10 Soothing Instagram Accounts to Follow to Curb Your Anxiety & De-stress

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By Likita Gowda

More often than not we hear people being affected negatively by social media. Especially on a platform like Instagram where people share the best versions of themselves, and also the best moments, days and accomplishments of their life. Which makes it very easy for one to fall into the trap and a rather big rabbit hole of comparison, jealousy and envy. But just like everything in life, one needs to know that one always has the choice of either choosing to look at the negative aspects of a situation or pick things that are positive and good for their mental health. 

If someone’s posts & accomplishments seem to bother you, you need to find systems and ways which can help you cope and protect your mental health. If it means muting someone for a while, unfollowing someone or even hiding likes in your feed, do it. These things can temporarily help you for sure. But in the long run you’ll have to work on your emotions and how you process them and find a more permanent solution to this. Going to a therapist is an option. So is finding your own way of curbing negative emotions - be it practising meditation, focusing & rejoicing in your own merits, seeing the positive traits in others and integrating them into your own life and knowing & trusting that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Your life and journey is unique and it doesn’t have to match anyone else’s. 

With that wisdom in mind, we are sure that you do understand that social media or Instagram is not all bad and it completely depends on what we choose to take from it. Which brings us to the best things about the app. The platform has some amazing content creators on it who are producing stellar content in the form of pictures, reels, live sessions and videos. In fact, there are many accounts who make some very relaxing and soothing content. The kind of stuff that can curb your anxiety in a jiffy and make you fully present in the moment. If you ask us, this is the kind of feel-good content that you should treat yourself to whenever you are feeling low or being bogged down by negative emotions. Eager to self-soothe? Then scroll down and don’t forget to follow these accounts!


Kerry’s Bouqcakes


Image source: https://www.instagram.com/kerrys_bouqcakes/

Cake decorating and icing videos are a whole universe on their own. The way the icing cream comes out of the piping bag and how the creator creates a design on the cake or cupcake or cookie that they are working on is something that is extremely soothing to watch. And Kerry's Bouqcakes is one account that does this so well! Follow this account and fall in love with all the gorgeous floral buttercream masterpieces that Kerry creates.

Mignonette Takes Pictures


Image source: https://www.instagram.com/mignonettetakespictures/

This account is a compilation of everything under the sun that will make you go ‘aww’. From the cutest videos of baby animals to meadows of flowers and soothing visuals, this is one of our favourite accounts to go to.



Image source: https://www.instagram.com/earth/

There is nothing that nature can’t cure. So dive into this account to watch the mountains, rivers, oceans and lovely corners of the globe melt your anxiety away. You can also check out accounts like @discoverearth and @earthpix for similar content.



Image source: https://www.instagram.com/caffeinication/

Love coffee? Then this account is just what you need. Get your daily dose of caffeine from this account that creates the most aesthetically pleasing pours of coffee that you’ll ever see. Yes, take our word for it and maybe even try a few of the recipes that they share. Yum!

Yuki Kawae


Image source: https://www.instagram.com/yukikawae/

Yuki Kawae is a designer and artist who has the MOST zen account on IG ever. Just watch all the videos on his account and you’ll know what we are talking about! The way in which he creates geometric shapes and patterns on sand in the most relaxing and calming pace is not just a visual treat but very meditative as well. 

Kathryn Hastings & Co


Image source: https://www.instagram.com/kathrynhastingsco/

This account is all about luxurious hand-pressed seals. And once you watch how they are made, you will find it hard to resist relaxation. There’s something about the whole process that is immensely soothing to watch, be it the way the wax melts to the way all the various colours merge together and the hand pressing in the end that finally brings the seal to life. 



Image source: https://www.instagram.com/mossandfeather/

Have you tried embroidery? If yes, then you’d know how relaxing it can be to just forget everything else and immerse yourself in it. And if you haven’t tried it, fret not for you too can feel relaxed by just watching the process! Yes, follow @mossandfeather to see some beautiful and intricate embroidery designs coming to life.



Image source: https://www.instagram.com/relaxingram/

As the name suggests, this account on IG is solely and wholly dedicated to relaxation. From ASMR videos to soap shaving and everything in between, they feature content from many amazing accounts that are bound to make you feel calm and oh-so-relaxed!



Image source: https://www.instagram.com/tortus/

If you love ceramics then this is an account you must follow. And even if you aren’t into ceramics, take our word for it and follow pottery making. Because just watching clay transform on the wheel and take on different shapes is extremely soothing to the eye.

Tiny Kitchen by Tastemade


Image source: https://www.instagram.com/tinykitchentm/

Miniature cooking is a thing! Yes, get intrigued and glued to seeing little dishes, tiny utensils and cute sets of kitchen where all kinds of simple and complex recipes are churned out in the most adorable way possible.

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