9 Fashion Brands That Check All The Boxes When It Comes To Curvy Fashion

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Ladies, it’s a glorious time to embrace your curves. With the fashion industry finally championing inclusivity and brands realizing that there’s no size when it comes to fashion, you no longer have to put up with button-down shirts that pop open as you walk. Or worse, suffer the disappointment of ordering a size 12 jeans online, only to have to perform gymnastics around the room to fit into them because, in reality, they’re a few sizes smaller. The struggle, we know, is real. 

We understand that the best brands for curvy women would be the ones that put thought into their designs and ensure that they have imaginative, creative, and fun options that will flatter you no matter your size. And so we’ve put together a list of our favorite fashion brands for curvy women that won’t disappoint the fashionista in you.

1. aLL

With several stores in over 14 cities across India, accessibility is this plus-size brand’s motto. This puts it at the top of most people’s list of curvy clothing brands. You can grab something from both the ethnic and the western wear sections. In the former, they have a selection of kurtis, churidars, and salwar kurtas. If you’d like to go the Indo-Western route instead, you can pick from their range of palazzos, culottes, and skirts. Western wear offers a range of pretty dresses and tunics along with the usual shorts, jeans, and jackets. There are so many outfit options and things to mix and match that you’re bound to spend a good couple of hours just browsing. And once you’ve picked something out, you can always head on over to their range of accessories to complete the look. This brand truly caters to one and “all.”

2. Gia

You’d be hard-pressed not to find a Westside in every other city or town across India. This, combined with the fact that it’s a go-to for most people when it comes to all things sartorial, makes it the perfect option for plus size shopping as well. To their credit, Westside’s brand Gia rubbishes the notion that curvy fashion needs to be baggy and offers styles in bright colours, bold prints, soft lace, and flattering cuts. Whether it’s an office look, a last-minute date night dress, or your everyday casual outfit - they’ve got everything you’d need. If there’s any brand that understands curvy women's fashion, it’s this one. 

3. FabAlley Curve

A one-stop-shop for dresses, skirts, and all things elegant and feminine- FabAlley Curve is all about chic curvy girl outfits. Designs are varied with options in stripes, lace, sequins, floral and a whole lot more in quirky colours. And what’s better is that it’s so affordable that we can practically hear your wallet sigh in relief. Don’t believe us? A maxi dress will only set you back by 1400 rupees! Sizes go up to 4XL and customers stand by the fit and quality of their fabrics. 

4. Sassy Soda 

Westside knocks it out of the park with yet another brand that understands curvy women and what flatters them best. And they do it through fun printed t-shirts, quirky hoodies, and bright-colored shorts. They even have a collection of jackets and dresses that will add an extra oomph to your outfits. Prices are affordable, ranging from INR 1000-2500. And considering the fact that you only have to head to Westside to get your hands on one of their designs, you can rest assured that you can trust this brand when it comes to putting a trendy foot forward at any time you’d like. 


5. Asos Curve

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be acquainted with the retail giant that is ASOS. What is less known about the brand, however, is that they also know what they’re doing when it comes to plus-size fashion. With free shipping worldwide, it’s a good bet for when you’d like to incorporate a few international styles into your wardrobe. And the options are unlimited with sizes going up to UK 30! Admittedly not the most affordable option out there, we believe it’s worth it for the chic designs. Give it a go when you’re feeling a bit fancy! 

6. Zivame 

If there ever was a brand that had comfort and style written all over it, it would be Zivame. The brand has always believed in championing self-love and inclusivity so we'd be remiss not to mention this household name in our list. Besides, having the right lingerie is the bedrock of a stellar outfit. You could pick out shapewear to compliment a night-out look or head on over to their lounge and nightwear options to pick out something comfortable. Sizes in the latter go up to 2XL while those in bras go all the way up to a G cup. And rest assured, everything you spend on this brand will be of the best possible quality, fit, and design. 

7. Amydus

Amydus is all about designs that are both feminine and chic. If you’re sick of having to put up with basic designs in the most basic shades that make it seem like you only wear the same outfit everywhere you go, then you’re going to fall in love with the options over at Amydus. Beautiful dresses, funky palazzos, pretty skirts, regal kurtis - they’ve got everything you could ever ask for. In fact, it would be hard for you to not shop entire looks from the website. And if you’re having trouble with putting together a look, they’ve got bloggers that can help you with styling as well. 

8. PlusS

Comfort and style find their home in the designs over at PlusS which offers a range of formal and casual wear outfits. The former includes t-shirts, dresses, tunics, tops, shrugs, skirts, and capris while the latter includes trousers, kurtis, jackets, formal shirts, and blazers. Need an off-shoulder top but can’t find one that fits? There’s one for you here. Want to round an outfit off with a few accessories? They’ve got you covered on that front as well. The sizes range from S to 6XL and when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can ask them to customize your outfit for you. 

9. Mustard 

A daily wear brand that’s got everything from kurtas and button-down shirts to sweaters and shararas - Mustard is the brand you can depend on when you’re looking for outfits that are clean, pretty, and flattering. And they don’t just retail plus size clothing, they’ve got plus-size options in all of their designs so you don’t have to settle with anything. Add free returns into the mix and you’ve got a sweet deal you’ll find hard to pass upon. 

We’re sure you’re as excited as we are at the fact that brands are more inclined to take the time to really be creative with designing clothes for different shapes and sizes. Gone are the days when curvy women were treated as afterthoughts by the fashion industry. Inclusivity is here to stay, so go out there, show off your beautiful curves. 

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