21 Women Centric NGOs in India

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NGOs are run by a wonderful and dedicated collection of people who serve in various sections of the country. More organisations have stepped forward to assist women in India as awareness has grown. Medical assistance, maternal care, and domestic violence assistance are just a few of the needs that many women still lack. Some of the groups have made women's empowerment a priority. The NGOs for women listed below are dedicated to assisting women in obtaining legal justice and encouraging them to take control of their life.

1. Self Employed Women's Association

Ela Bhatt founded the Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) in Gujarat in 1972. SEWA, which began as a labour union, is today a globally known organisation. Their main goal is to empower women by giving them a sense of identity as part-time employees. Aside from that, they aim to work for the rights of women workers and adopt nonviolent protest methods. SEWA bank, SEWA movement, and SEWA Bharat are just a handful of the entities that make up the SEWA network. They currently have 1.9 million female members who openly advocate their rights.

2. Guria  

The technique taken by Guria India is to concentrate on rescue and legal intervention. Due to the shame associated with sexual assault, it assists the victim with all aspects of their case, from filing a FIR to assisting them in gathering evidence. Guria attorneys assist victims in preparing for court. The NGO not only assists women in obtaining legal justice, but it also provides counselling and financial assistance to victims. Your donation will help an abuse survivor obtain legal assistance and counselling.

3. ActionAid 

ActionAid India is a social organisation that has been operating in India since 1972 with the goal of eradicating poverty, sexism, and injustice so that everyone has the right to a dignified life. It's a non-profit organisation dedicated to alleviating poverty. ActionAid has a robust and well-defined strategy for working with women in the impoverished sector. It advocates for women and children from the most marginalised sections of society, with the goal of fostering broader solidarity for the benefit of the most vulnerable.

4. The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care

The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care was founded in response to the demand for a support organisation for domestic violence victims and survivors. This women's NGO offers a variety of services, including crisis management, legal advocacy, support, and resource assistance. PCVC established a national domestic violence hotline to assist women who are victims of various forms of abuse. Through referrals, the charity also provides victims with legal representation and support. Donating to PCVC can assist in the elimination of the culture of violence against women.

5. Snehalaya 

Snehalaya was founded in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, in 1989. Women and children, as well as LGBT populations, are served by the NGO. It also aims to improve the lives of commercial sex workers in order to combat HIV/AIDS and human trafficking. Producing sanitary pads, offering space for women to make and sell art, and instilling essential language skills are just a few of their specific endeavours.

6. Mitti Ke Rang 

Mitti Ke Rang is a social enterprise dedicated to helping women, widows, and single women to become self-sufficient and independent through education and training programmes, allowing them to live dignified lives. MKR began as a humanitarian enterprise in 2014 and is now active in 11 countries around the world, empowering, educating, and rehabilitating poor women and their children through a web platform. They host a variety of skill-based courses and projects in order to educate women about their rights and privileges.

7. Vimochana

Vimochana is a Bangalore-based non-governmental organisation that was created in 1979. It offers legal, emotional, and other support to women who have been victims of domestic violence, marital violence, dowry torture, sexual harassment, women's rape, murder, and other forms of abuse directed at any gender, particularly women. If necessary, they attempt to promote justice by providing shelter, counsel, legal, social, and moral support through police stations and courts.

8. Ashadeep Mission

The Ashadeep Mission was founded to improve the quality of life for those with mental illnesses. Ashadeep's Navachetana home rescues women suffering from mental illnesses and offers them refuge, food, and medical care. They also assist these ladies in reuniting with their families after therapy, if that is possible. Ashadeep has rescued and rehabilitated 355 women to date. These women have received both medical and therapeutic care. A donation to this programme will pay the residents' food costs for one day.

9. Maitri

Maitri has worked with approximately 45,000 people on issues of social and health problems and public health concerns since its founding in 2005, including education, community outreach, networking, and legal action. The charity has been tackling the issue of violence against women in Vrindavan, as well as running a victim support programme and providing assistance to abandoned elderly widows. You can support Maitri, an Indian women's NGO, by giving online and providing clothing and shelter to elderly women.

10. Seven Sisters Development Assistance

Seven Sisters Development Assistance (SeSTA) is a women's development organisation that strives to create a just and equitable society free of poverty in Northeast India. The organisation offers two programmes: leadership training for North East India's educated youth, and empowering underprivileged rural women through livelihood activities through Self Help Groups (SHGs). SeSTA has motivated approximately 8,000 women to form 700 Self Help Groups since its inception in 2011. (SHGs). Your contribution to this women's NGO will fund a female Executive Trainee's stipend in Assam.

11. Swaniti

Swati collaborates with members of Parliament on constituency and state-level development initiatives, identifying particularly progressive MPs and pressing issues to assist accelerate community change. They use government resources to research government data, identify local concerns, and give development solutions to elected leaders. Swaniti aims to promote daily wage workers' access to healthcare, fresh water, after-school activities for pupils, and women's self-help organisations in rural communities.

12. Makaam 

Makaam is a nationwide informal forum that works to protect the identity and rights of women farmers in India. They discuss the status of women farmers in farm suicide families, as well as a variety of difficulties that women farmers face. MAKAAM gives support and empowerment to farm suicide victims' relatives so that the women can continue to live, work, and care for their families. By gaining self-sufficiency.

13. Committee for Legal Aid to Poor

Acid attacks are among the most terrible and horrible crimes perpetrated against women. The Committee for Legal Aid to the Poor was established to assist victims of this heinous crime. CLAP assists victims by monitoring court processes to ensure that wrongdoers are punished harshly, providing legal assistance and assisting victims in obtaining government compensation, and rehabilitating survivors. A contribution to this initiative will assist acid attack survivors in their quest for justice.

14. Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra

In 1980, Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra (SSKK) was founded. They seek to ensure that women and children have a secure future. They strive to address issues such as domestic abuse and female-on-female crime. SSKK also assists women in forming self-help organisations in order to earn a sustainable income. They've carved out a niche for themselves by empowering and redefining women's standing, assisting them in being self-sufficient, self-dependent, and self-respecting.

15. Prerana

Prerana is dedicated to the rescue, protection, and rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking. They collaborate with state governments to develop anti-human trafficking plans and strategies that will help victims be rescued and rehabilitated. They also assist with legal actions to reclaim their rights. It also offers psychological assistance to survivors. You can give to this organisation and help rescued human trafficking victims get back on their feet.

16. CREA

CREA empowers women to learn and express their human rights, allowing them to live lives free of abuse, discrimination, inequity, and stigma. At the regional, national, and international levels, it fights to enhance the rights of single women, heterosexual women, sex workers, lesbians, transgender women, disabled women, young women, married women, HIV positive women, and many others. CREA is a feminist human rights group that empowers women to learn, question, criticise, and fight for good social change. It was created in the year 2000. It envisions a world in which all people are treated with decency, respect, and equality.

17. Azad Foundation 

The Azad Foundation helps disadvantaged women in urban India who are subjected to various forms of abuse. Its goal is to give them a dignified living and to help them become self-sufficient. Women attend a six-month course at the Foundation that involves self-awareness, defence training, sexuality and reproductive rights, and other topics. Sakha, a women-led cab driver service for female clientele in cities, is one of their most recent collaborations.

18. Sakhya Women’s Guidance Cell

Sakhya Women's Guidance Cell's major goal is to achieve gender equality and gender justice by empowering women. Through education and awareness, they seek to give women more autonomy. The charity provides case counselling, referrals, legal aid, lodging, and rehabilitation to sexual abuse victims, as well as accompanying them to hospitals and legal institutions. Donating to this women's NGO will aid in the abolition of violence against women and the provision of justice to survivors.

19. Janodaya

Janodaya strives to ameliorate the conditions of poor women and former convicts through working for women's socioeconomic development. They attain their goal by teaching women various life skills and facilitating just and lawful solutions through mutual understanding.

20. Northeast Network

Northeast Network (NEN) strengthens communities and develops the skills of grassroots women leaders in order to raise awareness about violence against women, its causes, and repercussions. They offer therapy in the districts to help people deal with the problem and raise awareness about the Domestic Violence Act and other legal options. The barefoot counsellors assist in the development of a network with suitable government authorities and agencies that implement policy measures to address women's abuse and discrimination. They also involve women in livelihood projects that are tailored to their abilities and talents.

21. Manav Vikas Seva Sangh 

Manav Vikas Seva Sangh (MVSS) is dedicated to assisting the needy, regardless of caste, nationality, creed, or religion. With the help of national and international development support organisations, they have completed 65 development projects in the last 24 years. The group assists widows in gaining financial independence and freedom by assisting them in purchasing cattle and generating income. Donate online to help impoverished women gain financial freedom.

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