5 Smartphones Offering the Best Cameras in 2021

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Best Camera Smartphones

By Ruchi Sharma

If we think of that one thing that has become a necessity apart from eating and sleeping for all of us, the thing that tops the list is definitely a SMARTPHONE! Be it getting on work related calls or making your child attend online school or something as petty as online grocery shopping, life without a smartphone seems impossible, especially when work from home has become the new normal. And it
has successfully occupied the place of a camera also in our lives.

Nowadays, you would hardly find people who invest on cameras separately, rather they just prefer to buy a good smartphone that not only has an amazing battery life but offers a splendid camera with excellent picture quality as well. It won’t be wrong to say that some of these mobiles actually offer nearly professional quality photographs when used with certain filters from apps. The love for taking selfies has also gone up thanks to the front cameras of the smartphones!

What is the most important factor when you want to buy a smartphone with a good camera is generally the megapixels (or MP) of the inbuilt camera. Higher MP generally means better picture quality. Though they are mostly priced on a very high side but the features that they offer go way beyond the camera quality! Of course, if you are a passionate photographer, nothing can replace the good old DSLRs or
professional cameras but meanwhile we got a list of some amazing smartphones of 2021 that offer cameras with enviable picture quality.

1. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Pic source: Amazon

When we talk about picture quality nothing beats the iPhones. Even though some of their models offered cameras with much less megapixels than other smartphones, but their picture quality was still far better. You can even buy lower models of iPhone as they are priced quite moderately and at the same time the picture quality is amazing.
This model offers a massive 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display along with a fast processor. The A12 Bionic Chip is definitely amazing. The battery life is also great. Talking about the camera, it offers an amazing triple set camera with 12-megapixel F1.6 primary camera, a 12-megapixel telephoto camera, and a 12-megapixel ultra- wide camera along with a LiDAR sensor. The front camera though is only 12 MP but the picture quality is great even at night. Not only that, it offers many extra features for some special effects and improved photography performance. Though it is definitely top of the class when concerned to pricing (Rs. 1.25 lakh+ for 256 GB model) but it offers amazing features.

  • It offers 5x optical zoom range;
  • LiDAR Scanner for improved AR experiences, Night mode portraits
  • 12MP True Depth front camera with Night mode, 4K Dolby Vision HDR recording
  • Industry-leading IP68 water resistance

The only downside is there is no scope for external memory card in iPhone so if you are fond of keeping all your photos at one place then you need to invest on an iPhone with good memory (like 256 GB) and simultaneously pay for extra memory on iCloud (That is where you can store all your photos as backup). The newer model of iPhone, iPhone 13 is also expected to unveil next week.

2. Vivo X60 Pro Plus

Pic source: Amazon

The 12 GB RAM makes it quite fast and the pixel shift ultra HD imaging technology makes the pictures clearer with accurate color reproduction and zoom clarity. They have Gimbal ultra-wide night mode which helps in achieving wide angled photos even in extremely dark environments. The pro sports mode helps in taking snapshots of fleeting moments like a sprinter running with clarity! The 60x hyper zoom enables taking pics from a great distance. Priced at around Rs. 69 K+, the features of the camera offered are amazing. Here are the details of the camera:

  •  Selfie Camera: 32 MP
  •  Quad Camera (50 MP + 48 MP + 32 MP + 8 MP)

3. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Pic source: Amazon

Offering one of the biggest display (6.8-inch) Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display with a 3200 X 1440 pixels’ resolution, they offer a mighty impressive quad camera set. This model is priced at Rs. 1 lakh+ but its battery life is also great and you can expand the memory to a whooping additional 512 GB! Also, this is a 5G compatible phone. The front camera is excellent for taking selfies since it is 40 MP. Here are the camera details:

  • Quad rear camera setup
  • Main Camera 108MP + Ultra-Wide 12MP Dual Pixel Camera
  • Tele1 3 X 10MP Dual Pixel Camera
  • Tele2 10 x 10MP Dual pixel camera
  • 40MP front facing camera

4. OnePlus Nord CE 5G

Pic source: Amazon

This one is quite affordably priced at around Rs. 25k. Offering a display size of 6.43 inch with AMOLED display, the model has triple cameras with the rear camera being 64 MP! It is also Alexa hands free compatible. The downside is that the processor is slow and the battery life is not that good as compared to other mobiles in similar range but with less camera quality. Here are the camera details:

  • Triple Rear Camera (64MP+8MP+2MP) with 1080p video at 30/60 fps
  • Front camera is 16 MP with 1080p video at 30/60 fps.

5. Xiaomi Mi 11 X Pro

Pic source: Amazon

This one is a reasonably affordable phone priced at around Rs 40K, it is a 5G compatible phone with a display of 6.67 inch. It claims to offer a triple camera with whooping 108MP. Here are the camera details:

  • Triple Rear Camera (108MP +8 MP + 5MP)
  • Front Camera – 20 MP

We hope you have a fantastic time capturing those beautiful moments or your love for nature or those cute selfies in your amazing smartphones!

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