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Through my blog, I intend to raise the voices of women that never get heard, it will be dedicated to all those who themselves cannot publish due to certain barriers. All written by me, but real-world issues ranging from mental health awareness. It might have poetry that also highlights some issue.

Her Humanitarian voice

How can a young girl in her early 20s living few 1000 kilometres away is supposed to react to this gruesome geopolitical issue?
All she sees are pictures of men with GUNS and she hears the news headlines stating the facts and data about the loss of life, dignity and sovereignty of humans.
How can she recognize killers as saviours? How can she accept a perpetrator as protector? 
She has not read religious scriptures, she has only read the news for the last 20 years. In her heart, how can she accept perpetrators of women as protectors? They portray themselves as divine men armed with guns and their gazes on a female who doesn't follow rules made by them gets brutally raped, Her clothing torn apart with the same hands which ordered her to cover her body! They cannot be the spokesperson for the same people whose freedom they are taking away!
All the world leaders speak from their own strategic interests. What is HER STRATEGIC INTEREST when she sees starting of slavery or what is the correct word?? An ideology that thrives on knives and blood-stained clothes. How can she not feel utterly terrified they can enter anywhere now? 
How can we, the global citizens connected by social media not feel their pain? How can you abandon Afghanistan? 
How can she support? she asked herself as the tears finally stopped shedding… She cannot write like scholars with viable political points and use STRATEGIC language because SHE IS A NOBODY.
She is a nobody in this cruel world, but she still chooses every day to write. She will keep writing from an abandoned library or a polished desk, sometimes with rage, sometimes with hopelessness. 

-Priyanka Meena AKA shepensorshapes

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