5 Best Typing Courses you shouldn't miss out

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Typing is one of the most important skills you can learn today. With the rise of technology, typing is now a life skill, not just a tool for office workers. For someone who does not know how to type, even the act of completing online tasks may seem daunting. Luckily, there are many courses available with easy-to-follow lessons and helpful tips on how to become an efficient typist. Online courses offer convenience and affordability, but they also lack a real-life experience that can be found in traditional classes. In addition, studies have shown that typing can increase productivity by 15%. If you’re thinking of learning how to type, there are some great options online. This article will examine various typing courses available on the internet. Once you've chosen which course is best for you, all you need to do is register and start learning today!

Are you unsure about why you should enrol in a typing course? Read this

It is now more common than ever before to use a computer for typing. Instead of the old-fashioned way of writing your thoughts down on paper, you can now type them right onto your laptop or tablet. Learning to type is one of the best skills you can invest in. Typing is a skill that will help you professionally and personally. It's an essential life skill for this digital age, and it's also a necessary evil when it comes to getting your thoughts out on the internet. You might be wondering why learning to type is important? Why does it matter if you can type quickly and accurately? Here are some reasons why:

  1. It will increase your typing speed and accuracy.
  2. It will boost your professional skillset.
  3. It matters because typing helps with your brain development. 
  4. Typing helps you become more focused and attentive, helps you to stay on topic, and helps with your multitasking abilities.
  5. You might not know how important typing is now. But as the world becomes increasingly digital, knowing how to type will be one of the most valuable skills you can have.
  6. It will reduce the risk of making mistakes while typing.
  7. It will help save a lot of time.
  8. You’ll be able to use both hands independently.
  9. Typing is still important because it helps you communicate better, both online and in person.
  10. Learning to type can help with your job, college, business, and personal life. 

Test your typing speed 

Faster typing is not just an advantage in the digital world. It’s a necessity. How often do you find yourself struggling to type quickly on your phone, tablet, or laptop? The problem of typing efficiently on small screens is more apparent than ever with the meteoric rise of mobile devices. Check your typing speed to know so that you can measure your improvement.

 1) Type faster with ratatype 

 2) Livechat-typing speed test

3)Take a Free Typing Test


How to type fast? 

First, you need to start with the right equipment. There are many keyboards that offer different features like number pads or backlit keys that can make typing easier. You should also use a word processing program that provides tools to help you type quickly and accurately. These programs usually have predictive text, which suggests words based on what you have typed before, making it easier for you to find the words you want without having to type them out. 

Second, practice makes perfect! The more time you spend typing, the faster your fingers will get! It can be difficult at first but once you start getting used to it then it won’t be so bad.

If this is not enough, you need to look into typing courses.

Here are 5 best typing courses 

1. Triple Your Typing Speed - The Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Mastery

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The first person I turn to for advice on productivity and time management is Ali Abdaal. Ali Abdaal is a YouTuber and a doctor. The majority of his Youtube videos focus on time management and productivity techniques. This typing course won't let you down, I'm sure. Even if you have good speed, I recommend you to go through his videos. He teaches you practical shortcuts that will save you seconds of your life. I strongly suggest it.

Reviews that may influence your decision to enrol in this course

(Reviews by the people who have completed this course)

#1 Very actionable advice in the course and I've already seen an improvement in my typing!

#2Excellent! I have been practising typing for 5 years and never knew the best shortcuts to type. Ali has introduced me few quick shortcuts and websites where can practice and improve typing speed.

#3Thanks for this class. When I started, my typing speed was under 15 wpm, and now it's at best 33 wpm.

2. Typing Mastery: Learn to Type

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Typing is a skill that is very important for a lot of people. From a career perspective, there are many types of jobs where typing quickly and accurately is necessary. In addition, if you have to do a lot of writing in your job or otherwise, being able to type quickly will save you time and energy. So learn proper typing techniques to enhance speed and accuracy from the best.

You'll never regret learning how to touch type. Touch-typing is the most efficient way to use your computer. Typing foundations are taught in this course along with typing exercises that will have you typing accurately and quickly in no time.

Reviews that may influence your decision to enrol in this course

(Reviews by the people who have completed this course)

#1 I am typing this message without looking at the keyboard and that too at good speed. The instructor is very good with his explanation and the exercise file is good to practice. overall I consider it as a good course to learn typing. Thank you

#2 Well explained and very useful during these days.

#3 Great instruction just would have preferred the typing practice link placement below each video so I didn't have to go back and forth

3. Touch Typing in 14 Lessons

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There are also some other benefits to learning how to type well. For example, it can help with improving your memory and problem-solving skills as well as increasing your manual dexterity and speed. This course will help you achieve your goals. Fourteen lessons, each lasting around 20 minutes, make up this course's curriculum. 

You can expect the following:

  • Learn how to touch type and measure your current proficiency.
  • Get to know the keyboard and pay attention to the home keys.
  • When teaching, pay attention to specific concepts. 
  • Letters and punctuation will be learned upon completion of this course.
  • A full-length typing test can help you gauge your progress.
  • Assess your new skills with a full-length typing test.

(No reviews available)

4. Peter's Online Typing Course

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Typing is a basic skill that we all need to learn, and it's never too late to start. For those looking to improve their typing skills, several online courses can provide a solution. Here is one for you. This course ranges from beginner level to advanced and offer different topics such as touch typing, speed typing, and more. This is an upgraded version of the popular internet typing lesson. It's a website with free online typing lessons and exercises for beginners.

The site's format, however, has changed slightly. If you've previously seen this website and, for some reason, you still like things the way they were, you can go back and visit the previous site by clicking on this link (on the website). For newbies, starting with an introduction and overview is recommended. You might want to check out the new typing exercises, melodic keyboarding, and keyboarding practises if you're already a user.

(No reviews available)

5. Touch Typing Training

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If you have been typing for some time, but haven't bothered to learn the appropriate methods for increasing your typing speed, then, consider taking this course. With a little practice, you'll be able to rapidly type in no time. As typing is an important skill in today’s world. It prepares you for the digital age and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you can type quickly and efficiently.

There are some basics to learn in this class, such as how to choose the appropriate keyboard and how to properly put your fingers, but the majority of class time will be devoted to discussing tips and tactics that can help you type faster. This free touch typing training will help you improve your touch typing abilities and teaches you how to type accurately and quickly. So what are your waiting for? Ready, Set, Type!

Reviews that may influence your decision to enrol in this course

(Reviews by the people who have completed this course)

#1 Thought this course was brilliant, would recommend this course to anyone at any age.

#2 Really enjoyed this course very helpful

#3Great learning material



Get this course here!

LEARN TYPING has been designed specifically for you. Learn Typing is a free typing tutor available online. Beginner and advanced typing courses, as well as timed typing tests and keyboard shortcuts, are available on the Learn Typing free online typing tutor. Learn Typing offers free typing classes tailored to your ability level. Adults and children can learn to type. This extensive typing experience has resulted in the creation of a typing programme that can help you learn to type.

Learn from Youtube videos

If all you want to do is learn typing from some YouTube videos, don't worry. I've included links to those as well.

1) Learn English Typing in 10 Days by Tech Avi

2) Learn To Type Fast In 12 Hours | 100 Words Per Minute

3) How I Learned to Type Really Fast (150 Words/Minute)

4) How I Type Fast (125 WPM)

5) I Practiced Touch Typing For 30 Days


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