5 Thrilling Places for Weekend Getaways Near Pune

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                            By Vaishnavi Srivastava               

It won’t be wrong to conclude that the past two years have taken a toll on everyone’s mental health as we were all locked up in our houses and could barely go out. We all missed going out, travelling and exploring new places and breaking up the monotony of our routines. Well, the good news here is that now since the COVID situation is a little bit under control, we can finally visit places and put our travel shoes on! 

Pune is not only a wonderful city to live in, it's also home to some fabulous nearby places that make for the perfect weekend getaways with your loved ones! So if you live in Pune or in Mumbai, this blog is for YOU! 

We are gonna explore 5 beautiful places near Pune that are worth visiting! 

1. Pawna Lake 

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For someone who loves to spend time in nature's lap, this is the perfect place to be in. Surrounded by mountains with clear lake water and lovely weather, pawna lake camping is perfect for people who live for adventures! 

Experience the rawness of nature with lovely weather and a lot of fun at the campsite at this beautiful lake. You will definitely love the serene beauty, tranquil atmosphere, and picturesque landscapes of this place!

2. Imagica World

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What better place to enjoy a fun weekend than an amusement park, right? Imagicaa is the one-stop destination for all things fun! Be it water slides or roller coasters, you’ll get to enjoy all of it in Imagica. Perfect for family getaways, this place is a full stress-buster for people of all age groups. 

Enjoy your special days, holidays or weekends at Imagica World and witness the wonders!

3. Malshej 

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All the trek lovers - put your eyes on here! Malshej is one of the most popular tourist spots near Pune for especially the ones who love exploring the wilds! With an amazing trekking and hiking route, Malshej makes for a perfect weekend getaway for a lot of people. 

A perfect option to escape the city life for a day and experience the wilderness!

4. Khandala 

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An absolute treat for your eyes during monsoons, Khandala has also been featured in a lot of Bollywood movies and scenes! Khandala is also a popular destination for all trekkers and has some spots to witness the beauty of nature. 

Definitely one of the best weekend getaways for anyone who loves nature, trekking, sunsets, and of course, sweet corn! 

5. Mahabaleshwar 

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Last but definitely not least, we’ve been saving the best for the last! Mahabaleshwar, with its breath-taking beauty, makes for a stunning place to visit on holidays! Blessed with super pleasant weather and the unimaginable beauty of the lush green ghats, Mahabaleshwar should be the first place in your vacay list to tick off!

The bungalows, hotels, cottages, etc., are all available easily for a stay, and yes! Do not miss the Mapro garden at all!

So these were the 5 places near Pune that are a must-visit! 

Do let us know which one is your favourite and why!? 

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