7 Amazing Brands Working With Indian Artisans & Promoting Indian Craftsmanship

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By Likita Gowda

When we think about India, one of the few things that comes to our mind is the rich artisanal heritage that our country has. The craftsmanship and talent of our kaarigars is one of a kind and truly exceptional. And the best way to support these artisans, their livelihoods and our Indian crafts is by supporting brands which work with these artisans directly. These lifestyle brands are going the extra mile by bringing to you some beautiful products by sourcing them from artisans across the country & paying them their fair share for their incredible workmanship. Eager to support your local artisans? Then shop from these fabulous brands that are working with artisans & promoting Indian craftsmanship. 



Okhai offers a whole range of products from apparel to lifestyle products at reasonable prices. This organization encourages women artisans from less privileged backgrounds to earn a livelihood by helping them acquire new skills. These women also gain self-confidence & self esteem in the process of learning these crafts & earning from them. Okhai’s products & designs are contemporary with a touch of traditional flair to them. Do check them out and support them.



Swara - voice of women is a brand that is enabling and helping rural women from tribal villages to earn a livelihood. This brand makes some really cool indo-western clothes with the help of these rural women who are taught all the skills that they would need on the job. These rural women are even taught skills like modelling, marketing & designing. How cool is that? What’s even better is that Swara’s women tailors have a remuneration that is above the market price.

The Indian Ethnic Co


Founded by a mother-daughter duo, this brand offers products that are truly handcrafted by local artisans. Their products have a human touch from start to finish. The fabrics are handwoven, the organic & vegetable dyes are handmade, the prints are hand blocked & the final piece of garment is hand-tailored as well. Check them out to buy beautiful kurtis, sarees, salwars, tunics and more.




This organisation was born to save the age-old art of Mithila or Madhubani paintings & thereby providing a platform to the artisans specialized in this art to feature and sell their artwork. They are now also helping other endangered arts & crafts of India. This organization has greatly helped women, girls and artisans who are dependent on this artform of Mithila paintings for their livelihood.




Karu is a brand that is all about celebrating the timeless beauty, heritage & exquisite craftsmanship of India. They have some beautifully made home & lifestyle products in wood, stone and silver that are handcrafted to perfection. Their products are traditional and yet at the same time fit the aesthetics of a modern Indian home. Needless to say, this brand is not only promoting Indian crafts & keeping those skill-sets alive but is also providing the artisans with a sustainable livelihood by supporting them.

The India Craft House


The India craft house is a social enterprise & digital platform that sells authentic, unique and intrinsic Indian crafts online. Founded 10 years ago, The India Craft House celebrates and supports the unparalleled creativity & craftsmanship of local artisans & ensures that the artisans get a fair price for every piece of art that they create. This brand works with artisans both directly and also through NGOs working closely with artisan groups as well as enterprises which deploy artisans to create various kinds of handmade products. You can find everything from apparel for women, men & kids to some gorgeous home & lifestyle products on their website.



Here’s a brand that is supporting & keeping alive an age old craft that is India’s only UNESCO listed craft form. P-tal works with the skilled craftsmen of the Thathera community of Amritsar who specialize in the traditional technique of hammering brass & copper sheets into utensils. You can find some exquisitely handcrafted products that are made the traditional way but have a modern & contemporary appeal. From traditional brass spice boxes, tawas, plates & tumblers to modern cocktail glasses and planters, P-tal’s products are an absolute treat for anyone looking to spruce up their homeware. 

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