5 90s Most Celebrated Hairstyles Making A Huge Comeback!

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                                By Vaishnavi Srivastava

It wouldn't be wrong if I say that the 90s were a golden ear for everything art! Be it the cinema, music, makeup or even hairstyles. With subtle drama and a lot of sass, 90s hairstyles were just the perfect mix of the two. 

Although our fashion game has changed like crazy since then, a few of the most celebrated hairstyles from the time are still in line and are making a comeback with a bang!

Let’s discover a few! 

1. High ponytail with a sassy scrunchie

Well! The love for scrunchies can be sensed all around us and what's more classy and fun than a high ponytail, right ladies? 

From our no-makeup-makeup look to the super glam ones, ponytails are always the safest options to stick to when you’re not having a great hair day. Apart from being the saviour, let’s not forget how cute these high ponytails make us girls look! 

2. Not-so perfect bun

Messy buns are something that makes you look effortlessly cute just like the girl next door! But, what’s even stunning is that messy buns can also add that perfect twist to your sassy outfit and make you look even more raw and beautiful! 

Buns are always a BIG YES! 

3. Playful braids

Remember when we had to braid our hair for school and how much we used to hate it? And now I’m sure almost all of us love to braid our hair in the most stylish manners, right! 

Braids are not only fun and artsy but also very adorable and they make our hair look bouncy and oh, how can we forget, it also protects us from a LOT of damage!

4. Loose Curls & Waves

Raise your hand if you’re also a BIGGG fan of all the stunning looks Rachel has pulled off in FRIENDS! 

When I talk about loose curls, it's only her very simple and chic hairstyle that pops in my mind. That hairstyle looks super fresh and effortless and utterly compliments all face shapes!

5. Simply straight hair 

You can never go wrong with simple things! Trust me when I say this. 

Styling your hair in a simple straight look can at times beat the most glamorous looking styles whatsoever. 

Whether it's a dinner date with your guy or a shopping spree with your girls, straight hair will always make you look extremely classy and chic!

Honestly, I’m grateful for all of these hairstyles for making a comeback because these are no less than BOMB! 

So go ahead, try these out and let us know which one of these you like the most! 

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