12 Successful Brands Run By Indian Influencers

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Scrolling through any social media platform today is impossible without consuming content from a large number of influencers in fashion, tech, beauty, and more. While many of these influencers are busy showing us how to style a black t-shirt in 10 different ways or how to wear a scarf as a top or how to get the perfect no-makeup makeup look, some of them are determined to build empires and put out their whole authentic selves on the internet with their very own brands! Yes, some of them might have started out as social media influencers, but are now co-founders of very successful businesses. In case you’ve been off the grid or simply happened to miss these established names, here’s a list of 12 Indian Influencers and the brands they run: 

1. Arabellaa by Juhi Godambe

Always ahead of the fashion game, Juhi Godambe has always inspired her followers with her edgy outfits for every occasion. It hence comes as no surprise that her fashion label ‘Arabella’ is a huge success. Apart from her website www.arabellaa.com, you can also get your hands on her beautiful collection in her store located in Mumbai. 

About Arabellaa

Right from party gowns, brunch dresses, to tie-dye skirts and beach frocks, Arabella has it all! You can spot Juhi herself dressed in the range of clothes, accessories and bags by Arabellaa. To get a sense of the style and pricing, you can also check out their Instagram page here. 

2. Perlo Studios (previously The Dapper Label) by Usaamah Siddique

Usaamah Siddique, whose brand is appreciated and loved by the likes of Alia Bhatt and her friends is a top-drawer fashionista and is an inspiration to Indian men. If you haven’t already heard of his super funky fashion line  ‘The Dapper Label‘, recently renamed to ‘Perlo Studios’,  you can check it out here. 

About Perlo Studios:

Defying stereotypes and inspiring several men to get into the space of fashion blogging, Usaamah has been a real fashion victor. Perlo Studios is an extension of his personal style and has been appreciated by many celebrities as well. If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe with unconventional prints and funky patterns, you must check it out. 

3. Swishboss by Simran Bhatia

Apart from rocking the best fashion, Simran started her own e-commerce fashion brand Swiss Boss that sells super chic clothes collections for all occasions. She sells everything from formal to traditional wear. Apart from clothes, Swiss Boss also sells skincare, accessories and even kids wear making Swiss Boss the one-stop solution for all your needs. Simran is also a blogger and Youtuber and her personal brand has helped position Swiss Boss.

About Swish Boss:

Trending with their latest tie-dye collection, Swish Boss is a steal for a designer wear label. If you’re looking for a statement outfit, this is your place. If this wasn’t news enough, Swish Boss ships worldwide! Check it out. 

4. The Snob Shop by Aashna Shroff

Aashna Shroff is one of the first few Indian Influencers to give us #outfitgoals. She has forever inspired her fans to have an outfit for every occasion, and rock it! If her blazer styling and makeup skills we’re enough to woo you, the snob most certainly will.

About The Snob Shop

All things Chic, pop and pink, The snob shop is every girl’s hidden treasure, about to be unlocked. From chunky chokers, stunning outfits and stylish shades to vibrant coloured phone cases, you’ll find plenty of things to jazz up a boring outfit. Check out their Instagram page to know more. You'll be spoilt for choices!

5. Deeeclothing by Deeksha Khurana

Deeksha Khurana is a talented and bubbly influencer who is always blowing us away with her content. She recently launched her own brand called ‘Dee Clothing‘ and it’s straight-up fire! It’s a unisex clothing website that features trendy yet comfortable fashion. Trust us, the outfits are so boujee that you might wanna buy them ASAP!

About Deeeclothing:

Working from home has gotten all of us to appreciate a good pair of sweats more than ever, right? Deeeclothing is the personification of #ComfortableIsTheNewCool. Look out for her latest collection on their Instagram or website. 

6. Damera by Cherry Jain

It’s honestly no surprise that Cherry Jain has 195k followers. With a personality as cute as hers and relatable content, I’m personally a big fan of Cherry Jain.  She makes fashion fun and easy. She also has a unique style that can be seen in her Instagram posts. Her fashion label ‘Damera’ is an e-commerce website with unique styles that will fit all your needs with her chic accessories and edgy clothing. With a little bit of maximalism and minimalism, she has managed to deliver trendy fashion every month and we’re excited to know what she’s going to add next. 

About Damera:

Currently obsessing over their cute scrunchie collection, Damera is personally one of my go-to brands for hairbands, bikinis and everything in between. 

7. Madhuras Recipe by Madhura

Madhura is truly an inspirational story. She went from having nothing to over 5 million foodies on YouTube who are in love with Madhura’s recipes. With another 350k+ on Instagram, Madhura has established a strong following for herself. From mouth-watering recipes like dhokla, or even quesadillas, Madhura has a delicious recipe from almost every cuisine out there. 

About Madhuras Recipes:

Madhura launched her own brand of masalas that can be purchased on Amazon. So if you want to make your food look and taste as delicious as the food in her videos, you should try her masalas to cook a quick but yummy meal.

8. Label Shaurya Sanadhya by Shaurya Sanadhya

A renowned blogger turned YouTuber, Shaurya Sanadhya is immensely popular for her vibrant and stunning dressing style. She's not just good at setting new trends but also with establishing her own e-commerce fashion brand selling designs specially designed for today's women. 

About label Shaurya Sanadhya:

A popular blogger and influencer, Shaurya Sanadhya is widely known for her vibrant and expressive fashion sense. They've got the best of fabrics, designs, and trends covered for you, be it florals, Aztec or upcoming patterns. They are not limited to just western wear but also cater to clothing for every occasion.

 FYI, her e-commerce website ships all over India, so sit back and start shopping online from where you are!

9. Punk House Of Couture by Parul Kakad 

Parul Kakad a.k.a @mumbaimummy is a supermom and influencer. She is a mother to four kids and her content revolves around her experiences. However, she recently co-founded a clothing brand called ‘Punk House Of Couture‘ and her style has taken our breath away. Her outfits are super expressive and make a bold statement. We can’t wait to try them!

About Punk House Of Couture:

All that glitter is truly gold and Parul time and again proves this with her brand. If you’re looking to stand out and (quite literally) in a crowd, punk house of couture has the right party outfits for you. 

10. FK-R by Faisal Khan

Fasbeam is one of the leading motovloggers in the country and his content is followed by millions of automobile enthusiasts. He is an avid blogger and has his own YouTube channel as well. Not just that, Faisal has also launched his own gear called FK-R. It involves jackets, gloves, pants, kits and much more, exciting, isn’t it?

About FK-R:

Limited edition biking gear that's stylish and HOT. Need I say more? 

11. Debasreee by Debasree Banerjee

Debasree is a popular makeup and beauty influencer. She has always been  extremely creative and is forever on top of all new trends. She has outdone herself recently by launching her very own makeup brand called #debasreeebeauty. It is a gender-fluid, experimental and conscious beauty brand. We absolutely love the kind of products she has launched because they are so artistic, edgy and modern. 

About Debasreee:

With 15 shades of intensely pigmented water-activated pigments, Debrasreee redefines makeup with new-age and trendy looks that can be achieved with her range of products. Check it out. You can even get a virtual beauty consultation on her website. Cool, isn’t it? 

12. Style Fiesta by Masoon Minawala

Fashion blogger turned Entrepreneur with her own fashion website “Miss Style Fiesta”. Back in 2010, at the age of 16, Masoom floated her blog to document her daily style as an outlet to express her editorial creativity and her love for anything sartorial. With a whopping 1 million followers on Instagram, Masoom has garnered a strong following that believes in her fashion style. Her work has been featured by countless national and international publications including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and CNN. She recently launched “Empowher” to help women-led businesses and professionals. Her success is one to admire.

If you thought influencers had a tough life, these influencers turned entrepreneurs take hustle to a whole other level. Show them some love and give their brands a visit. What is your most favourite influencer brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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