Best YouTube Channels On Parenting

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Best Parenting Channels

''Parenting can be Frustrating and utterly exhausting ''- Ava, a mother of three kids comments.

Every day you observe veggies left unfinished on the kitchen counter, watercolors splattered on your new sofa, one of your kids slapping his younger sibling and the other kid keeps using the F-Word. What should you do as a parent? What are the best practices in raising children? Does yelling at your children formulate you into emotionally abusive parents? 

Parenting is one of the most supreme, quintessential, and challenging jobs in the world. You have the responsibility to shape the lives of individuals who are now full of life, affectionate, and lively. For many adults, parenting produces unique experiences and fills their life with overwhelming happiness. If children are fun to be around, then where am I going wrong? How to transit from bad parenting to good parenting? Find your answers to diverse questions through these best YouTube channels which deliver insights on parenting, parenting skills, and unique parenting styles.

1. WhatsUpMoms

‘Parenting, Being a mom and 9-5 job don’t go hand in hand‘   is a defensive statement of every failed parent/emotionally unavailable parent.

WhatsUpMoms is a YouTube channel created exclusively by moms, for moms, to moms. Invaluable parenting tips shared by the channel works for everyone, even though WhatsUpMoms claims to be directed towards mothers alone. The channel uploads videos based on mom hacks, delicious family recipes, kids activities, labor & delivery stories, and whatnot.

 If you are looking for ideas to teach your kid -a proper mode of craft making without setting up a mess, if you are seeking ideas for a smooth ride to shopping malls without stopping for your baby’s tantrums, WhatsUpMoms has solutions for it. Learn what it means to be a parent through Whatsupmoms along with mom hacks that work.

2. How To Dad 

Your toddler does something like climbing up to the top bunk, spilling food on the floor, and painting walls bequeaths you with no option but to follow authoritative parenting or to become controlling parents. You burst out something you shouldn’t. You get mad; they get mad, all the yelling and all the drama leaves utterly frustrated.

Here’s a Dad from New Zealand who makes hilarious clips about being a Dad and also about New Zealand. Anyone who watches how to be a dad will fall in love with the concept of raising children without crushing brain cells. His videos about how to talk to a baby, how to carwash with a baby, how to get a toddler to eat vegetables etc are amusing to watch but at the same time establishes how parenting from the inside out can change your life.

3. Dad, how do I? 

life is beautiful but to live balanced and meaningful life guidance is required.No matter how much you deny it, everyone needs a role model to look at in difficult situations. If you are a single dad /mom or a student out of college, or someone who always had a missing father figure in your life, watch  Dad, how do I? and solve simple problems in life.

Rob Kenny is a dad, who just adopted everybody on the internet. He who has raised 2 adults provides beneficial information about the tasks that everyone should know how to do. There are some things real fathers could teach us. For instance, How to tie a tie, fix running toilets, change a tire, iron a dress shirt or get a real Christmas tree. If you never had a father figure and yet want to teach your children which you missed while growing up, then Dad, how do I? is your savior.

4. Monica Gupta 

Understanding your children can be tiresome but it’s not only your work but also a responsibility. Children’s emotions, activities, feelings, actions, and reactions can be difficult to manage. If you find yourself in such difficult positions then Monica Gupta will help you out by giving out practical parenting tips. 

Monica Gupta is a motivational speaker who has been producing TV Programs for Kids & Teens and documentaries on social predicaments and Rural Development for over a decade now. Despite having an influential career, she started a youtube channel to impart her knowledge regarding personal development, self-improvement, husband-wife Relationship, Family Relationships, Parenting Tips, Tips for Women, Healthy Lifestyles & various aspects of life.

5. Mama Natural 

When it comes to your children, you are aiming higher than mere survival. You want your children to thrive. You want them to enjoy every essence of life, relationships and hard work but pregnancy, birth, and beyond can be overwhelming. As soon as the baby comes out the need for parenting tips commences. Questions about the baby’s development activities haunt new parents. Be it single dad, foster mom, biological or adoptive parents, the baby’s first year is challenging for every new parent. Mama natural will help you in this realm. This YouTube channel will also assist you with parenting tips, natural remedies for various pregnancies, and much more.

6. The Parenting Junkie 

Avital, who was postpartum, working full time with a newborn toddler, preschooler, survived with no help in this world. Overwhelming stress didn’t make parenting any easier for her. With all the hope and fear, gladly she managed to be a good parent by applying positive parenting tips. You don’t want to miss out on videos created by a mom of 5 kids, who discovered the solution to unconditional parenting under crisis which will help you to alleviate stress and do a great job on parenting. 

If you are a parent with more than 2 kids and are struggling with the management of a children’s toy collection and playroom designs, the Parenting Junkie YouTube channel will help you out with that too. The Parenting Junkie teaches you not only how to simplify your child’s toy collection but also creates play invitations for Kids which helps every parent out there to start enjoying parenting with little kids at home.

7. Smart Parenting 

You might align yourself against some sort of perfect parents who never strive to survive and who consume every waking second assisting their children to thrive. If you are one of them, watch smart parenting. Smart Parenting- YouTube channel is focused upon Filipino parents on raising radiant and healthy kids. On this channel, various parents share parenting tips that will not only help Filipino parents but also every parent who is willing to recognize parenting mistakes as well as learn new parenting styles.

Parents from diverse environments/qualifications share their points of view which creates a sense of normality concerning parenting. The videos such as first mom-and-daughter outdoor experience, opinions of a young couple as parents with their glamorous showbiz persona, daughter’s 1st day at school, shattered dreams of a mom who had given up on her dream to be a parent, a mom whose inverted uterus impacts on her pregnancy, etc showcase down-to-earth experiences which every parent goes through. Watching these videos assures you that parenting isn’t an easy ride, but is certainly a beautiful one.

8. Momspresso 

Your neighbor's daughter is 8 months old who has already mastered the skill of crawling. Your nephew is 7 months and crawls every day up the stairs. Your son is 10 months old and doesn't crawl at all and that thing makes you anxious. Is this normal? Do I need to ask anybody or search online just to know trivial stuff rather than getting an appropriate answer? 

You shouldn't. Momspresso is India’s most extensive platform which gives your appropriate answers to every question a mother can think of. This youtube channel is focused upon moms where the channel tries to inspire a woman in every mom, every day, in every way. On Momspresso's YouTube channel, you will come across videos on motherhood and a woman’s life, including pregnancy, child care, health, nutrition, well-being and fitness, beauty and style, career planning, financial awareness, and the list won't stop there. Next time, you have any questions, you know where to go. 

9. High Energy Parenting 

A healthy lifestyle is easier when embraced at a very young age. Children tend to stick to the right habits they acquire in their childhood. Conscious parenting, vegan recipes, family fun, healthy lifestyle, sound good to plan but hard to follow. You can learn practical ways through a young dad who has met Olympic athletes, Ironman triathletes, and other top performers.

Why do you want to invest hundreds of hours in study and research to create a healthy lifestyle for your child when there is someone who has already done that for you. High energy parenting youtube channel has lots of videos in that regard.

10. Divya Sujan 

Reading books can be tiresome to those who aren't readers. If you are one of those and never had time to read the bestselling books about parenting then watch Divya Sujan’s youtube videos to resolve your brain-wrecking questions about whether to follow authoritative parenting or uninvolved parenting to build a fully developed personality in your child.

Besides that, various queries about alleviating sibling rivalry, influencing your toddler’s behavior, growing a lively relationship with your child, handling kids, guidance for new parents, etc are all resolved by Divya Sujan on her youtube channel. Trust me, you watch your kids pulling each other’s hair next time and you will know what to do.

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