7 Best Internship Apps and Websites in India

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Why is it so hard to find a good internship? I remember having a hard time when I first started applying when I was in college. Going through multiple platforms to find the best internship that matches your goals and aims was tough. This is not just my experience, even my friends went through the same thing. This can sometimes unfortunately lead to a bad internship experience.


An internship has a lot of benefits. When you first start to venture out to a new industry, an internship will help immensely in giving you that experience and help in acquiring that skill that you need to succeed in that particular industry. It will also allow you to explore and decide which industry might be the best one for you. I realize how overwhelming it can get to find a good platform that you can trust. And finding one is never an easy task! Unless you are super lucky and an opportunity just walked up to you on its own! Having multiple choices might seem like a good thing but when it comes to deciding it can really get confusing and overwhelming. So in this blog, I have listed 7 apps and websites that are best for finding internships. 

1. Internshala 

Internshala is one of the leading platforms in India for internships. It is solely based on helping out students to get an internship experience with reputed companies. The navigation of the website and the app is pretty easy too. All you have to do is make a profile on Internshala and make a resume on the platform itself. You can use the filters when searching for an internship to suit your requirements according to your industry and preference. Select the internship you want and answer some questions from the company you applied to. It is a great platform for students as well as fresh graduates. They also have a new feature for fresher job listings, which is great for students to start their careers. They also offer a variety of courses and events to learn and enhance new skills. Internshala makes sure that the companies are trustworthy and the students are safe within their platform. 

2. LinkedIn

Linkedin is one of the most professional platforms for networking. It is great for businesses and also has a lot of opportunities for students and freshers. Make sure to keep your Linkedin profile extremely professional. You can add your achievements, education, experiences, etc. here. Not only can you apply for internships and jobs, but you can also directly message the employers to up your chances and make an impression. Linkedin will also help in finding new opportunities and learning different skills. With LinkedIn Learning, you can acquire new skills that you can easily add to your profile. You can also apply directly through LinkedIn with their easy apply option but some companies will direct you to their companies landing pages. 

3. Let’s Intern

Let's Intern is one of the popular internship websites that you should use to get the best internships. You can find valuable internship opportunities from reputed companies on this platform. Some of the companies hiring under this platform are Myntra, The Indian Express, Big Basket, ComicCon India, PVR cinemas, etc. It is easy to register on this platform for both students and employers. The employers have to follow the same procedure but in the employer column. The platform also provides tips and blogs on the whole process of acquiring an internship and helps in educating the students better. It is a great industry-student interactive platform and it exposes students to some of the best opportunities out there.

4. Twenty 19

Twenty 19 is a networking platform between companies and students. You can find volunteering work, internships, and project opportunities here. Students can easily register on this platform through Facebook, Gmail, or any other email ids for free. This is a great platform for students to learn and gain experience. They have also started training courses which are helpful to a lot of students to gain new skills and experience. 

5. Glassdoor

GlassDoor is preferred by both students and graduates to get internships from reputed companies. It is one of the best internship sites in India. Along with offering internships they also offer job opportunities. This is a well-known platform for employers and students to hire and find the best interns and internships, respectively. Glassdoor also guides you through the entire process of interview questions, reviews of the companies, and much more. Because of the reputation Glassdoor has acquired over the years, it is one of the leading platforms for finding internships and job opportunities. 

6. Killer Launch

Killer Launch is one of the top websites and search portals for internships. Its advanced search helps in finding internships with your preferred location and industry. You can find all the required resources here and it is also easy to apply and register. From reputed companies to startups, you can find various companies to choose from according to your preference. If you are looking for a trustworthy website for an internship, or even for a job, then this is the platform for you. 

7. Hello Intern

Hello Intern is known as a renowned online internship platform that is considered to be a global expert. This platform allows you to apply for numerous internships from different fields and working domains. It’s only just one click away! Moreover, they have amazing training programs that will help in gaining new skills and knowledge in your particular field. Don’t pass up on this opportunity. You only have to visit their website and register to start looking for the best internship for you 

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