14 DIY home decor ideas everyone should know.

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Home Decor Ideas


2020 has been a year like no other. And as of today, we can say that home has been the safest place of all. With all of us staying inside, refreshing the space around us has become more of a need than a choice. 

The pandemic has changed the way we live and work. A home is not just a place to sleep and relax, it’s also your workplace, your exercise space and your space to socialise. Thus, it’s important to redecorate and update the design of your home to suit your new needs.

Be it big or small, for your kids or for yourself, just a few design updates can make a huge difference to the vibe of your home and also to your mental wellbeing. We have put together a huge list of ideas and inspirations to help you redecorate your existing home into a feel-good haven. 


What if all your travel plans got canceled this year, we’ve got a way to make you feel the holiday vibe right at the comfort of your home. Get yourself an indoor hammock that can instantly create a mood for relaxation. Read a book, listen to music, watch TV, nap or just lounge in, a hammock is a total delight. It can easily transform any space into a relaxing retreat. Do throw in a bohemian rug to give the whole space a tropical feel.


A plant-filled home is a happy home. Plants not only improve the quality of air, but they are also proven to improve your mood. Also, it’s one of the most simple and inexpensive ideas to uplift the look of your home. However, if you’re a beginner in the plants department, bringing in the right indoor plants that suit your personality and lifestyle is what you must consider. To give your windows some character, add a few hanging planters with indoor plants that require low to medium light to grow. This is a great idea for those with pets, small children, or for those who have limited space.


Walls don’t just hear, they speak too. Make your walls speak your story. Just artworks and photographs are not the only way to spruce up your blank walls. Hanging planters, woven wall hangings, tapestries, or even antique mirrors can add some drama to your living room walls. Try and choose pieces in the same colour scheme to give it a harmonious and cohesive look. Go ahead and make your staring-at-the-wall time worthwhile!


The long work-from-home days are a struggle for all of us. It’s normal to feel distracted and have problems concentrating on endless tasks. But what’s not normal is to continue living like that. To improve productivity, you’ll have to make your workspace slightly more inspiring. Try and find a space such that you can face the desk towards a window to let light in. Decorate with some indoor plants and avoid stacking your table with printers, stationery, and other stuff. Choose a cool, functional desk that has enough space so that everything you need is in your reach.


There is just one answer to all storage problems. Creativity. We are not talking about bringing home new closets or extra furniture, we’ve got a few practical and simple solutions that will help you organize your home the smart way. For small bedrooms that don’t have much space, try using floating wall shelves with cubbies. This gives you extra space for your books, cosmetics, personal objects or accessories.   


For those with kids, 2020 is going to be doubly hard considering the new homeschool ways. There’s a lot to look after considering you are working full-time too. Make your kiddo get into the groove of school from home by organizing a schedule and space for them. Just like your home-office setup, give your kid a dedicated space for all schoolwork. Make sure they have a comfortable chair to avoid any discomfort or physical distractions. Place a white marker board to chart out their schedule so they don’t miss out on anything important.


All work and no play makes anyone dull, not just Jack. It’s important you dedicate a corner for all things creative. Consider setting up space in your home devoted to art, music, yoga, dance or craft activities. A dining room can easily be used for such activities making it a cozy, casual setting. Remember to place a few baskets around to collect trash so that it’s less messy. 


On days like these, taking care of your mental wellness is very important. And if it requires for you to transform your home into a haven, then so be it. Your bedroom need not be a place just to sleep and work but a workout too. Simply declutter the space and rearrange your room, to make space for your mat. Breathe in, stretch, meditate- take time out to care for yourselves and connect each day with the soul inside you.  


The simplest way to transform any home is by repainting its walls. A good bright hue instantly boosts up the look of a space. Firstly, you will have to decide which wall you wish to paint. It could be the wall behind your TV, or the wall behind your bed or even a wall in the bathroom. Keep in mind the architectural obstacles like windows, doors, shelves while choosing the wall. A pop of bright green or teal in the living room could give a fresh yet cozy look. A light shade of yellow in the kids’ room can keep them inspired. Using wallpapers too can give a classy touch to your overall décor.


Like artworks on walls, a home looks complete with the right choice of curtains. They could stand out or match with the theme, but they effortlessly pull a room together. Based on how much light enters your home, you can choose from light, sheer to dark-colored curtains. Also, for the same spaces, like a dining room or living room, you can replace a door with a curtain to add creativity to both spaces.


With our revived interest in spending time at home, there’s going to be an increase in the frequency of family and friends gathering. It’s time to build a backyard of your dreams to host your next get-together. Nothing spells relaxation like Lounge Chairs. Fill your patio or your balcony with multiple reclining chairs, add some cozy rugs, a small coffee table and your cool hang-out spot is ready!  


Potting plants in a regular pot is so yesterday. If you’re someone who is crafty and needs a fun weekend art project, then this is it. To add some interest to your front porch, make cool planters out of old tins, wine bottles, plastic cans. Clean them, cover them up with bright colored paints and voila, your little garden is cheerful! This way you’re not only decorating your garden but also contributing to the environment.


People are obsessed with the fairy lights trend these days. If you still haven’t added them to your home décor, it might be a good idea to do it now. Whether it’s your living room, your backyard or even your bedroom that needs a little pick-me-up, fairy lights is the answer. You can even delicately place them over your arrangement of planters to give your garden a fairyland look.


Pets have been our renewed source of comfort and love during these hard times. But for those who have just recently adopted, a few lifestyle changes are on your cards. Just like toddlers, our furry friends too have a way of scattering toys and other stuff all over the house. The best idea is to have dedicated storage space for your pet’s toys and accessories. An open basket that blends in with the rest of the decor is convenient, both for the pet and its parents. Keep a basket near your entryway too so you can have its leash, harness, waste bags, outdoor toys- all handy for that everyday walk


Most people these days browse through Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards, décor magazines and more for design inspiration. And that’s why we are sharing a few Instagram profiles that we think could help you with a ton of great tips.   

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