#BornToShine - A week full of fun for Women's Day

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“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” –Maya Angelou

We know for a fact that every woman has an inner light and every woman is #borntoshine. With women’s day right around the corner let’s remind ourselves that we are the light and we are meant to shine bright. So we at Girlsbuzz thought of an amazing week-long celebration (2nd March to 8th March) to make it an extra special week for all of us. 

We have a host of exciting things lined up for you- Contests, Live sessions, workshops, tarot readings, and lots of amazing content EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So come along with all your girlfriends for a week-long fun ride. 

Here’s the trip itinerary down the empowering lane:

2nd March 2021, Tuesday -Easy Everyday Makeup Look with Aleena (Live Session on Instagram at 6 PM)

Learn how to create a basic and easy makeup look that would work for all occasions and for everyday wear with Aleena.

2nd March 2021- 8th March 2021, Tuesday - #Fightperiodpoverty

With the onset of the pandemic, the number of women with access to sanitary pads has fallen sharply. Survival has become a question mark for underprivileged women because of job losses. At times like these, their menstrual wellbeing is pushed to the background. Poor menstrual hygiene can lead to fungal and bacterial infections around the reproductive and urinary tract. Hence let's all pledge to donate a pad to underprivileged women in our society. 

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Donate sanitary pads to anyone who needs them. And take a picture of yours while doing so.
  2. Use hashtags #girlsbuzzindia and #fightperiodpoverty and tag us @girlsbuzzindia.
  3. Get featured.

2nd March 2021, Tuesday - Nirwaana Giveaway

Win gift vouchers from Nirwaana and treat yourself to some exquisitely-crafted, contemporary jewellery.

The rules are simple:

  1. Follow Nirwaana and girlsbuzzindia & like the post.
  2. Comment on the post tagging two girl-friends & why they are special to you.
  3. Add post to your story + tag us
  4. Enter as many times as you'd like. Each comment is counted as an entry.           

3rd March 2021, Wednesday - Know about your future through a free tarot session (Live Session on Instagram at 6 PM)

Want to see what's in store for your future? Let the tarot cards tell you about your love life, career paths, concerns, and more with tarotpriestess & girlsbuzzindia

The rules are as follows: 

  1. Tag two of your friends & follow us @girlsbuzzindia 
  2. Write down your question along with your full name in the comments section.
  3. 10 lucky winners will get their questions answered on 3rd March 2021

4th March 2021, Thursday- Startup Ideas Contest

Put your thinking hats on as we are looking for innovative startup ideas for women!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Follow girlsbuzzindia.
  2. Comment your startup idea (We don’t need any business plan just an innovative idea).
  3. Two ideas with the highest likes on the comment win an Amazon voucher of Rs.1000 each

4th March 2021, Thursday- Fitness tips with Priyanka Bhatt (Live Session on Instagram at 6.30 PM)

 Reaching your ideal weight goal begins with healthy practices that you can inculcate in your daily habits. Learn the tips and tricks on how to stay fit and healthy every day from Ultra Runner and fitness enthusiast Priyanka Bhatt.

5th March 2021, Friday - How to accessorize like a pro with Tanntrim?(Live Session on Instagram at 7.30 PM)

Have you ever wondered why certain people look incredible, no matter what they wear? They probably are doing something different- accessorising like a pro.

Learn how to choose the right kind of accessories to complement your outfit from Tanntrim- Smart Accessories For Modern Living

6th March 2021, Saturday - Gynaecological health care with @doctor_the_healer (Live Session on Instagram at 7.30 PM)

Do you have queries regarding PMS, PCOS, Menstruation, Pregnancy, Menopause, etc? Tune in for an informative session with Dr.Aakriti Gupta, Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist.

6th March 2021, Saturday- Know your rights with @YourInstaLawyer (Live Session on Instagram at 6 PM)

Women empowerment means the freedom of women from the ruthless grip of social, racial, political, caste and gender oppression. It means allowing women the right to make decisions in their lives. It is only feasible if every woman is conscious of her rights. Learn about the legal rights of women in India from Tanya Appachu.

7th March 2021, Sunday- ‘No Bake Cheese Cake in Jar’ Webinar with Pallavi Agrawal ( Webinar at 12 PM)

No-bake cheesecake jars are a fun dessert to offer to your guests when you're short of time and don't feel like turning on the oven. There is practically no baking, and the whole dessert takes only 30 minutes. Learn it from Pallavi Agrawal, Pastry Chef & Graduate at Wilton School from IL-Chicago

8th March 2021, Monday - Healing Naturally with @herbeshwari (Live Session on Instagram at 6 PM)

Nature is the only force that can provide healing without side effects. Naturopathic therapies awaken and enhance this healing power already present within each one of us. Find out how to heal with naturopathy from Dr. Poorvi Bhat.

8th March 2021, Monday - (Webinar at 7.30 PM IST)

A discussion on women’s behavioral health with a special focus on Postpartum Depression with Dr. Shailja Dixit & Dr. Eliza Ng from Curio Digital Therapeutics

Emotional & mental well-being are of paramount importance as one cannot function properly in life if these are out of balance. Not just that, our physical health is also directly affected by how we are feeling & our behavioral health. And yet it is sad that this isn’t talked about much and there is still a taboo or stigma attached to the topic. This is why we are bringing to you this webinar with doctors extraordinaire, Dr. Shailja Dixit & Dr. Eliza Ng from Curio Digital Therapeutics who will tell us all that we need to know on Women’s behavioral health with a special focus on Postpartum Depression. Register here.

Excited to see this. Well then, mark your calendars as there is more to come your way. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for interesting content every day.


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