6 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Trending Around The World

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If there’s one complaint that none of us will be making any time soon, it’s not having enough content to consume. If anything, every social media platform at the moment is saturated with content to the extent that the real struggle is to find quality content that manages to engage us for longer than a few seconds. And while that might seem entirely impossible in a time when there’s a 30-second reel/tik tok video for everything imaginable and short-form content is all the rage, something that’s been on the up and up in the world of content is podcasts. What makes something so heavily reliant on audio thrive in a world where visuals rule the roost? We’ve listed out a few characteristic features of podcasts that might have something to do with their ever-expanding popularity.

1. They Leave Room For Multitasking

Ambient music and television shows are a thing of the past. Podcasts dominate by being an entertaining option whether you’re driving to work, doing chores around the house, exercising, or even just taking a shower. They’re available in different formats and lengths so you could choose one that best suits how long you’ll need to stay engaged for. For instance, you could pick a news podcast for your 10-minute walk to work or go with a long crime-thriller series for when you’re going about cleaning the house.

2. There Are Plenty Of Options To Choose From

The most unique thing about podcasts is that they cater to every single person’s preferences, moods, and requirements. Need a good story to put you to sleep? There’s a podcast for it. Spent half an hour having an existential crisis? There’s a podcast to help further your musings. Need to read up on an influential figure and can’t get yourself to stare at the pages of your book anymore? There’s a podcast dedicated to the life and times of the said person. From advice on love and home decor to scientific theories and conspiracies: there’s a podcast for it.

3. They Offer A Good Way To Stay Up To Date With World Affairs

Sitting at the breakfast table with a newspaper in hand is so passé. Podcasts are where it’s at now. Several publications now have their own podcasts with millions of listeners a day. Getting your fill of the latest events while having the freedom to go about your day or waiting for traffic to clear is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why news podcasts are so popular with most people attesting to listening to them within 24-48 hours of downloading them. 

4. They Are Accessible

You might not be able to get your hands on a novel or a magazine at all times but a podcast only needs you to have either a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Most of these devices have inbuilt applications for podcasts and those that don’t only need a few swipes and an internet connection to get one. This ease of access along with the fact that they’re free make podcasts extremely popular as a means of being entertained or gaining knowledge. This is possibly why even those who aren’t thrilled by the idea of podcasts end up listening to a few out of curiosity.

5. They Are Interactive And Engaging 

A major reason why podcasts have people coming back time and again is the fact that they’re engaging and interactive. Podcasts hosts often have fun Q&A sessions with guests and polls while also fielding questions from the audience just like in regular radio shows. Some even bring in experts in the industry that’s the focus of each episode, respectively, so as to help establish a network of professionals. This makes them very interactive, open to feedback, and real. The nature of podcast content is almost always feeding off of the reception of listeners and their views and interests which makes it a lot more engaging than just plain old audio. And this interactivity solidifies that connection that audiences have to the content and the team behind the podcasts. Few content channels offer this sort of channel between the audience and the content creators.

6. They Build Intimacy And A Sense Of Community 

Speaking of interactions, podcasts have the capability of building an intimate connection between the hosts and the audience. This happens in a way very similar to that in movies and television shows that foster a deep connection between the viewers and the characters, sometimes by extension the actors as well. In the world of podcasts, especially if it’s non-fiction, many listeners have found themselves feeling connected to the host/hosts. And with social media making communication that much easier, the hosts also get to stay in touch with their audience. 

Many listeners have also noted that listening to a podcast can be like hanging out with a group of friends and listening to them talk about everything under the sun. This, along with the fact that podcasters actively work to engage and grow their listener numbers does a world of good for people looking for a community. As an added bonus, it also increases download numbers and attracts sponsors for the podcasters themselves. 

This is what sets podcasts apart from other entertainment mediums. Their unique ability to foster communities and make people feel like they’re a part of a group of like-minded individuals where their voice/concerns matter contributes to their popularity significantly. By having private spaces and means to interact with hosts, ask questions, give opinions, and have a look at the behind-the-scenes action they keep this environment of familiarity and this sense of community going. 

If you’ve been contemplating giving podcasts ago, we could not recommend them more. Start by having a conversation with your friends who do actively listen to podcasts since they might have recommendations that you’ll enjoy as well. If you’d rather go through this process of discovery yourself, try exploring options on music apps that you might already have, like Spotify. Start off with something you’re extremely interested in and we bet you’ll want to keep going back for more. Happy listening!  

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