10 Personal Safety tips that can actually help women

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Over the past few decades, women have been empowered, but women’s safety has become the need of the hour despite women’s empowerment progressing by leaps and bounds.  Increasing cases of domestic violence, sexual assaults, harassment, and child abuse have always put a question mark on global development. 

Today, women have stepped up and come out of their cocoons to fight for their safety, struggle for their rights, and juggle between their homely and professional duties. Even homemakers have started to become independent, not only deftly finishing their daily chores but also undertaking personal and familial responsibilities that were only considered suitable for the man of the house earlier. 

But is the outside world safe for women? 

Isn't safety a woman’s basic right? 

Since the inception of society, women have been considered the weaker gender—one that needs to be protected. Society always labelled men as the protectors and women as the protectees. But what if these protectors act like sexual predators and pose a risk for women's safety? Not every man is to be blamed, but some of them threaten every single female, even the newborns. 

Whenever any woman steps out of their house either for work, school, or grocery shopping,  their families are worried about their safety and the anxiety gnaws at their hearts until they see the girl back home safe and sound. 

Women have to protect themselves from sexual harassment, eve-teasing, rapes, acid attacks,  body shaming, domestic violence, etc. Accidents can take place anywhere and at any time and the worst part is that the said accident can be perpetrated by anyone. So, to keep themselves protected, girls or women have to take their safety into their own hands. Awareness and observance are vital in staying safe. We can take small measures to ensure our safety. 

Ten Personal Safety tips every woman should keep in mind and practice: 

  1. Be aware of your surroundings

Travelling solo has become a necessity for working women. Thus, staying aware of your surroundings is essential. Too much obsession about our safety, fearing every soul around the corner is not healthy, but be mindful of what is happening around you. Never leave your security on anybody else’s shoulders. You should be equally knowledgeable and responsible for every step and keep observing every event around you. Self-awareness is the essential component of self-defense. 

Remember to keep changing your travel timings by a few minutes or switching the routes to avoid stalkers. 

If you own a car, scan your area and stay aware of where you park, your car’s maintenance so that your vehicle doesn't ditch you at bizarre moments. 

  1. Trust your sixth sense

Always trust your instincts because women are gifted with superior intuitions that allow them to perceive others' feelings, gestures, motives, and thinking. Thus keep your mind active so that it can always read others' body language and gestures. Always try to avoid situations where you do not feel safe. Learn to trust this power and use it to your advantage. Believe in your gut instincts and make decisions according to them. Don't act carefree and nonchalantly while alone at unknown places; trust your instincts and act wisely. 

  1. Avoid using phones

Mobiles are the most significant cause of destruction and increase the risks of danger. While on-call or message, you lose awareness of your surroundings and block your instincts from working. Keep it handy, so you can immediately dial someone or 911 for help. But do not keep chatting or messaging while traveling alone. Activate speed dials and permanently save emergency contacts that can be dialed without unlocking your phone. 

You can also install emergency apps that send messages to your contacts when you require help. 

  1. Project confidence and raise your voice

"Always hold yourself confidently and act wisely." 

When walking alone, make eye contact with other pedestrians, walk with confidence and at a  steady pace. Enthusiasm shows strength, and attackers usually target timid and lost-minded people. So, whether it's day or night, just walk with confidence, keep your chin up, and make eye contact with every passerby. This sends a robust defensive signal. 

Do not act timid. Never fear anyone. Raise your voice against any unjust happening. Stay strong and be brave to fight. Either at home or at your workplace, raise your voice against any kind of violence, harassment, abuse, or other uncomfortable situations which you find offensive.  If it feels wrong, it is indeed wrong. 

  1. Share your details

While using autos or cabs, always remember to share the details of your vehicle, the route you are taking with any of your trusted contacts. Make sure you share the details in such a way that the driver is aware of your actions. So, now a potential predator is your de facto protector! Whether it's day or night, remember to share your live location with any of your contacts so that your location can be easily tracked if the driver takes you on the wrong way. 

  1. Escaping or screaming is the best option

Either escape or scream your lungs out when you are attacked by predators. Just choose what suits you the best depending on the situation you are in. 

Runaway to the nearby crowdest place and look for help. That is the best option when a  predator suddenly confronts you. You might be a fighter but you might be stronger than the predator, and they might carry weapons. 

So, don't worry about seeking attention; just shout and gather as much attention as possible.  Just holler at the top of your lungs. Your goal is to scream or getaway and seek help. 

  1. Don't sympathize or trust anyone

Never sympathize with any stranger while you are alone because your safety is the priority.  Trusting the wrong person based on their looks might lead you towards uninvited danger. So,  trusting anyone for help or proceed to help them is a big no-no. If you see anyone in need of help, just keep your sympathy aside and move forward because most offenders don't even look like criminals.

  1. Keep self-defense tools handy

Always carry self-defense tools handy in your bags. Tools like knives, pepper spray, torch, and whistles, etc., help save from the predators and divert their attention for some moments.  Sometimes these tools can be life-saving to escape the spot. But don't depend on self-defense aids entirely. Use your wits and understand which tactic to employ in which situation. Every woman who travels regularly must learn some basic self-defense techniques that can help her in any situation. 

  1. Hit the most tender body parts

Hitting the delicate body part is the most common and easiest way to escape from the attackers.  Hitting his eyes, nose, chest, stomach, or groin area creates unbearable pain and makes him weaker for some time. 

In any sticky situation, don't be afraid; use anything you find handy, like keys, bags, or bottles,  to hit the predator. Hit them with your full power and run away. 

  1. Don't post everything on Social Media

It has become a trend to post the status of your check-ins and check-outs on every social media platform. But this is the easiest way for an attacker to know your whereabouts or for burglars to see that your house is empty, or you are home alone. So, either stop posting every single event of your life. Or if you are into posting social media updates, just delay them to keep yourself safe from live tracking. 

These safety tips sound silly and dramatic, but these are the most practical ones to keep yourself secure when you are alone and need help. 

Mishaps or accidents are uninvited, and they do not wait for favorable conditions even though they ought to happen when conditions are unfavorable and you have lost awareness of your surroundings. 

Women feel disheartened as they always have to act carefully and consistently to carry their brave front. Still, no matter how much the nations develop in every part of the society, a woman is harmed in one way or another. To ensure the security of women in the world, the entire population should be well aware and educated about the laws, and the laws should be very tough for such crimes. Both the men and women of the society should be empowered with proper education and income so that they can fight against any harm intended. 

Women do not want to be guarded every time, but they need to take their safety into their own hands not to become victims. Women are the epitome of strength and willpower. Just because her body is fragile, it doesn’t mean she can’t fight. Her security is her responsibility; she is aware and she knows she needs to fight to be safe and secure. 

People say the best protection a woman can have is courage. Courage amidst panic and dismay is yet a possible occurrence and that flick of spontaneity would always make her the  Phoenix. May the strength of every woman prevail. May your spark guide the world.

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