Birth Control: Everything you need to know

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Birth Control

Who says you can’t have a satisfying love life without kids? There is no doubt in saying children are a beautiful source of happiness for everyone, yet sometimes there is a lot more than emotion and love needed to have kids. Most importantly, you need to have a plan, which of course many people disagree with.

No, wait!

If you’ve been surrounded by people saying you shouldn’t have birth control, then they’re the ones needing treatment. Are you one of the people who need effective birth controls to have a sexually active life with your partner, then you have come to the right place.

There are many types of birth control methods available, however, it may be confusing to figure out which one may be the best for you. Fret not as we’re here to help you. To keep yourself in perfect health as well as pleasure, we have listed out the best birth control methods in India.

A Kick Start Advice for a Better Family

In order to get towards the birth control methods in India, we first need to get you towards understanding the concept behind family planning. Family planning doesn’t always mean you don’t need kids or are ungrateful about having them. It generally interprets how ready you are for having a family with a child or are you prepared enough mentally, or physically to have a child? 

We all know that a family doesn’t only involve giving birth to a baby, yet it also consists of a pile of responsibilities towards your child. You need to be well-prepared for the changes you will experience in your life as compared to the life of only two people. 

Even if it isn’t your firstborn you’re expecting, you need to be mentally satisfied and ready for the former ones as well. Many factors are to be thought of while having another child, mainly incorporating financial resources, the upbringing of more than one child simultaneously, and management of your life cycle. Don’t let yourself decide what you want by being fascinated by the surrounding families you see, as they may be pulling out each other’s hair when you’re not around. You can never judge a couple if they're happy or not by having a single glance at them laughing in the park.  

Birth Control Methods and Effectiveness

For those of you unaware of what birth control is; it is any method to prevent pregnancy or lower its chances for couples who aren’t yet ready for a baby. We understand that there may be many methods to avoid it yourself however we should always be one step ahead, no? Why not have a precautionary measure if it is available?

Many couples, mostly women confuse birth control for being permanent. Yes, there are permanent birth control methods in the market as well, however, it isn’t always necessary for birth control to be always permanent. There are hundreds of temporary birth controls available as well for you to wait only until you’re prepared. 

To trust a birth control method, you need to know everything about the birth control method and how they work.  The effectiveness of birth control is the main factor to be considered while trying one. You always need to prefer birth control methods in India which have the least or no side effects at all. Doctors usually recommend a least-harmful birth control method themselves if you ask them to, but some of you might be the doctors of yourself, huh? 

If that’s the case, we have a list of the best birth control methods for you guys.

Best Birth Control Methods for Women

The most effective birth control method for women may be contraceptives. They are known to be the least harmful and the most effective for years. Doctors never go against contraceptives for any early bride or woman, until and unless she has other hormonal disorders connected. 

Contraceptives are known to be of two types, oral as well as intravenous aka an injection. Oral contraceptives are very effective as they have 2 hormones embedded within them, estrogen and progesterone. They are to be taken on a recurring cycle in order to be more effective. The best way is to start taking the oral contraceptives on the first or second day of your cycle. 

Moving on to the injectable, Depo Provera is the best injectable contraceptive preferred by most doctors. If you are confused about this birth control method and how they work, don’t hesitate. Let us tell you how? 

Depo Provera has the hormone Progestin incorporated into it, and it is to be injected every three months. It is an excellent method to lower your pregnancy chances as it suppresses your ovulation and resists your ovaries from producing eggs. Moreover, we all know how good progestin is at its work, huh? Well, progestin is an expert to thicken your cervical mucus, which in turn, prevents the sperm from reaching your egg. In short, 

Moving on to reversible birth controls, IUD is a very effective procedure. It generally refers to the addition of a tiny device into the uterus of a woman to prevent any chances of pregnancy. The device is wrapped up in copper and it won’t disturb you while having sex at all. IUDs, whether copper or hormonal, replace the sperm cells to resist them from reaching the egg which is the least harmful process you can have. 

Furthermore, moving to easy solutions, you may also get convenient birth control by using a Hormonal patch. It is a very safe remedy to patch up to your skin, which releases two hormones; estrogen and progesterone to not let the pregnancy happen. Hormonal patches can bring you a huge deal of help if you’re running away from getting pregnant right now. 

Barrier Birth Control Methods for Couples

It isn’t always necessary for a woman or man to ingest something or undergo any procedure to control getting pregnant. For a couple to avoid getting into such situations, the best method is to use a Condom. 

For those of you again being unaware of what a Condom is, we got your back. It is a wrap of latex to be worn by the men. It helps stop the sperm from entering inside the women, which obviously is super effective. Usually, condoms have a rate of authenticity of about 98% which is pretty much a lot but still go for the ones you always find effective. 

Moreover, female condoms are also available worldwide to have safe sex without any doubt. Another good thing about female condoms is that you won’t have to remove it after the process rapidly instead, you may feel the moment until you want to. 

Best Birth Control Methods for Men

You might be surprised how a man can also control birth, but it isn’t surprising at all. If a man has an equal role in having fun and pleasure, then why can’t he cooperate with controlling the birth of his babies, right? 

Talking of contraceptives, there are birth control pills available for men in the market too. The intake of the pills on a cyclic basis is also effective for men to not let the sperm travel inside the spouse. 

Moreover, the most convenient birth control method for men will definitely be the withdrawal that only he himself can take care of. Pulling himself out at the exact time when the sperm might go inside is the easiest procedure to control birth when you don’t want to take any risks having pills or any medical treatment. 

A sexaholic individual who wants to have safe sex yet being unsure of the withdrawal needs permanent birth control. In this case, you may get a vasectomy done, which basically is a surgical procedure that seals your vasa deferentia to prevent the sperm from being released to the urethra. This is a permanent solution to know the fertilization won’t occur after safe sex. 

In conclusion, there may also be shots, gels and many other such measures for men as well to have proper birth control. In the case of men, it is equally important for them to realize they can’t risk their health. Always try coping up with the least risky or harmful birth control methods in India to avoid any unhealthy effects in the longer term.

Here’s the final deal for birth control methods and effectiveness

Although there are a majority of women in India using birth control methods, there is also a major portion who don't know about such strategies. They end up having a large disturbed family and major financial crisis only because they think there is no way of getting a family planned. Isn’t it sad right?

If you were one of the above unaware of the fact that you can now have an ideal family as you plan. You only need to know where to go and who to consult. And if you aren’t consulting anyone, then we hope we would’ve helped you a great deal. 

As we mentioned above, we need to spread awareness that the woman alone shouldn't be stressed about birth control and both the man and the woman in the relationship should take equal responsibility to have a healthy and happy sex life. 

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