Best K-Dramas That Will Make You Love Them Even More!

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What have you been watching if you haven't watched Korean Dramas yet? The mainstream movies or series that we watch are good but when it becomes monotonous and you want to watch something different, Korean dramas are the best option to enjoy. You would have at least one friend who drools over these shows and they can tell that these drama series are perfect for fangirling and pleasure. Trust us! They are a fan for a reason. The emotions in these dramas will make you cry, laugh, love and experience all those emotions that you want to experience in any show. Don't worry about the subtitles as it takes a lot less effort to read them (You will get used to them quickly). So, it doesn't matter if you are starting out or you already watch K-pop dramas, we have curated a list of the best shows that you can watch and enjoy. Have a happy reading!

1. Crash Landing on You

A Chaebol heiress goes for paragliding and the enjoyment turns to a tragedy when it goes off its direction in a storm. She ends up in a forest where she finds Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun Bi). He is a reserved captain of Korean People's Army in North Korea. They can get into danger if someone catches them and as they plan to get her home, they fall in love with each other despite of the tensions between their countries.

2. It's Okay To Not Be Okay

It is a super amazing story of a boy who lives with his brother who has autism. He moves to different cities and works as a caretaker in psychiatric wards at every place. Working the hospital, he meets a renowned writer who writes books for children. She has anti-social personality disorder but falls in love with Gang-tae as she finds that their pasts overlap. They come closer and their closeness began to heal their deep wounds. 

3. The Flower Of Evil 

This is a show that has a mix of romance, crime, drama and thrill. Just as the title sounds, there is a psychopath (Lee Joon Gi) who leaves his profession and starts a new life. He marries a detective, but after some series of murders, she realizes that her husband might be involved in the crime and not be as perfect as seems.

4. Hospital Playlist 

This K-pop drama had the highest rating in 2020 and people who watch it become bigger fans of the celebrities in the show. It has been compared with 'Grey's Anatomy' but is funnier than that show. It is about five doctors in a hospital who share a love for music. They go through emotional challenges and the story is about how they manage to stay together and cope with situations in their professional lives. This is a must-watch show.

5. Itaewon Class

Park Sae-ro-yi is a simple guy who believes in always taking his stand. When his father dies in an accident, he adopts some bad ways and ends up in jail. He decides to fulfill his dad's dreams and opens up a bar. He meets and works with Jo Yi-seo to make it a hit. He also finds a childhood crush, Oh Soo-ah, who works with his competitor. This is one of the best shows because it highlights many issues such as social class and power imbalance, racism and much more. Do watch it and enjoy the show.

6. Alice

If you are a person who loves watching human sci-fi drama and time travel, this is the best option to watch in K-pop series. This story is about a lady who resembles a dead woman and a man who has lost all his hope on emotions as he suffers from a disease that makes it difficult to recognize his own emotions. Of all the odds, he has a special power to manipulate time in grave situations. Do watch this show for a thrill!

7. The king: Eternal Monarch

Are you up for a romantic fantasy? If yes, go with watching The King: Eternal monarch. When Lee Gon, an emperor, wants to cross the barrier into an alternate reality, he finds out how the previous king is underground and making armies by travelling through two parallel worlds. You can watch this show on Netflix easily.

8. Dinner Date

Two strangers meet each other during dinner regularly at random places and decide to be dinner partners. They do not know each other's names or occupations. They meet to eat dinner. This is a show based on 'Would you like to have dinner together?'. Watch it to bring some romance in life. 

9. The world of the married

One of the highest-rated drama series that tells a story about a couple who betrays each other, is highly engrossing. This show has been criticized due to sexual and violent scenes, whereas received appreciation for screenplay and acting performances.

10. Nobody knows

If you are looking for an intriguing story, watch this show. The story shows a male lead that is haunted by his friend who was murdered years ago. He decides to find the murderer and starts to protect the youth, whose lives are at risk.

So, what are you waiting for! Watch these K-pop dramas as these will make you not only love them but get addicted to them. Happy watching!

PS: Comment below with your favourite K-drama. Let's see which is the most popular one!

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