18 Best Budget-Friendly Bags You Must Try

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Budget-Friendly Bags may seem hard to find but you don't need to spend thousands on an expensive and luxury bag. There are plenty of options out there you can go for. So, have a look and pick out your ideal bag now.

No doubt that accessories do make your outfit stand out but when you have a budget crisis, things become pretty intense. In that case, you look around for a bunch of not-so-expensive options you can have. That’s why, to suit your outfit, we are here with a list of budget-friendly handbags. This is not just about handbags, but more variety is its tote bags, sling, or shoulder bags. 

Micheal Kors says, “I’ve thought of accessories as the exclamation point of women’s outfit”. What she means is when you have a good pair of shoes, a nice ornament hanging on your neck, or maybe have accessories on your hand or ears, that’s how you define appearance. 

When it comes to accessorizing, handbags play a crucial role, not just in management but also in creating a fashion statement. However, you don’t have to spend thousands on Gucci bags, Dior bags, Chanel purses, or Louis Vuitton handbags. There are options in the market that works as amazingly as those expensive bags. 

Down there is the list. Go with it and rock your day. So, let’s begin with the best budget-friendly bags for women. 

1. Baggit Women's Handbag

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Square bag is always in trend and this fashion icon of Baggit goes best with your casual and funky outfits. This horizon color combination fits quite interestingly with the dirty grey color. This one has intricating rice-stitching on the flap that makes it an ideal traveling accessory leaving your hands free for the real fun. Besides, you definitely cannot resist the crossbody bag with 2 zippers, a back zipper, an adjustable strap, and everything you need for your freedom. 

2. Baggit Backpack Bag (Yellow)

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College students always have plenty of options available when it comes to having the latest fashion in their wardrobe. Baggit has another addition to your fashion needs. This yellow backpack with an accentuated tan flap is quite spacious to keep all your belongings and essentials. In fact, this works great as your go-to laptop bag with a versatile and super-cool look on your back. Don’t care about the compartments because this one has several slots and zipper in most of its places. 

3. Lavie Adelajda Women's Tote Bag

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Minimal design, contrast strap, clean, and organized, everything you need to complement your office outfit is there in this Lavie Tote Bag. Lavie is a pretty popular brand for its reasonable bags and is known to offer styles, shapes, and colors. It has done justice to its tote bag that feels trendy not just because of its saffiano texture but also because of its color choices and super-spacious pockets. Undoubtedly, an amazing piece that working women should own. 

4. Lavie Women's Satchel (Pink)

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Are you a big fan of something fancy but do not want those old-fashioned formal bags? This Lavie Women’s Satchel Bag is just right for you. Made with a cruelty-free material, this satchel in pink is known for its international design and you get it for peanuts. It has 1 compartment and 5 pockets that work just right for your everyday use. Don’t forget how its crafty stitches, fancy zip closures, and side panels will surely keep your things in a safe and organized space. 

5. Lino Perros Women's Clutch

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Sure, Christain Dior has a nice collection of all shiny party clutches. But that doesn’t mean you would have to spend lakhs on a single purse. Lino Perros is here with its evergreen women’s party clutch design that goes best with any outfit you pick to wear. Yes, it’s as shiny as any Dior party clutch and the metal string adds the glam you want for your diva entry. 

6. Lavie Betula Women's Tote Handbag

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A classy black tote back is always something every woman wants. This Lavie Betula Tote Handbag is loved because of the spaces and casualties it shows. Tote bag is durable, stylish, versatile, lightweight, and easily accessible for your storage needs. Clearly, it’s a safe and comfortable option for your daily needs, and the credit goes to its gorgeous design packed with durable pockets and storage space. 

7. Lavie Broxa Flap Over Women's Sling Bag

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Imagine doing to the market with nothing in your hands. That’s the free-hand lovely shopping experience every woman craves. I am sure you do too. That’s why this Lavie Broxa Flap Sling bag is here with its budget-friendly price. It is one faux leather sling bag with 1 compartment, 1 slip pocket, 1 inner zip pocket, and 1 back pocket. Moreover, its trendy style is literally irresistible and perfect for any occasion especially when you are going somewhere in a casual outfit. 

8. Lino Perros Women’s Synthetic Leather Tote

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Tote bags are fun but what if it comes with a cool leather + metal strap? Lino Perros is here with its cute and elegant tote bag. This synthetic tote is made with leather stuff that goes best for not only your office but any other occasion. It has enough space for your diaries, gadgets, and anything you want to carry in its sophisticated satchel or sling bag ways. Hence, it is worth checking out and spending a few pennies. 

9. Lavie Bow Frame Women’s Clutch

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I am sure you can never get enough of a party clutch and a bow-style is always the cutest yet classy thing you can have. Lavie is back again with a gorgeous party clutch with a side bow. This one is quite a framed clutch with a box shape that fits right on your hand. Besides, you will fall in love with its convenient yet classy metal string. Also, the best part is that it is available in 8 colors, pick out the one that suits your outfit. 

10. Hidesign Women's Handbag

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Leather always gives you that rich look and this is something Hidesign has understood. That’s why it is here with an elegant yet simple handbag with a dual color combination. The flaps are of contrast color that matches its look and are also great to protect your valuables. It has a main compartment, 1 zip pocket inside, 1 pocket at the back. Simple? It might be a little over the prices we are coating here but it’s worth having a look. 

11. CAPRESE Women's Handbag (Coral)

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You must remember how Alia Bhatt flaunts her love for Caprese bags. How about you have one without spending too much? This triple color handbag is something that goes best with your casual outfit and even with your formals. Its design is inspired by the Italian shores islands and you will surely reflect the muse within you as a Capri girl. Definitely, it’s easy to access, zipper and compartments work wonders, and all packed in a color-block exterior echo the free spirit within you. 

12. CAPRESE Women's Handbag (Blue)

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Normally, the electric blue color is something that doesn’t entice people too much. But the simplicity of this Caprese women’s handbag will surely catch the eyes of people around you. This one is just right to reflect the urban women of your personality who has confidence, her own voice, and a sleek choice of fashion. Besides, this one has a main compartment, back pocket, and a bunch of insider pockets to organize your stuff in the best way possible. 

13. Pierre Cardin Women's Satchel Handbag

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Talking about affordable bags, how can we forget about Pierre Cardin? So, here is a retro-style geometric-shaped handbag coming straight from the innovative world of Pierre Cardin. Modern design blended with the traditional style perfectly defines the beauty of this handbag because this is something brought from the 60s and 70s era. Moreover, you can easily use it as a crossbody bag with the help of its long leather strap. 

14. Mochi Women Synthetic Handbag 

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Mochi is a renowned brand for its exciting collection of shoes however, there are some amazing handbags it sells that you cannot resist having. This synthetic women handbag is a perfect example of such irresistible bags. Made with the finest craftsmanship, matchless quality, and innovative designs. This brown bag with a perfect pastel color combination is an ideal example of that innovation. Further, this one is made with synthetic material and looks funky on your casual outfit. 

15. Mochi Women's Sling Bag

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Are you a big fan of art? If yes, then their bag is something you'll definitely fall in move with. Again this amazing bag from mochi is made with a synthetic leather-like material and the brush sprays on it look crafty. Hence, this is something you can have for your college needs and even for other casual stuff, you are going for. 

16. Van Heusen Handbag

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Up next, we have another famous brand known for its reasonable prices is Van Heusen. Its Westerman collection is something every girl should have and so is this yellow color, smooth finish, a classy looking handbag that totally goes with your style. Also, it's a lightweight and exotic designer crossbody bag. 

17. Van Heusen Women's Backpacks

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Van Heusen is here again with a handy backpack that has a beautiful olive color shade. Although it is made from a synthetic material, its faux leather look is something you will love the most. Not just that, there is a zipper and you will find 3 pockets on the sides for easy accessibility. Also, it comes with a handle on the top and 2 adjustable side shoulder straps, a nice addition to your multi-faced professional wardrobe. Why not check it out once?

18. Van Heusen Classy Clutch

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Last but definitely not least, we have Van Heusen's one of the finest clutches that is just like any other luxury brand. It is more like a Victorian-style clutch with a smooth silver finish that goes with any of your party outfits. This one is made with a fine breathable fabric that keeps your valuables safe and lovely. Also, you cannot ignore the silver color string it has (just… wow!).


So, there you go, you have the list of all amazing and reasonable bags in your hand. With these, you surely don't need anything extra than the right prices. Also, who knows there is a discount and you might end up saving more than you would have ever expected. So, definitely check each one out and pick out the best one for your needs. 


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