A Dollar A Blog - A Glo Community Initiative Towards The Battle Against COVID-19

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COVID-19 has shook most parts of the world. 

What we’re grateful for

Many large organisations have taken upon themselves the task of extending help to all parties involved in battling this virus. WHO’s COVID-19 solidarity response fund is one of the LARGEST supporting organisations to provide monetary help to those affected by the deadly coronavirus. 

What we ask of you

Glo.community has taken a solid stance to contribute to WHO’s fund. For EVERY BLOG written on glo.community, we will donate $1 towards the fund on behalf of the author. 

How do we know it’s you?

Publish your blog on www.glo.community and write to us on Instagram or send an email to contact@glo.community with your sign up name and blog title so we can accredit the same to you. 

A few hundred words could add up to massively contribute to a good cause. Write about what you believe, topics that interest you, about fashion or entertainment, political or personal views, about fitness, health, education, even about COVID-19 if you must. 

Glo Community Topic Suggestions: 

- Travel
- Awareness
- Menstruation
- Fashion
- Wellness and Health
- Fitness
- Women Entrepreneurship 
- Entertainment 
- Self-Help

For Glo community blog guidelines head to https://glo.community/blogs/glo-community-guidelines-to-write-and-publish-a-blog/

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