5 Feminist terms you should not miss!

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Feminism as a term has attracted a lot of flak for ages which can lead to personal interactions turning grim. Although some words are deep-rooted, some are contemporary contributions to an emerging lexicon. To help you breakthrough, here are interpretations for anything from "Feminism" and "Misogyny" to "Mansplaining" and "Toxic Masculinity."


A feminist is an advocate of women's equality. They stand for women having equal rights as men and ask for both genders to be treated equally despite biological differences.

What  it does not mean: Man-hater, Moody, Free-rider, Expects equal pay for less work

And don't presume that only women can be feminists. You don't have to be a person of color to recognize the crimes against black racism, and you definitely don't have to be a woman to seek equal rights for women. When you believe in fair wages, look down on objectifying women, and genuinely agree that the freedom to determine what is best for a woman's body is her own -you are a feminist.


A societal structure in which men have power, through societal traditions and practices that favour men and deprive women of opportunities.

Not only does such a structure position men on the pedestal, but it also places women at a disadvantage-structurally and systematically. You may dismiss this as an age-old tale, something that belongs to history. Yet still, subconsciously, women of power are seen as interesting diversions from norms.


Discrimination or devaluation on the basis of sex or gender, as in the case of restricted employment opportunities, specifically directed against women. Discrimination or injustice can take many forms: economic, political, social, or cultural, and women's acceptance of this discrimination is more terrifying than oppression itself.


Explaining things to someone in a way that suggests they 're stupid; used particularly when a man explains something to a woman that she already understands


Hatred, contempt, or distrust of people, or discrimination against women. Misogyny promotes sexist attitudes and acts on them in a threatening or aggressive way, which is frequently exposed by demeaning or denigrating remarks.

The bottom line is that women experience discrimination and misogyny every day. And if we want to combat it successfully, it's crucial for us to understand what such words represent, and how people of various cultures, social backgrounds, and sexual orientations encounter them.

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