5 Fashion Trends That Are Here To Stay

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The fashion industry is bombarded with changes every now and then. And we as fashion enthusiasts try to hop on the newest trends to call ourselves fashionable. But at times, this becomes a race where somewhere or the other is left behind. 

There are innumerable trends that keep coming and going but some of them are evergreen. Few such evergreen trends have been witnessed in recent years and we are pretty sure that they are here to stay!

Let’s quickly have a look at them!

1. Chunky 90s Accessories

Source: Cosmopolitan

Either you pair it up with your tee or your dressy tops, a chunky 90s style neck chain will always help you sway your way in the fashion game. 

One can never go wrong with a set of these accessories because they not only add that jazz to the ensemble but also make it look put together. And this is not going out of fashion anytime soon so having one of these staple neckpieces in your vanity is a must!

2. Platform Heels

Source: trufflecollection

Comfortable, cute, and chic - the three adjectives that define this trend to its best!

Platform heels or shoes not only lend that edgy vibe to your outfit but also keep you extremely comfortable, unlike stilettos that were once very much in trend. Throw on your favourite pair of jeans or dress and these super comfy platform heels will definitely match the vibe!

3. Bandanas

Source: Pinterest

Bandanas are one of the most underrated fashion statements that need to be talked more about. I mean, how effortlessly can it instantly elevate your casual fit into a perfect ‘girl next-door’ kinda vibe! Be it a brunch date with your girls or a fun day out with your squad, a bandana can be styled in zillions of ways to add that extra cuteness. 

4. Oversized Graphic Tees

Source: Bewakoofofficial

Probably the most comfortable fit in this world to don on a hot summer day is an oversized graphic tee and it makes me super happy to say that it’s not gonna go out of fashion anytime soon!

Pair it up with denim shorts or add a belt to get the cinched look, you are definitely going to be extremely comfortable throughout!

5. Denim on Denim

Source: Pinterest

Probably started by Anjali from KKHH, denim on denim not only looks super cool but also makes for a perfect trendy fit for chilly days. Pairing up your denim jeans with jackets and adding a pop of colour with a plain tank, sneakers and some quirky accessories is all you need for a super cool OOTD!

These are the 5 trends that we don’t think are going to fade away anytime soon. So ladies, it’s your chance to stock up on these staples and play the safe fashion game! 

Also, let us know in the comments below which one is your favourite out of the 5 and how do you like to style them!

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