58 women on what's the one thing that they love about being a woman

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“I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.” - Whitney Houston

Women are a blessing to the world. And we are sure that you’d agree with us on that. Even though we are subjected to inequality on a daily basis, and in a whole lot of situations, we still stand strong and hold our ground and face our challenges head-on. In fact, we come out stronger than the difficulties we face and are amazing at pretty much everything we do. That said, being a woman can mean a lot of things and different things to each one of us. So, we at Girls.buzz were curious to know what being a woman meant to you and what is the one thing that you love about being a woman. Here are all the wonderful answers that we got from our lovely community. We hope you enjoy reading these responses as much as we did and here’s hoping you share this blog with all the wonderful women in your life!

  1. ‘’The fact that you get to form cute girl gangs and do fun stuff. It’s from them I draw support. Whenever I need a good laugh, a shoulder to lean on or just have some fun, being with my girl gang is all the therapy I need. #WhyShouldBoysHaveAllTheFun ?? 👯‍♀️’’ - @natsi04
  2. ‘’How intuitive we can be and how amazingly we can handle any storm that comes our way. We are resilient. 🧡’’ - @aurorekha
  3. ‘’The fact that you can almost always end up making friends in washrooms at restaurants and pubs because women are just that comforting and friendly! Especially great when you're drunk haha. I've seen relationship advice being shared between complete strangers at 2 am in the washroom at times. The sisterhood is real!’’ - @eshitasrinivas
  4. ‘’Ability to multitask.’’ - @mukherjeesurela
  5. ‘’I love being a woman because we empower each other.’’ - Sandhya
  6. ‘’Because I am a woman, I could become a mother and now a grandmother. And that is something I love about being a woman. Also the fact that I have the ability to unconditionally care for my family and bond with everyone is something special.’’ - Pushpalatha
  7. ‘’Love and sacrifice for the family. It comes naturally to us women’’ - Santosh
  8. ‘’Being a woman is God’s gift and something that I am eternally grateful for. We are very self sufficient, not only can we take care of a whole family but also look after our own needs without being dependent on anyone else.’’ - Latha
  9. ‘’Motherhood. I am so glad that I got to experience it.’’ - Sangeeta
  10. ‘’Being a mother, handsdown. Nothing can compare to this feeling.’’ - Shirley
  11. ‘’The ability to be a mother. I feel it’s a blessing to women.’’ - Puneeta
  12. ‘’Survival skills and resilience to easily face and cope with bad situations whether physical or mental.’’ - Vinutha
  13. ‘’The best thing I love about being a woman is that women are very powerful, they are like magicians with all the power, casting a spell and creating magic in every stage of their life and effectively living a fulfilling life. We have the ability to continue the trail of human species by giving birth to our own kind and ensuring that they can also be powerful and in turn create magic and live a fulfilling life.” - Sanchita
  14. ‘’Make-up 😜😜, lots of choices in the way we can dress ourselves and also being a mother and bring a new life to the world.’’ - Shweta
  15. ‘’Women are special for so many reasons like having innate confidence, a caring nature and playing a key role in the family. For me, giving birth to my little one made me feel very special.’’. - Dhanya
  16. ‘’Being strong & confident and having positivity in life and knowing that I am the main pillar and strong foundation for my family.’’ - Usha
  17. ‘’I feel like since I live in times of validation and people receive so much attention for whatever they’ve achieved, I am empowered considering how many people have shared their efforts in making women feel equal. So that makes me part of a collective initiative and I like that.’’ - Anya
  18. ‘’How much strength and resilience we have!’’ - Anuja
  19.  ‘’Multi tasking. Doing two full time jobs at a time, being a housewife and an entrepreneur.’’ - Arwa
  20. ‘’We can ace a business presentation with period cramps, and no one will know, we're that badass!’’- Mahasweta
  21.  ‘’Being a mother.’’- Anisha
  22. ‘’I guess my first instinct would be to say: I love being a woman because I have the power and ability to nurture a life within me. To feel the heartbeat and the little flutters. Those 9 months that my baby is in my womb... are just between me and him/her. An alternative answer would be: I love being a woman because while I'm all for equality... I can choose whether to wear the pants in the house or not. It's not a necessity, it's a choice.‘’ - Ashima
  23. ‘’In one sentence -BEING WOMAN IS CREATING A UNIVERSE. Being born as a girl or woman is the bestest thing that can happen..a woman gives life..a woman is a big universe herself.’’ - Alviya 
  24. ‘’Being a woman, I have the capacity to give birth to a new life, the most precious thing in this world and I absolutely love this fact.’’ - Sushmita Bose
  25. ‘’Women are more mentally stronger than men, each time  a woman stands up for herself  she helps other women to rise.’’ - Kaavya Guda
  26. ‘’As a girl growing up in India, and as a woman building her career in Australia; I faced a lot of gender discrimination. That was & still is a major issue in the society. However, when I look at the flip side, it made me tougher & made me aware of issues faced by gender minorities. This in turn helped me understand & deal with issues facing all the other minorities in our society (ethnic, sexual orientation, disabled, religious etc). Also as a woman, I am quite sensitive & intuitive....my natural sensitivity & intuition has helped me develop a very high EQ. I strongly believe that one of the key success factors in my career reaching the sky has been the high EQ I was blessed with as a woman.’’ - Sharmila Hegde
  27. ‘’To be able to have babies 🤣.’’ - Sandhya 
  28. ‘’Being a woman is the biggest blessing in this world and has a lot of advantages while men don’t. Women are more powerful, confident & emotionally stronger than men. We are great at multitasking between work life and family life while  men cannot do the same. Women are special for many reasons. They are the most sensitive & caring people in the world. Women are very sympathetic towards people and things. They use both sides of the brain and men don't.’’ - Veena
  29. ‘’That transition in the many roles a woman performs seems to come naturally and is always a matter of choice.’’ - Gaynelle
  30. ‘’I think the single thing I love the most about being a woman is the relationships I can nurture. The love that I can radiate to everyone makes me feel very happy and positive about myself and gives me a sense of belongingness in the society.’’ - Umaima Malbary 
  31. ‘’I love women or girl power because I feel like I am proud of myself for being a girl and now I am a good sporty girl so people can know that girls can be better than boys and can be sporty. And is it necessary to be a boy for a job, or for playing sports, or for being able to go to school? Is it necessary? No it's not because girl power is unbeatable!. ‘’ - Fatema Bhavnagarwala (11 yr old girl)
  32. ‘’Being independent and initiating all your ideas and feel happy when you reap its fruits.’’ - Roopa Paul 
  33. ‘’I feel proud because I can multitask and do almost anything and everything. I can bring about changes in society.I can handle so many relationships at one time. Most importantly I can bear another human inside me.’’ - Mehzabeen Malbary 
  34. ‘’Frivolous answer but for me to be able to have soooo many choices of clothes that I can wear is what I absolutely love about being a female.. and on a serious note clothes(😛 there it is again) shoes, makeup and of course that we are emotionally stronger!’’ - Mubina Makati 
  35. ‘’Being able to give birth And choice of clothes, hairstyles, accessories.’’ - Femida Bhavnagarwala 
  36. ‘’Compassion. If it's only the one word you require. Else, One thing has two things. My ability to be a man when required and a woman who can manage it all with wisdom, courage, resilience and compassion.’’ - Cynthia Noronha
  37. ‘’The thing that I love about being a woman is that we are multitasking. We can take care of our families, kids, in-laws, friends, we take care of our house, our work, we try to balance everything and we try to develop ourselves also trying to cope up with the developing world & try to fulfill all the challenges.’’ Shamsha Sundrani
  38. ‘’What I love about being a woman is the  ability with which we can multitask and wear a million hats at the same time which maybe a man may not even be able to dream off!’’ - Dolly 
  39. ‘’Genetically speaking female DNA is more stable and balanced by the virtue of having two X chromosomes.’’ - Dr Rajalaxmi 
  40. ‘’I personally feel (as far as I as a woman is concerned) is the capacity I have for empathy and yet can be tough as nails.’’ - Prafulla
  41. ‘’The one thing that I absolutely love being a woman is my power - by that I don't mean the physical strength or the power of bringing another life into this world but the power to manage different relationships and nurture them, my mental strength.....I can go on, but in short my POWER😊.’’ - Marmita 
  42. ‘’I think we are more sensitive to others, we can think more holistically and we learn a lot of management basics from childhood.....i think we enjoy the best of both the worlds 😊 I like being a woman 😊.’’ - Jai
  43. ‘’Caveating that my response  pertains to my values as well as womanhood: I love my emotional resilience, as it roots in womanhood and courage that was nurtured by norms of the modern society. Within resilience, I succeed through perspective. Never denying my missteps and follies, I am able to define life’s challenges more optimistically. This resilience builds on my emotional assertiveness, driving fulfilment. I conclude that this sets me apart in this wonderful world.’’ - Sona
  44. ‘’I think I like that I work because I want to not because I have to. I understand it is a stereotypical gender role but that's what I have seen growing up.’’ - Deepa
  45. ‘’There is a long list for this but when I read your question, the first thing which came to my mind was ‘Beauty’ and tenderness. It’s not about looks but as a woman I’m always thinking and working upon adding a loving and gentle touch - in my family, relations, myself.’’ - Namita
  46. ‘’I love my journey from being a girl and transforming into a woman & a mother . The change that I have come across, the lessons that I have learned during this. The journey at different times has transformed me into a stronger woman every time at every stage.’’ - Manasi
  47. ‘’Pregnancy and childbirth!’’ - Diana
  48. ‘’The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart - the place where love resides.’’ - Anu
  49. ‘’I love being able to dress up more than men!’’ - Prachi
  50. ‘’Having lots n lots of girlfriends!!’’ - Samta
  51. ‘’A woman today thrives and shines in all spheres of life but the one thing which sets her apart and makes her superior is her unique gift of bearing and nurturing a life in her. This is one thing which I absolutely love about being a woman.’’ - Anila
  52. ‘’I have given it a really good thought  and there is NOTHING that I attribute to my gender.’’ - Shuchi
  53. ‘’Basically, Nothing! Why? Because I have learnt to appreciate the difference between a woman and a man. I have seen all the soft qualities of a woman in a man too and seen some tough qualities of a man in a woman! I have seen a woman to be not so loving, kind or compassionate and seen a man with all those qualities. If you ask a difference, one basic thing is that a man can’t keep a baby inside...can’t contest that! I can answer better what I like being a human: *Mind and ability to think* - takes the top spot. A human has a lot of power to change his or her situation and lead a well informed and loved life, has a free will to choose what is right or wrong, only if they realise the full potential and work for everybody’s betterment.’’ -  Mona 
  54. ‘’Being caring, sensitive, emotional, maternal and also paternal with ease whenever life demands, multi-tasking and using both sides of the brain.🌹’’ - Maggie 
  55. ‘’What I love most is when a woman has come into her own!!’’ - Mallika
  56. ‘’She is fraught with contradictions! Is soft, emotional, a bit needy but is the very center of the Universe! She can be all powerful, fiercely protective, highly intelligent, strategic, and just bloody marvelous and I love it!’’ - Anonymous
  57. ‘’I love the opportunity of expressing myself through clothes and makeup.’’ - Esha
  58. ‘’Actually a lot of things 😬... but to pick one - that women can multitask so easily, we can don different  hats with ease be it from work to kids, home to in-laws etc.’’ - Navneet Dixit 

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