3 amazing smoothie ideas to keep you cool in summers

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The summer season has arrived and it’s time to say buh-bie to the refreshing and cool breeze of winters, sitting under the sun for hours and sipping hot drinks. 

What if we tell you that winters have gone but you can still invigorate your body and keep your body temperatures low? Here, we bring you some exciting recipes of smoothies prepared with a blend of fresh fruits that are highly nutritional and will make your summer days energizing. 

Not only this, you will stop lazing around and start becoming active after having these drinks. These drinks are best taken in breakfast or during afternoon breaks. So, get ready to get those powerful recipes and make them at your home today.

Wait! First of all, what exactly are smoothies? 

Not everyone knows about these drinks. Generally, people get confused between smoothies and shakes. They even inter-change the names (do not commit that crime). 

Smoothies are a mixture of fruits that are water-based drinks and shakes have a base of milk combined with selected fruits. These revitalizing drinks are also different from juices. Juices do not have fibre, whereas smoothies are thick and contain fibres in a heavy amount. 

Drinks with full of nutrients are considered to be healthy for everyone. However, women must make sure that they drink smoothies every day without fail. The intakes of smoothies help them to stay in shape, control weight, and ensure that their nutrition quota is also fulfilled.

Why Smoothies are Beneficial for Women?

Women are such creatures of God who overlooks their health to take care of their loved ones. While taking care of others, they forget to eat and seldom become cranky, angry and even depressed. 

The consequence of not fulfilling the nutritional need of the body is that women go through several nutritional deficiencies that cause them several problems: backache, weak bones, less energy and lethargy throughout the day. 

This is merely because their diet is not enough or they do not eat on time. Some of the deficiencies like iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin B12 can be found in them.

Let’s See How to Make Exciting Recipes for Smoothies

Are you also a person who is not able to intake adequate nutrition every day? Fret not! We have brought you the best recipes of smoothies that will make your day and help you blow away the cobwebs (not literally!). So, are you ready to make your summer days refreshing and healthy? 

Follow these recipes and make yourself a marvelous drink right now.

‘’Summer in a Blast’’

Ingredients Required

Nutritional value


Vitamin A,C, K, B6, magnesium


fibre, proteins, vitamin B1, B3, B5, K, potassium


vitamin, vitamin b6, a, e, b5, magnesium


vitamin A, iron, manganese, folate


vitamin c, fibre




Quantity of ingredients for four people:

  1. Muskmelon- half
  2. Papaya- half
  3. Mango- 1
  4. Mint- 20 grams
  5. Honey- 3 teaspoons

 How to make the ‘Summer in a Blast’ smoothie:

  1. Peel muskmelon, papaya and mango. Cut the lemon in two halves.
  2. Place all the fruits in the mixer and blend until smooth.
  3. You can add ice cubes to your blast as well.
  4. Taste the smoothie and add honey only if required.
  5. Pour it in glasses and serve fresh.

‘’Evergreen funky blast’’

Ingredients Required

Nutritional value


Vitamin K, C, B5, B6, E, Folate, Potassium 


Proteins, Fibre, Vitamin C, K, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese


vitamin c, fibre

Almond Milk

Vitamin E, D, Calcium, Lactose-free, Vegan 


Quantity of ingredients for four people:

  1. Avacado- 1
  2. Cucumber- 1
  3. Lemon- 1 lemon
  4. Almond Milk- 200 ml

 How to make the ‘Refreshingly cool blast’:

  1. Peel Avacado and cucumber. Cut the lemon in two halves.
  2. Place all the fruits along with almond milk and lemon juice in the mixer.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. You can add ice cubes to your smoothie.
  5. Taste the smoothie and add honey only if required.
  6. Pour it in glasses and serve fresh.

‘’Paradise special’’

Ingredients Required

Nutritional value


Fibre, Protein, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B6


Antioxidant, Omega 3 source, 


Magnaese, Potassium, Vitamin C 


Antioxidant, prebiotic, regulated BP, Cholesterol


Calcium, Minerals, Vitamin B, Vitamin B12


Quantity of ingredients for four people:

  1. Dates- 5 pieces
  2. Walnuts-5 pieces
  3. Strawberry- 5 pieces
  4. Cinnamon water- 50 grams
  5. Yogurt- 100 grams

Recipe for the ’paradise Special’ smoothie

  1. Keep dates and walnuts overnight (4-6 hours) in water.
  2. Blend banana strawberry with yogurt until smooth.
  3. Add cinnamon powder to the smoothie.
  4. Add ice cubes if you require.
  5. Pour it in glasses and serve fresh.

These revitalizing smoothies will make you kick-start your day and rejuvenate you during the hectic afternoons of work. The best thing about these drinks is that they are healthy and you can also have them to reduce weight, increase the metabolism and immunity of your body. 

Whenever you feel hungry and there is no time to have food, you can have thick smoothies to help your stomach stay full for several hours. So what are you waiting for! Welcome summer days with open arms and stay happy.

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