35 incredible life hacks that make our lives easier

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35 incredible DIY life hacks that are worth a shot

You must wonder and wish that you had a better way to perform a daily chore, a way that takes up less time and effort. A Life Hack is exactly what you have been looking for. Following these hacks can make your life a whole lot easier. 

There are so many creative and fun life hacks becoming popular on social media, it can be tricky to select which is the best solution. To make this tedious job easy for you, here we have handpicked 35 incredible DIY life hacks that are worth a shot. This is a special article for all the ladies out there, who would love to add a little pizzazz to their makeup, dressing, and cooking routines! 

Makeup & Grooming Hacks

1. Add Moisturizer to Serum & Foundation

Every day, for women, begins with styling up herself with some makeup to look extra pretty for the day. And when it comes to life hacks, makeup hacks are among the top few on the trending lists. If you are late for an important meeting or date, don’t waste your time on your makeup routine. Just mix a little moisturizer to your foundation and serum to create a DIY BB cream! 

 2. Bottoms-up with the Face Cream 

To apply foundation and base, you need to have a smooth face texture. This could be a crucial step for you if you don't want your final appearance to look flakey or cracked. For this, you must remember to apply your face cream from bottom to top, while the foundation/base should be applied from top to bottom. This keeps the layers regular or even.

 3.  Out of Eyeliner? Use Mascara 

A women’s emergency makeup kit always contains eyeliner. But what if you run out of eyeliner on a dinner night? Simple life hacks will save you. You just have to use your mascara instead of the eyeliner. Take the eyeliner brush, dab it into some mascara, and apply in any style you like. This hack comes in handy when you have a dried out or empty liner case. 

 4. Mix Mascara with Baby powder 

It happens that you buy mascara after seeing a commercial claiming that using "this" mascara will get you both length and volume. Well, it isn't the truth always, is it? Most of the time these turn out to me fake promises. Use the best life hacks to save your lashes. After applying mascara once, take a cotton swab dipped in baby powder and put it on the lashes. Apply the second coat, and you are ready to go!  

 5. Make your Mascara live longer 

Just like eyeliners, there are chances of having dried out mascara; now this could spoil your makeup look. Although, all you need is contact lens fluid for your next life-saving hack. You will have to pour a few drops of saline in the mascara bottle, shake it up, heat it for 30 seconds, and your mascara is renewed. This is a useful hack in getting ready and saving money. 

  6. Petroleum Jelly

Missed your manicure/pedicure appointment at the salon? It’s alright, petroleum jelly has got your back. You can have a professional-looking mani-pedi at home. How? Take petroleum jelly and apply a generous amount on your palms and feet. Cover them with thick socks and leave overnight. You would be amazed at how this effective, quick and amazing hack can save your time and money. 

7.  Nail Polish Remover 

Used up your entire nail polish remover? No worries, this easy hack can save you from this as well. Pull out some vinegar and lemons from your kitchen. Take a small amount of vinegar in a bowl and add lemon juice drops to it. Mix it properly. Now, dab a cotton ball in this mixture and clean your old nail polish with it. 

8. Banana peel for Whiter Teeth

Yes, this sounds a bit weird, but trust us, this new hack can save your teeth from getting yellower. Take a banana peel and rub the inside layer on the teeth properly. Leave it for a minute to sit. Now, take your toothbrush, keep it dry, and begin brushing the teeth. Repeat this 2-3 times in a week, and you will have naturally whiter teeth in no time. 

9. Chapped Lipstick? 

It would have happened with most of you that the lipstick gets chapped and looks cracked after some time. You need to get your lips ready for a long-lasting lipstick by making a scrub for them. By mixing coconut oil, sugar, and a few drops of lemon juice- you will have the perfect scrubbing mix. Apply, rub, leave, and wash! It's effective, safe, and tasty. 

10. Lipstick stains on Clothes 

No matter how hard you try, the clothes somehow get stained by the lipstick. To avoid this, you just need some white bread. Take the white bread, no crusts, and make a ball of the white part. Start blotting with the bread ball on the area where you have stains. And Voila! The stains will be gone before you know. 

11. Save your Costume Jewellery 

Wondering how to save your costume jewellery from getting tarnished? The easiest way to do this is to coat all the pieces with clear or transparent nail polish. This will keep your jewellery items safe from the effect of coming into contact with direct air. As a result, the costume jewelry pieces will stay away from oxidization. 

12. No more Under-eye bags 

After having a long, tiresome, and sleepless night - you might end up having bloated eyes. If you have to step out urgently then use a white eye pencil or eye shadow to conceal this. But, if you have a few minutes to spare then put two metal spoons in the refrigerator. Take them out after some time and press them on the bloated areas. 

13. Skin Acne - Ice it up! 

The best life hack to follow when you have acne is to apply an ice cube on it. It can easily get rid of the swelling or redness that acne brings along. Using ice on the area will help calm the irritation or any inflammation. This is an effective replacement for all topical creams, medicines, or other chemical products in the market.  

14. Work out & Hair drying

Got no time to work out you still want stronger arms? You can get this done while drying your hair. You heard it right. To get your hair drying work out session started, you will need some weights for your wrist or arms. Based on your hair length, the session will give results in record time as you will be challenging your muscles to work harder. This is also one of the best travel hacks to use while on vacation. 

15. Have Mermaid Waves 

Got straight hair and wish to turn them wavey? Then you can start by washing your hair and applying other products like mousse, cream, and serum (if you do). Part your hair from the middle and make French braids. Make sure that you leave fewer hair on the bottom before tying. Now, either you can leave these overnight or you can use a straightener to press the braids. Open the braids after this, brush lightly, and your wavey hairs are ready! 

16. Lifehack to get rid of Body Odour

If you are freshly out of your favorite deodorant, then rush to the kitchen, grab some baking soda. Apply some under your arms to avoid the sweaty smell and odour for 24 hours. Another hack worth trying is with perfumes. To make it stay longer on your skin, make sure that you apply the perfume just after you step out of the shower. The humidity of the body, at this point, will help it stick to the skin for a longer duration.

Dressup; Simple Life Hacks

17. Strapless Bra Hack

This one's a super easy hack. Take a butterfly paper clip or safety pin and pin the bra strap to the dress/top you wear. This will prevent the strap from slipping out and spoiling the overall look. 

18. Must Use of a Scarf

Scarves are versatile and you must have them in your wardrobe. Make a casual bow out of it or use it as a bandana, headband etc or just tie it on your purse, it would certainly make you stand out! Also, scarves are great for all seasons, which means you will stay in style throughout the year. 

19. Save your precious Black Jeans 

We all have multiple black jeans in our wardrobe; however, they tend to lose their blackness over time. This DIY hack can save your black jeans. All you need to do is give them a pre-soak bath. You can use a mix of salt, vinegar, and cold water, or just coffee water. Soaking your jeans like this will bring back the colour and shade of your jeans. Remember, you need to turn the jeans inside out while drying them (always).  

20. Long Zips are hard to close! 

Getting ready for a date/ dinner/ party and wearing a stunning dress? What could stop you! The long back zip of your dress could cause a delay if you don't have someone to help you out. To solve this - follow this amazing life hack! Take a string, put its one end through the safety pin loop, and tie both ends together. Now, open the safety pin and pass it through the hole in the zipper. Pull up your dress, take the string and pull it above your head. Keep pulling till the zipper closes. You can now remove the safety pin from behind your neck. 

21. Crisp Collar Life Hack

Wearing formals with crumpled collars can spoil the complete effect. This simple life hack can save you from stepping out with a shabby collar. What do you need? Your formal shirt and hair straightener. Take your shirt and hang it on a hanger or lay it flat on the table, as per your choice. Now take your hot straightener and clamp the collar. Slowly pull the iron outwards. And voila! your properly ironed button-up shirt is ready to rock!  

22. Got deep-neck top troubles? 

The best life hack to save you from unexpected or unwanted sneak-peeks includes this. Grab a double-sided tape and cut small pieces. Stick one side on the inside of the top neckline and the other on your skin, where the top naturally sits. Press down the tape properly. This will prevent the neckline of the top from moving from the spot. 

23. How to Un-Shrink A Sweater

With every incoming winter, we pull out our warm clothes and sweaters. However, with their shrunken size, wearing them out becomes a struggle. Follow this fun life hack to revive your sweater length. Get two basins ready with baby shampoo and warm water mix. Put the sweaters in these and get your sweater back to its original size! This is one of the most useful life hack to opt for. 

24. DIY Hack for Tight Shoes

Are your feet sore from wearing tight shoes? Then thisbhack can save them from blisters and inflammation. Wear a sock and then wear shoes. Then use a hairdryer and target the troubling areas by blowing hot air on them. The shoes will slowly feel looser and lighter on the feet. This is a fun life hack to try when you have trouble with tighter shoes.  

25. Saving the Shirt Buttons 

Losing a button from your favourite shirt can be hard to get through. But, if you try this fun life hack out, you might end up saving all the buttons on all your outfits. All you need is a clear nail polish for this hack. Take some and apply on the threads holding the button. This will reinforce the threads and prevent them from becoming loose or breaking.  

Kitchen Life Hacks

26. Balloons Hack for the Sink

If you have a large kitchen sink then cleaning it with water can be difficult, especially if you don't have proper support. Moreover, these unclean stains, if left like that, could dry up and make the sink unhygienic. To avoid this, you can use a balloon. Yes, a balloon will help you in cleaning the sink. Cut one or multiple small holes on the balloon’s close end and fix it on the sink tap mouth. Run the tap and water will flow out through the holes from the balloon, it can be stretched to help water reach the corners. 

27. Cherry Tomato Slicing life hack 

Adding guacamole to your Mexican dish enhances its colour and flavour. However, maintaining its taste and keeping it from becoming brown can be a difficult task. So what’s the solution for this? Store the remaining guacamole in any container and pour water on top. This will keep your favourite dip from going brown. You can pour out the water when you want to eat the guacamole. 

28. New Life Hack for Smoothies! 

Morning smoothies can be a nutritive breakfast to have. No matter whether you take this after your workout or as a snack- this is great for all your sweet tooth cravings. If you like having and making smoothies then try freezing the ingredients before you use them. Keep the fruits in a bag and place them in the freezer for a while. After which you can pull these out and blend them for a nice refreshing drink. 

29. Forget the Ice cubes- Add fruits!

If you are hosting a poolside summery party, try adding frozen fruits to the glass instead of plain old ice cubes. Not only will this add a new flavor to the drink but will also make it feel more refreshing. Serve wine, cold drinks, or even water with these. While your drinks will stay cool for long, the fruits will become a treat at the end of every glass. 

30. Peeling Orange in a jiffy 

You don’t have to be creative or think out of the box for peeling an orange. You just need a chopping board and knife. Keep the orange on the board with its top and bottom facing the sides. Chop off the bottom and top slightly and then cut a line perpendicular to the chopped edges. Make sure you don't go all the way into the orange, just the peel. Pull out the orange from the perpendicular cut till it forms a strip. Peel out the first piece and enjoy eating.

31. Kitchen Life Hack for peeling garlic

We all know how hard it can be for anyone to cleanly peel garlic cloves. Fret not, with this cool hack you can jump over this hurdle easily. You'll need two bowls and unpeeled cloves of garlic. Put the cloves inside the bowl and cover it with the other one. Now shake the bowls around for a couple of minutes. Open the top bowl and see the magic! The cloves will be separated from their skins easily.

32. Party Trick hack! 

During a party, it can get difficult to look for a bottle opener for the cold drinks or beer. To ensure that you get your favorite drink and stay hydrated follow this hack! Take two bottles of cold drink and place them in a way that one bottle’s lid edge is placed on the other bottle’s lid. It will look like you are holding them together at different heights, one on top and one on the bottom. Hold these down at your arm’s length and kick back your feet. Your ankle should touch the bottle on the bottom’s base. It will transfer energy to the lid edge and it will pop open. This is a fun party trick and will certainly impress your friends. 

33. Flavoured Water with Fruits

Do you know- there are life hacks for kids to encourage them to drink more water? Following this hack will help them stay hydrated and refreshed at all times. All you need to do is to add fruit slices in their water bottles. You can use lemon, orange, mint, berries, and more to enhance the flavour of the water. Unlike packaged drinks, this would be a healthier and safer option. You may purchase an infuser bottle for this, however, this hack works with normal bottles as well. 

34. Hack for School girls: Period Emergency Kit

Being a student and on period can be quite a demanding task for girls. But, if you stay ready with a DIY period emergency kit, this will become easier for you. We all know, period knocks at most unexpected hours- having this kit on you at all times could come in handy. Take a pouch or a compact travel kit case and store some emergency things - Period underwear, medicines (if any), panty liners, and sanitary napkins/ tampons/menstrual cups as per your preference. 

35. DIY Pad for Travel

Making a pad for yourself, in an emergency, is not that hard. You just need some gauze and toilet paper. Take the gauze and wrap it in toilet paper. Now place it on your underwear. Take a longer toilet paper strip and cover this by taking the strip horizontally through the leg holes. And your DIY pad is ready! It is one of the best life hack for girl problems.

Try out these daily life hacks and make your routine chores more convenient. Not only will you be saving time but also extra bucks that you spend on buying new products. Give these 35 incredible life hacks a try and make your life easier!

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