pastel-peach-1

This shade of lipstick is elegant and refined. Irrespective of age or skin colour, this color will stand out and make you look more mature and sensuous. Wear an attractive one-piece dress with light makeup and your favourite heels to complete your look. This shade not only goes with every dress but it is a colour that people of all skin complexions can wear confidently.  


Image Source: https://in.sugarcosmetics.com/products/sugar-mettle-liquid-lipstick-07-bellatrix

Do you want to know what the go-to option for a lady is if they are going to parties, dinners or causal meet-ups? Mauve shade! This shade never stops to impress everyone as it attracts attention in all the good ways. Not only it makes you look more beautiful but also gives an elegant look on lighter, dusky or darker skin complexion.

Wine shade

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/135459901277514732/

Dark lip shades are always trending and are considered hottest in the fashion industry. It is an easy colour to pull off that goes with all skin types. This is one of the most subtle and sophisticated colours of all time. You can apply shimmery wine shades for parties and simple non-shimmery ones for a casual look.

These lipstick shades are some of the best ones that suit all skin colours and they are bound to stay in fashion. Try all the colours and see what suits you the best with different dresses on various occasions. So, what are you waiting for! If you want to set a mood, try out these mesmerizing colours and shine bright.  

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