Best White Sneakers Available in India

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By Likita Gowda

When it comes to footwear, if there’s one type of shoe that every woman should have in her wardrobe, then it has to be a pair of white sneakers. Not only are white sneakers uber cool but they are also a classic that one can’t go wrong with. White sneakers are so versatile that you can wear them with practically anything from a pair of trousers, dresses, shorts to even sarees. They have the power to complete your look without being over the top or taking away attention from the other elements of your outfit. Such is the simplicity and awesomeness of a pair of classic white sneakers. Needless to say, a pair of white sneakers can instantly make anyone and any outfit super chic. So, whether you are looking for a pair that’s affordable or are looking at a specific style from a brand that you love, our list has some amazing options of white sneakers that you can easily shop in India. 

Go, grab your cards and get ready for some sneaker shopping!

Nike Air Force 1



Looking for a pair that will never go out of style and will always look as cool and fresh as ever? Then look no further as the Nike Air Force 1 has you sorted. Expect to feel like you are walking on clouds while you are wearing these. Also, unlike other leather shoes, these need no breaking in and are super comfortable to wear right from the get go. And not to forget these can also help you look taller by an inch! While Air force 1s are available in different colour options, we are die-hard fans of the all white variant. 

You can buy it here.

Adidas Originals Stan Smith


Another streetwear icon, the Adidas Stan Smith is a shoe that’s a legend in its own right. A style that came into existence in the 1970s, the new Stan Smith has been updated and made to evolve with the times. The signature Stan smith shoe comes with a green patch on the heel with the Adidas Originals logo and a line drawing of Mr. Smith on the tongue. Now many variants are available with different detailing and colours on the heel and also special limited edition shoes. But what we love the most is that these shoes are being made with recycled materials, which in our opinion is the need of the hour.

You can buy it here.

Converse All Stars


The all time popular Converse All Stars are a pair of shoes that we had to feature in this article. These shoes are laid-back, comfortable and effortlessly cool. Whether you choose the high-top variant or go for the low-top one, rest assured that these shoes will look great with everything you wear and they will give you great company no matter where you go!

You can buy it here.

White Glitter Sneakers by Zara

Here’s a pick from the high street label Zara. These white sneakers come with a twist as they have a beautiful patch of glitter on the heel. And might we say the glitter elevates the way these shoes look without making them lose their classic appeal. How cool is that!

You can buy it here.

Platform sneakers by H&M



Looking for a white sneaker that can give you a boost of a little over an inch in height? Then go for these platform sneakers from the Swedish brand H&M. These beautiful sneakers are all white, minimal and very chic. Easy to wear and easy to style~

You can buy it here.

Kook N Keech White Sneakers

Here’s the most affordable white sneaker on our list. These white sneakers from the Indian brand Kook N Keech are a perfect option for college goers and others on a budget. They are comfortable, cool and above all super pocket friendly!

You can buy it here.

Do you have a favourite pair or style of white sneakers that you would like to recommend? Then do share your recommendations with us in the comments section below!

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