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Bigg Boss This Week, what's new with the contestants? Who's eliminated next? Who's in nomination? What task is coming next? Your every question is answered here. This week has been a rollercoaster ride. Read on to figure out why.

Fights, friendships, love, gossips, and whatnot, Bigg Boss is undoubtedly an entire package of emotions traveling to and fro from content to content. Where we are still waiting for the upcoming blockbuster Bigg Boss season 15, Bigg Boss OTT is making things even more exciting. 

Are you following Bigg Boss OTT with the same enthusiasm you have while watching Bigg Boss seasons? Of course, staying at home means you can watch something great while working on your laptop simultaneously. However, even if you are not that updated, worry not because here we are with our weekly update of what’s happened in this week or month. 

Ready for the real Bigg Boss OTT troubles? Read on. 

1. The Nominations 

On every Monday, the craze of nomination list is what keeps Bigg Boss lovers rejuvenated. Of course, we don’t want our favorite contestants to be in that danger of getting evicted. However, it’s the part of the game anyway. 

So, in the previous weeks, there are a total of 5 connections. Out of which, one connection lost the bond after the eviction of Zishan Khan. After his elimination, Divya Aggarwal got a chance to make a new connection. Unfortunately, she failed. Needless to say, she is one of the nominated contestants. 

Bigg Boss plays mysterious games in his unique style. So, the other four connections were told to get to the confession room. There was a surprise waiting for each contestant. What was that? There were letters from their families. 

The rule of the game was, among every connection, one contestant will get to read the letter whereas the other will be nominated. This was the game of mutual decisions. 

The people who got nominated in the previous week were:

  • Divya Aggarwal
  • Shamita Shetty
  • Nishant Bhatt
  • Akshara Singh
  • Milind Gaba

2. The Hot Entry of Baby Doll

On the 22nd day of Bigg Boss OTT, there was a dazzling entry of none other than Sunny Leone. Of course, when Sunny is there, there has to be a twist in the game. So, this time, Sunny came with some exciting tasks. 

The first one was- The Coconut Task. In this game, she placed a coconut between two people, and without the use of hands, they have to get that coconut to their forehead. Besides, the people who won the task were Neha Bhasin and Pravit. 

The next one was- Accept and Block Task. Using the social media concept of sending friend requests, contestants got the chance to uncover their feelings for each other. They got to accept and reject the friend requests of the other person. Milind Gaba, Nishant Bhat, and Moose Jattara were the only people who did not receive any Block response. 

The third one was- The Matka Task. Usually, on the occasion of Janmashtmi, people pour butter but here it was all about mud. Out of everyone, Neha Bhasin and Akshara Singh were chosen by the contestants to get all the dirt. 

3. The discussion between Raqesh and Shamita

Bigg Boss’s strategy of creating connections is all about sparking the light of love between connections. Now, obviously, where there is love, there is confusion. Nonetheless, the viewers are not finding any made-up thing between two people- Raqesh and Shamita. 

After a long discussion, what is the conclusion? Well, Shamita replies nicely as she doesn’t know Raqesh outside the house. Don’t know where things would go once they are out of the house. 

4. The Big Decision by Pratik

Pratik Sehjpal and the Bigg Boss games, both twisted the experience of Bigg Boss for everyone in the house. Recently, Pratik was given a chance to save anyone from the Nomination. What did Pratik do?

Like every housemate, even viewers were expecting Pratik to save Nishant from the elimination, That was the most expected guess. However, this is where the real twist came. Pratik, instead of saving Nishant, saved Shamita Shetty. 

Now, what was the consequence? Moose Jattana is left heartbroken because this whole game turned out to be a game-changer for her. Moreover, Pratik always used to say he would never save either Shamita or Raqesh just for the sake of the game. This is where he proved himself wrong in the eyes of others. 

Talking about saving contestants from elimination, there was another task of Live Voting in which people saved Nishant Bhat because of the highest votes he received. 

5. The Captaincy Lead

As Divya was not part of any task in the game (due to her lost connection), the captaincy task was fought between the other four connections. The task that they got was about Boss Man Boss Lady

The whole task was a guessing game. What do I mean by that? Well, it was a task in which you have to keep a count of the time and see if you complete 33 minutes or not. The person who is the closest to the exact time wins. 

Nishant Bhat is the most clever of all. Now, because of the mutual decision and understanding between Nishant and Moose, they guessed the time they spent together was 34-35 minutes. This time was unbelievably closest to 33 minutes. That’s why they became captains and also final task contenders. 

6. The wild Card Entries

Wild Card entries are always the game-changers when it comes to Bigg Boss. Like every other season, Bigg Boss OTT flipped once it got its new and unexpected entries. But who are they this time? 

While many people were expecting some of the recently evicted contestants to join the game again, it wasn’t the case in reality. This Sunday, with a blast, Nia Sharma entered the house of Bigg Boss OTT. Since Bigg Boss season 13, Nia Sharma is one of the most demanded contestants by all Bigg Boss lovers. 

This time, Nia Sharma is in the game. Moreover, she came in with a special power. She became the new boss lady of the house. This put all the efforts of Nishant and Moose into the dumpster.

No wonder why most of the already-existing contestants got stunned. 

7. The farewell to the wild card

Nia Sharma played the real game this whole week. You must be wondering how? The thing is, she came into the house, created the disturbance, and soon she left. Why is that? 

What Bigg Boss says is that she was not a contestant but more like a guest. The biggest impact of this decision fell on the shoulders of Divya who thought Nia would turn out to be the connection she lost. 

8. The lost star

The death of the great Siddharth Shulka came out to be the biggest shock for all Bigg Boss fans and Indian Television lovers. It was hard to digest the news of Sid but it was equally shocking for Bigg Boss OTT contestants as well. 

The biggest impact of Siddharth's death is on OTT because its TRP got too low. Not just that, the contestants inside the house were left numbed because of this unpredicted event. 

Even Karan Johar and others on the show paid a tribute to Siddharth Shukla. Anyway, the show must go on and so should Bigg Boss OTT. 

9. The unfair eviction

Bigg Boss brought another twist this weekend by bringing in the unexpected, jaw-dropping double eviction. But was that truly unfair? Maybe. 

According to the popularity polls of Bigg Boss OTT, Shamita, Raqesh, and Akshara were the three people on top. Now, because of the fan following of Shamita and Raqesh, Akshara and Milind were the ones who received the lowest votes. Hence, they got evicted. 

10. The broken connections of all

Yes, all the connections of Bigg Boss OTT are separated. Without any doubt, Divya would be the happiest person right now. 

Only 2 weeks are left for the final results and from now on, it's going to be a fair game. No groups, nothing. This is where individualism cracks in. Now everyone stands alone and fights for themselves. 

It is quite possible that all 5 individual connections may enter the Bigg Boss 15 house. If not that, there might be a few evictions this week and the coming week too. 

11. This week's nomination list

After the eviction of 2 strong contestants the previous week, this time it's about other strong contestants. So, who all are nominated to leave the show? Here's the list. 

  • Divya Aggarwal 
  • Moose Jattana
  • Neha Bhasin
  • Pratik Sehjpal
  • Shamita Shetty 

Let's see who will leave this weekend. 


Now that we have entered a new week, it's time to stay updated and see what will happen this Sunday Ka Vaar. What you gotta do is put on the show and see what all wonderful and mysterious games each contestant is playing. 

Hope you liked this weekly update of Bigg Boss OTT. I am sure, just like me, you can't wait to see what all Bigg Boss new season has to bring. 

Till that time, OTT will do the entertainment job for you. 

Stay tuned for more. 

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