10 Things You Can Do With Expired Beauty Products

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Is this a miracle or something that you just noticed that your body lotion has reached its expiration date and this article on how to use expired beauty products pops up in your feed? That's google algorithm. But girl if you are here because you don’t want to throw away your favorite makeup products- I can totally understand you. It’s not just you, no one prefers that option.

We all maintain a tonne of beauty products for no factual reason. You have six shades of lipsticks, two mascaras, four lip balms, and three eyeshadow palettes because you think you may need it on that nonexistent event you might go to in the near future. Maybe the accumulation started when you panicked and bought all the beauty products on sale. Few products might have already gathered in the corner because you realized those products don’t work on your skin type. 

Now that all these products have reached the expiry date and you don’t know what to do with them. Here are a few tips and tricks you could use for your expired beauty products.

1. Cleansers


All beauty gurus and dermatologists profess that to ace a no-makeup look one needs to use a cleanser regularly, as it is one of the best skincare products. However, everybody ends up collecting half-filled or sometimes completely unused cleansers lounging inside their lowest drawer. I know you had decided to apply face cleansers religiously while purchasing but god knows why nothing goes according to plans. You now have to deal with the brand-new beauty product which is now an official member of the expired products team. If the story sounds familiar, then read ahead.

Thankfully, these cleansers are useful even after expiration. Many beauty influencers use it for cleaning makeup brushes. All you have to do is pour the cleanser into a small bowl and dip all the brushes into it. After a thorough rinse, wipe it with a clean cotton swab to keep the brush completely clean and dry.

2. Moisturizers 

Can I use an expired moisturizer? Yes, absolutely.

Moisturizers can drill a hole in a pocket because you want to buy them so much so that you are never out of stock. There are chances of missing your skincare routine, but your parched skin will push you to use moisturizers regularly. There is no missing out here.

Despite using it repeatedly, if you end up having an expired moisturizer with some amount of product left in it, then, you can still use it on rough textures of your skin. You can use it as neck cream or a body cream adding nothing to the expired moisturizer. You can use it to wipe your leather bags as well. For this, take a small amount of expired moisturizer and rub it over your leather bag or leather shoes. Do not use moisturizers that have skin whitening components as there is a risk of color alteration of the original bag. 

3. Face toners

No beauty product /skincare product is shielded from the clutches of the expiration date. Every beauty product has its own shelf life and will deteriorate slowly. Toners are no exceptions.

Skin toners serve multipurpose care to the skin but many toners can only last up to 1 year. Sometimes, you end up not using the product because it doesn't match your skin type and sometimes you won't be able to finish the bottle before the expiration date.

However, few toners that contain alcohol can be highly useful even after expiration. They can be used to clean mirrors, any glass tops, shoes, and furniture. When your vanity table gets messy because of makeup stains - you now know what to use.

4. Palettes 

Did you just find out that your makeup palette's expiration date is within a week and your palette looks just fine?

All best makeup palettes come with 10 different shades that include matte /shimmer/ metallic shades. For most of us, these vibrant shades/shimmer shades will only be appropriate when you are attending some huge events or date nights but not regularly.

Many of us do not need extravagant eye makeup every day, which is why most of the shades in the eyeshadow palette are left untouched.

Don't throw the palette away because the matte shades are highly pigmented, they can be used to create unique nail polish. You can experiment by combining two or more pigments. You just need to scrape the expired pigments from their pans and powder them into tiny bits and add them to a clear nail polish bottle.

5. Eyeliner 

Have you ever opened eyeliner and forgot to close the lid tightly?

Babe, let me assure you that you are not alone.

Now that you have expensive dried eyeliner rolling in your makeup bag, you can put that to good use. The eyeliner brush that creates a  dazzling effect on your eyes can now be used as a nail art brush. Yes, you heard me right.

Clean the brush and start using it in your nail art journey. People will now compliment your strikingly bold nail art. Get ready to receive a few.

6. Lip balm

In expired beauty products, lip balms seem to top the list. Lip balms are adorable and it's never enough to have those in your bag. The shimmery pigments of lip balms that create beautiful and subtle shine on your lips are irresistible. 

Thankfully, once lip balms reach their shelf life, we can still use them as a moisturizer for dry cuticles. It serves best for cracked heels. You can apply directly to the affected area. The moisturizing formula in lip balms ensures smooth application and gives you smoother heels. Lip balm is also excellent for lubrication. You can smoothen the zipper path by applying expired lip balms on zipper teeth.

7. Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the basic makeup products used by everyone. No matter how luxurious and affordable the lipstick is, the day will come when it dries out slowly and it will break your heart as you had planned to wear that lipstick only on special occasions. Now that your favorite lipstick is losing its original texture and looks all parched on your lips then use this hack. Creamy lipsticks have high pigments that can be used as a tinted lip balm. You need to Meltdown the lipstick in a hot spoon and later combine it with vaseline to get a fine color lip balm. Do not apply this hack to expired lipstick.

Apply this hack to those lipsticks that seem to be dried out.

8. Mascara

Mascara adds extra volume to your eyelashes giving you intensely curled lashes but if you try to use it even after the expiry date, you might end up with no eyelashes. Using expired mascara is very dangerous but what about the brush? Well, that’s a gem. You can use the brush for lip exfoliation. You can also tame your eyebrows to get that sleek look.

9. Face oils

You have a firm belief that the best face oil for glowing skin doesn't exist. Yet, you buy face oils to clear those 3 acne scars that have planned to stay on your face forever. 

All beauty products have a shelf life ranging from as little as one year to three years depending on what kind of product it is. The product expires even when it's a premium product or 100% organic. Well, face oils expire too.

The best part of face oils is that they are lightweight and unrefined, which can be absorbed by the skin quickly. Once they reach expiration, you can use face oils to create homemade foot and hand scrub. All you have to do is add some brown sugar to face oil and you are all set to exfoliate.

10. Foundation cream

Foundation cream gives you a flawless and gorgeous look every single day but you should stop using it once it reaches its shelf life. The chemical balance in the product starts to depreciate and loses its original application that was designed for your skin and sometimes leads to rashes and scars.

You don't have the heart to throw it out because it's so expensive, just like all other beauty products in your makeup bag. I get it but foundation creams can't be reused similar to that of other skincare products or beauty products. All you can do is, add pigments to the foundation cream and use it as paint color. Trust me, foundation creams blend effortlessly with the pigments. It’s time to make some beautiful art.


if you don't want to use expired products, make sure that you keep a tab on the products that you use and you might end up using every last dip.


1. Is using expired skincare products safe?

Ans. No. Using any kind of expired skincare products or beauty products is not at all safe. Although, there are many ways you can use them without being worried about any damage caused to your skin.

2. What to do with expired lip balm? 

You will be surprised to know how your favorite lip balm if expired can be used in so many ways! From applying it directly to the dry cuticles to cracked heels, stop throwing away your expired lip balms and use them for nourishing instead! 

3. What to do with expired beauty products?

Expired beauty products can come into your use in ways more than you can ever imagine! Read the blog and get to know the best possible uses for all your expired products.


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