Celebrate The New Year In Style: 10 Best Party Dresses And Looks Inspired By Celebrities

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Best party dresses and looks


Almost all of 2020 had us eating, sleeping, and working in our pyjamas. So the promise of a new year (and new beginnings) is all the excuse we needed to get excited about dressing up a little, even if that does end up with us lounging on the couch watching Christmas specials on Netflix all day. And since the year has been a bit of a bummer when it comes to special occasions (sad quarantine-birthday flashbacks, anyone?), we decided to kick things up a notch and look to celebrities for style inspirations. From super glam to comfy chic, we’ve got a range of looks you can choose from. Don’t forget to add a few touches of your own to really personalize the outfit and make this experience a lot more fun. Besides, the best party looks are the ones that reflect your personality. Here’s our roundup of fun new years eve party outfits and looks for the new year.

1.Emma Watson 


She has seen her fair share of red carpets and stunned onlookers in each of them, but it’s Emma’s classic, feminine, and elegant off-duty style that’s truly unforgettable. And she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to party looks either. For this particular outfit, Emma paired a boxy navy shirt with a bright, floral mini skirt for a pop of colour. She completed the look with navy pumps, a black clutch, and hoop earrings. This outfit is the perfect option for when you’d like to stand out without making a world of effort.  

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Boxy tee: 


Floral mini skirt:

Black clutch: 

Strappy pumps: 

2. Chrissy Teigan

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/243194448617993803/

It doesn’t take a fashion enthusiast to recognize that Chrissy’s outfits are always on point. And while she is known to flaunt creations by several popular designers, she has a pretty impeccable style formula herself. For this look, she paired a leg-lengthening, high-waisted pencil skirt with a sheer top layered over a deep-neck bralette. She rounded it off with simple two-strap stiletto heels and a black clutch. Here’s a new years eve outfit that you can bank on to make you look well put-together.

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Sheer top: 


Pencil Skirt: 

Black clutch: 

Two-strap heels: 


3. Martha Hunt 

Souce: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/164733298858901658/

She may be strutting down runways dressed in all things glam but when she’s off-duty, model Martha Hunt likes keeping things simple and chic. To some, that may translate to boring but Martha’s motto is to take classics and make them look effortlessly sexy. And she delivers that in spades. For this look, she paired a classic black slip dress with an oversized blazer, black clutch, and stiletto heels. She added a little pop of glitz to the look with a gold necklace. This outfit is all about being creative with wardrobe staples. 

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Slip dress: 


Stiletto heels: 



4. Janhvi Kapoor

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/375346950199223314/

When it comes to fashion, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone as versatile as Janhvi. Her off-duty style doesn’t adhere to a formula and can, at best, be described as nonchalant yet flawless. She could sport an understated casual look one day and go full-glam the next. But one thing that does tie all her outfits together is the fact that they’re always stylish. For this look, Janhvi went the little black dress route with sequins to glam things up a bit. As for the rest, she kept it simple with a sleek hairdo and strappy metallic heels. You can’t go wrong with this one. 

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Little Black Dress With Sequins: 

Strappy metallic stilettos: 

5. Gigi Hadid

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/46021227431197710/

If there’s one thing Gigi excels in, it’s dressing her curves. Emerging as the queen of street fashion, she’s always on top of the latest trends. And perhaps it’s this ability of hers to keep things fresh that makes her wardrobe oh-so-desirable. In this particular look, she took something as simple as a ruffled off-shoulder orange crop top and elevated it by pairing it with form-flattering straight cut jeans and strappy pumps. She also added a matching bag to compliment the outfit. This new year party outfit, should you choose to wear it, is sure to make everyone do a double-take. 

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Ruffled off-shoulder crop top: 

Straight cut jeans: 

Strappy pumps: 



6. Rihanna 

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/429530883194743583/

In a list full of fashion-forward celebrities, we’d be remiss not to feature Rihanna. The singer embraces every trend that the fashion industry throws at her and makes it her own. A certified risk-taker when she’s on a stage or heading to a restaurant, Rihanna pulls off outfit combinations that most people wouldn’t dream of pairing together. And she does this while maintaining a certain feminine charm and sensuality about her look with a just hint of grunge. In this look, she toned things down a bit with an oversized white button-down but kept to her signature move of ensuring the bottom half is slim and minimal by leaving her legs bare. She added a belt at the waist to enhance her curves and rounded off her look with a pair of strappy heels and a clutch. If you’re the kind of person to be throwing or heading to impromptu parties, then this one’s for you. We bet you can head over to your wardrobe and put together this look at any time. 

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Oversized button-down:



Strappy heels:


7. Tara Sutaria 

Souce: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/250794272985225381/

Tara Sutaria takes the expression “you are what you wear” quite seriously. A self-professed old- soul, her off-duty looks are timeless and her outfits spell poise and class just like her personality. That said, she doesn’t just stick to tried and tested classic styles. Instead, she keeps it interesting by adding a little millennial touch to all her outfits. A quick look at her styles and it’s hard to miss that she’s got a love for the colour white, just like in this particular outfit. Here she paired a sequined bralette with white wide-leg, high-waisted trousers and a white blazer. If you like the marriage of old-school style with trendy pieces, this one’s right up your alley. 

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Wide-leg trousers: 


Sequined bralette: 

Strappy heels: 

8. Nicola Peltz

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/298715387789266114/

Actress and model Nicola Peltz likes letting her mood inspire her outfit choices. Perhaps this is why she’s been snapped sporting a diverse range of outfits. However, even someone as versatile as Nicola can’t help but love a classic head-to-toe black outfit. In this outfit, she embraces her love for an all-black outfit with a bodycon mini dress and pumps. If you believe in the fashion mantra of less being more, this one’s a good choice for you. 

Get The Look:

Faux leather dress: 


9. Candace Swanepoel 

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/389561436494171529/

She’s strutted down the runway for the biggest names in the business but when it comes to fashion, it’s Candace Swanepoel’s off-duty style that’s got everyone sitting up and taking notes. The model effortlessly pairs different shades, prints, and cuts. And this outfit is no different. Candace paired floral metallic shorts with a classic white button-down and completed the outfit with strappy black heels and a clutch. If you can’t find a pair of metallic shorts, go with a metallic skirt or a faux leather skirt instead. Accessorize this outfit with your favourite pieces at home and you’ve got a super fun and chic look for the evening. 

Get The Look:

Faux leather skirt: 

Metallic mini skirt: 


Stiletto heels:


10. Shay Mitchell 

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/336925615875888056/

Shay Mitchell’s off-duty formula never fails her. In fact, the actress could pick the most stand-out of pieces and not be overdressed. A quick look at her outfits and the love for denim and a sleek pair of jeans is evident. Take this look for instance. Shay paired a black deep neck crop top with a pair of ripped dark wash jeans and black pumps. To add a pop of colour, she brought in a gold sequined handbag. If there’s a lot of dancing involved in your new year plans, this outfit is the perfect option for you. 

Get The Look:

Deep-neck top: 

Dark-wash ripped jeans: 

Black pumps: 


And there you have it! These flattering outfit  options aren’t just easy to put together. They’re also highly customizable. Not a fan of prints? Go for solid shades instead. Bored of all-black outfits? Brighten things up with bright-coloured footwear or handbags. And don’t forget to accessorize because the right kind can make even the most casual dinner party outfit look runway-worthy. And we’re sure you’d like to look nothing less than perfect as you bid what’s been one rollercoaster of a year farewell.  

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