5 Simple Ways To Manage Anxiety

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                                              By Vaishnavi Srivastava

The suffocating feeling where you feel like your heart is rushing and sinking, the one phase where you feel there’s nothing good around you and that you are constantly being trapped in a loop that is brimming with negativity. This is something that we all might have gone through sometime in our lives. Especially seeing the current scenario where the entire world is weak on its knees to a virus, every incident just sends shivers down the spines of almost all of us. We cannot deny the fact that the current situation is taking a toll on our emotional as well as mental health, but we cannot submit to it and dull our spark in these difficult times. We need to garner our strength and stand strong with a healthy and calm mind to be able to exude positivity in the universe. 

Being anxious is normal and let none tell you otherwise. What’s not normal is to succumb to it and let your anxiety be the master. You need to pull yourself together and get a grip of the situation to find ways to deal with it. Anxiety comes with a lot of despair, negativity, and agitation but there are many ways you can pull yourself out of it. 

We will be elucidating on the 5 ways that will help you manage your anxiety. These will help put a break on your perturbation and the gloomy thoughts that come with it. You will again be able to lift your spirits high and always remember that, ‘this too shall pass’ and this world will be a better place to breathe. 

1. Meditation

When you feel that everything around you is just out of control and you need time to hold back onto life and retrospect. Sit down calmly in fresh air, close your eyes and meditate. Meditation is a state when your body is in the pause mode and each of your muscles relax. The pressure of blood slows down and you can feel all your thoughts right to your bones. You do not have to have a clear mind at this time, the thoughts that are pondering and disturbing you need to be acknowledged and only then they will be chucked out of your system. Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down and feel all the stress leaving your body and be open to all the positive energies around you. 

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and calm one’s chaotic mind. It is the easiest way to take out some time and address the things that are triggering your anxiety and get rid of them. 

2. Sleep it off

To be able to prepare your body to bear all the instabilities of life, you need to have a good sleeping pattern. As easy as it may sound, only the people having anxiety issues know how difficult it is to fall asleep when you are constantly being bugged by your thoughts. Anxiety brings in insomnia and does not allow people to slip into a deep sleep wherein they are free of all their thoughts and worries. But, the ending remark is, when you hit the hay and are able to sleep anyhow, there are more chances that when you will wake up, you will feel relaxed and fresh. 

It is rightly said that, ‘The bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.’ So, following the same, try to slip into slumber and let your body and mind heal on their own. 

3. Talk to your loved ones

There is absolutely nothing more therapeutic than sitting down with your family members, your close friends, or your loved ones and have a nice conversation with them about all the serious and random stuff. You can crib, you can vent, you can share your insecurities and your thoughts and after some time you will notice that heavy load of anxiety flying off your chest. It is always recommended to people who are dwelling into the phase of anxiety to have a few people in their life who can be their 3 Am friends and can lend an ear to all the venting sessions to help them calm down. 

Having a full-fledged conversation involving various shades of emotions helps in calming the mind as well as lightens the mood to its best. 

4. Go for a pamper session

A little self-pampering never hurts. Even if you are in the worst of your mood, giving yourself a little glow-up will entirely change the vibe for you. It’s not necessary to go all out with this but a little something also helps. Give yourself a pedicure/manicure, take a hot shower, mask, and do a subtle make-up with your favourite outfit and see how this all turns around the entire gloomy vibe into that of self-love. 

Anxiety is a thing that breaks you mentally and sitting in a corner and constantly running your thoughts on it is of no help at all. Instead, try and brace yourself to do anything that makes you feel good and all vitalized. 

5. Let go

This is something all of us need to learn- to let go. You do not have any control over your thought process and you don’t know what things might trigger you at any point. There are several things that leave you anxious and you cannot do anything about it. The best way to channelize all these thoughts and reflections is to jot them down on a piece of paper and get rid of them. You need to let go off anything that is worrying you from the inside and is taking a toll on your mental health. And jotting it down on a piece of paper and freeing your mind sphere of all the toxicity will soothe you in every way. 

Writing is the best way to express oneself and using it to free yourself from all the thoughts pondering in your mind is one of the best ways to set yourself free from them. 

These were the 5 easiest ways to manage your anxiety and come out of it with flying colours. Anxiety leads the path to depression and to save yourself from falling into such a hollow, you need to come to terms with your issues and handle them in the best way possible.

For everyone out there who sees their close ones manifesting signs of anxiety disorders, you need to be empathetic towards them in a way that you can sail them through with utmost care and solicitude. And if you think they need clinical treatment, do not step back from concerning a psychologist or counsellor to help them preserve their mental health. 

We hope we were able to throw some light on the ways of managing anxiety disorders. None of us here is either an expert or a registered psychologist and these suggestions are just reflections of our own experiences. They might work for some and might not for others, make sure to leave your comments down below if any of these were useful for you to relax your mind and soul and proved to be therapeutic for you. 

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