Bhasha Mukherjee - Miss England 2019 Gives Up her Crown, Resumes Work As a Doctor

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A selfless woman who has returned to medical care to cure coronavirus patients. Her crown hangs in the air as she is among the doctors working tirelessly to save the world from a pandemic. 

Bhasha Mukherjee took a career break as a junior doctor to compete in the Miss World pageant, in which she represented England. She has returned to the UK to resume her medical work as the country's cases of coronavirus continue to rise. The contestant, who was crowned Miss England in 2019, will return to the UK to continue her medical work. 

Miss Mukherjee was struck by the coronavirus pandemic during a humanitarian trip to India. She told CNN that she was in India as part of a some social work for which she is an ambassador when she began sending messages to workers on the front lines who were in trouble because of the health crisis. As the coronavirus situation at home in the UK worsened, she received a message from her colleagues at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, England, telling her how difficult the situation was.

Mukherjee arrived in India in March as the coronavirus situation in the UK began to worsen. "I felt that wearing the Miss England crown was wrong at a time when my colleagues were at the forefront of the fight against coronaviruses. We kept them informed of the situation and how it was progressing, "she said. 


Mukherjee contacted the hospital's management to tell them she wanted to return to work, immediately. 

"Even in humanitarian work it felt wrong for me to wear the crown of Miss England while people around the world were dying of coronavirus and my colleagues were working so hard" said Bhasha.

After an adviced period of self-isolation, she is now ready to help her colleagues in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 as an emergency doctor at the Royal London Hospital in London. 

Personifying selflessness, Bhasha Mukherjee proves that fame does not stand a chance against her duty to the nation. 

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