10 Influencers Who Broke Beauty Barriers And Inspired

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                                       By Vaishnavi Srivastava

The Internet is flooded with pictures of oh-so-perfect-looking models. The toned body, straight hair, flawless skin, and spot-on makeup, and all other unrealistic benchmarks of beauty have made a lot of young women extremely uncomfortable in their own skin. But, on the other side of the spectrum, we have influencers and content creators who are all out there accepting and admiring themselves just the way they are!

It’s time we knock off the set beauty standards of our society and lay the seed of body positivity and unconditional self-love! (Just the way you are by Bruno Mars playing in the background)

Let’s take a look at these 10 super gorgeous women who preach body positivity and inspire us with their powerful and fabulous content. 

1. Shraddha Gurung

Instagram: lilmissgurung

A 24-year old content creator who does not shy away from pouring her heart out on social media. She’s a gorgeous woman who is completely changing the game with her ‘We need to talk’ series wherein she talks about everything catering to self-love and mental health. An adorable body-positive influencer who teaches people how to be comfortable and happy in their own skin. 

Shraddha does not hide behind the filters, instead gets candid with her audience and spreads positivity and love. We definitely need more such people like her! 

2. Dolly Singh

Instagram: dollysingh

A complete package of fun, positivity, humour, and fashion! Yes, this is Dolly Singh for you. From making us all laugh with her witty remarks and playing ‘Raju Ki Mummy’ to bashing skinny shaming with her loud and funny captions and skits, this girl is all out there. 

Not only this, her on-point makeup and fashion skills will leave you in total awe. She is an inspiration to thousands of women who are breaking the stereotypes and are bracing and loving themselves just the way they are.

There is no way we can ever stop crushing on her. 

3. Kusha Kapila 

Instagram: kushakapila

How can we miss out on this beauty! Kusha is again a powerhouse of entertainment who will make you laugh till you cry. Her epic skits of playing ‘Billi Mausi’ and subtle sneering on the rigid stereotypes of our society is a daily dose of refreshment for a lot of us. Being a body-positive influencer, she preaches self-love and acceptance by slyly defying the ‘perfect body’ agenda. 

Inspiring women to love their real selves and spreading positivity with her content is totally her thing!

4. Harnaam Kaur 

Instagram: harnaamkaur

Breaking the barriers in the most literal manner, Harnaam Kaur is famously known as the woman with a beard. Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Harnaam experienced complete mayhem of hormones. The disease led to the excessive growth of hair on her face because of which she was bullied throughout her teenage years.

Growing up strong and empowered, Harnam Kaur is now the epitome of body positivity. She carries her beard as a fashion statement that only she can pull off. 

More power to her! 

5. Sakshi Sindwani

Instagram: stylemeupwithsakshi

The perfect example of elegance and confidence is right here! Sakshi is a plus-size influencer who is raising the heat on the internet with her superb fashion looks and styling tips. A body-positive influencer who will make you fall for her, anytime.

Her fashion style is  fun, chic, and elegant with a sprinkle of a of colours thrown in. She carries herself with tremendous confidence and how can we miss that million-dollar smile! She exudes confidence, positivity, and power. Her charm is just irresistible. 

Don’t trust us? Go check out her profile right away! 

6. Aashna Bhagwani 

Instagram: aashna_bhagwani

If you ever find yourself in a gloomy mood, go to her profile and check out the adorable pictures of her and her hubby. The overloaded cuteness will brighten up your day! (Only if you’re not single xD)

Aashna is a glamorous woman who is full of ideas that strike the right chords of being classy and gorgeous all at the same time. You will see her in flowy and breezy silhouettes with chic prints raising the bar up for everyone in the competition. 

The way she braces her body and loves her own self will inspire you to be like her in the right sense. 

She is a darling who loves to splurge on skincare!

7. Neelakshi Singh

Instagram: plumptopretty

Not just social media but Neelakshi is also inspiring young students as she teaches Fashion Styling at Pearl Academy. She’s no less than a stunner who can rock a boho dress and a sexy swimsuit all at the same time!

Her fashion style works on the edges of letting her clothes speak volumes about her mood, quite literally. We will see her in a white little dress with blondes one day and zoop! there’s Neelakshi donning a corset & sporting hues of blue and pink in her hair. 

This girl is definitely ‘Doing plus size before it was cool’ - as her bio says.

8. Tanesha Awasthi

Instagram: girlwithcurves

Presenting to you the founder of the winning blog ‘Girl With Curves’ - Tanesha Awasthi. Her aim of empowering and encouraging women to love and brace themselves, regardless of their size is undoubtedly doing wonders. 

Tanesha is not only a blogger or an influencer but is also an entrepreneur running her own plus-size clothing brand called ‘Girl With Curves’.

She will not only make you jump off your bed to recreate her trendy looks but will also sow the seed of confidence and body positivity in you! 

9. Saloni Chopra

Instagram: salonichopraofficial

Describing her as one of the most outspoken influencers who advocates body positivity, self-love and feminism won’t be wrong at all! Saloni is always candid and vocal about the issues in society and does not step back from addressing them on her social media. 

Her attitude towards the stereotypes of society and the way she bravely bashes them makes her one of the most famous and strong personalities on the internet. 

10. Anindita Roy

Instagram: theplusgirl

Last but definitely not least is Anindita for you! The plus girl as her username elicits the confidence she carries with her bang on fashion and styling sense. 

Anindita is a content creator who is all out there inspiring women to love themselves no matter what size they are! She is an avid preacher of normalizing and accepting all shapes and sizes. Her fashion and styling tips are just as perfect as she is. 

Breaking the stereotypes and ruling the world her way, Anindita wins our hearts every time we scroll through her account!

We are lucky enough to have had a wonderful opportunity of speaking with her. Here's a candid live session with Anindita. Watch now!

These were the 10 body positive influencers or content creators who are bringing a change in our society with their impeccable work. If any of these She-roes inspired you and led you towards taking a step towards self-love, acceptance, and body positivity and inspired you to bring a change, do let us know in the comments below! 

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1. Who are some body-positive influencers in India?

Ans. There are many body-positive influencers in India such as Sakshi Sindhwani, Neelakshi Singh, Aashna Bhagwani, etc. 

2. What is meant by body positivity? 

Ans. Body positivity promotes people to accept and adore their own bodies. They should feel happy and confident in their own skin. 



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