8 Furniture Tips for Small Spaces

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Coming to big cities to make your big dreams happen is challenging. But what’s more challenging is to live in a cramped up small room. Big cities have their own perks and drawbacks, small apartments being one of it. But you don't necessarily have to take it as a drawback. Smart styling and home decor can make even your small space appear bigger. You don't have to wait until you own a big place to start styling. You will find a lot of DIY home decor ideas and home decor pages for styling your house. But what about arranging and styling ideas for your home furniture without cluttering and cramping up your space? I know it can be difficult to strike a balance between making your space appear bigger and arranging the furniture according to your style. But I can assure you it's not that difficult. If you have the eye to make any space work and a little creativity, small spaces can be transformed into something else.

So here are some furniture tips for small spaces to help you:

  1. Make use of built-in shelves

If you are an avid reader then bookshelves are a must. It can get a little tricky when you have a small living room space. Here you can build built-in bookshelves into your walls. This can save you space and it will also look aesthetically pleasing. Not only bookshelves but any kind of built-in shelf is great for extra decorating and storage. Even built-in wardrobes will save a lot of space in your small bedroom.

  1. Make your furniture float

Pull your furniture away from the walls! You might think having an open space in the middle will make your space appear bigger but pushing up your furniture right up against the walls will only shrink the visual space. So avoid doing that and gather your furniture in the middle and create space behind it, as it will make the place bigger.

  1. Make use of multi-purpose/folding furniture

You have to get creative when there is a little space to work with. Furniture that serves multiple purposes is not only smart but also convenient. Multipurpose furniture is your saving grace. For example, a sofa-come bed is great for when a guest comes over or when you are just too lazy to get up after binge-watching on Netflix. Ottoman instead of a coffee table will not only work as a center table but also as extra seating when needed. Instead of small side tables for small spaces, you can also use tools that will also work as additional seating for guests. There are multiple options for different kinds of multipurpose furniture. Be it a king-size bed, dining table, chairs, counters or office desks, multifunctional furniture will work as a space saving furniture for small apartments.

Folding furniture is another tip for space saving. Bar stools for kitchen islands, folding office & desk chairs, small tables and even beds can be folded up when it's not in use.

  1. Use neutral and light coloured furniture

Neutral coloured furniture can bring a rich feel to your apartment. So go with neutral colour furniture throughout your whole home. Your big furniture like sofa, etc. takes up space visually. So going with consistent neutral colour will make your apartment appear clean and clear-cut. If  you want to make it more visually appealing add a pop of colour to accentuate. Small accessories like lamps, vases, throw pillows, etc. with light colouring and pattern usually look better in a smaller space when paired with neutral coloured pieces of furniture. Light colours will make your space more open and bright.

  1. Minimal and simple design

Make sure to keep your furnishing minimal because less is more. Simple styling can give your apartment a clean look. So avoid cluttering your apartment with a lot of furniture. A small table, sofa, one or two chairs can be enough for your living room. When setting up the furniture you have to be mindful of the space. Minimalist design is the trend nowadays and if you have a compact home then nothing works better.

  1. Use furniture that has extra storage space

Choose furniture pieces that also serve as storage when needed. For example, a hollow ottoman instead of a coffee table is great for extra seating as well as for storage. Furniture with storage space like a computer desk, small desk, folding desk, desk with storage drawers limits a lot of cluttering. Ideas for storage for small spaces are not limited. Pick out your furniture smartly and mindfully.

  1. Add invisible pieces to your furniture arrangement

Like I said visual space matters a lot. Furniture not only takes space physically but also visually, that's why glass or acrylic materials are great to use in a small living space, as they don't take up any visual space. Furniture with clear materials will give your room the illusion of more space. For example, a clear glass top coffee table in a small living room would disappear visually and will make the room appear bigger.

  1. Use lightweight furniture

Lightweight furniture can make space feel more open. Lightweight furniture not just means its size and weight but also how it looks visually. A light-coloured armless chair will look more visually appealing and open, than a dark heavily cushioned armchair. Style your living room with a small coffee table as it consumes only a little space and also serves its purpose. In a small living room, if the furniture blocks the view of the floor, space can feel crowded or cramped. So make sure your pieces of furniture are open, leggy and it doesn't have too much going on.

Styling and arranging your home is a big time-consuming task. But it is very fulfilling because your home is a reflection of you. No matter the size, your home is your biggest asset. Be it big or small, design your living space according to your preference. Above mentioned tips can help you immensely without compromising and contradicting your style. If you find these tips useful or have more tips to add on, drop them down in the comments.

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