Celebrity Secrets to Being Fit

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Usually, when it comes to fitness, there is only 1 mantra that comes to the mind "I'll start from tomorrow!" Sadly that day never comes, so how to motivate yourself to get out of the couch, especially in a pandemic? How to do the right things when working out? Follow celebrities, that's right! There is no denying the love people have for celebs. They can pretend that they don't go through the tabloids and social media to spy on their looks and styles, but everyone knows the truth. Celebrity fitness is a trend now. They have to look perfect on-screen and off-screen. From airport looks to gym looks, they have to look their best. And couch potatoes like us are always looking for their secrets of being fit and fabulous. They might have trainers and a perfect workout regime, but staying in this business you are bound to pick up some rituals that are worth hanging on to. Here you can find all the celebrity secrets to being fit.


  1. Halle berry

The 53 year old actress's Instagram feed is all about fitness. She looks totally ripped in her Instagram posts. Being the founder of a wellness brand 'Re.spin', she is constantly sharing new workout routines and partnering with fitness apps. This Oscar-winner actress gives her everything while working out and does most of the stunts for her movies. She loves to include boxing and mixed martial arts in her workout routine. Practicing visualization about the body she wants is also a part of her workout regime.


  1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth's Goop is a well-known wellness brand. She has always been vocal about her diet and fitness routine on social media. Although she follows the Tracy Anderson method for her fitness, she also focuses on her diet a lot. She tries to eat clean as much as possible and detoxes once in a while. Drinking alkaline water to balance her body pH level and daily workout is a must for her.


  1. Jennifer Lopez

Her on-stage performance is filled with a lot of incredible choreographies. Her workout routine leading up to her performance is intense. Even with this intense workout routine and healthy diet, she emphasizes on drinking plenty of water, especially before a workout. Hydration and enough rest can work wonders for the body. It will push you to work harder while working out.


  1. Lady Gaga

Her performance always looks effortless and she has a lot of energy on stage. But performing on stage for hours takes a lot of stamina, so you have to stay fit no matter what. Lady Gaga mainly focuses on strength training while working out. Her go-to exercise is bicycle crunches to tone her abs and she also loves to mix up her routine with yoga. 


  1. Serena Williams

She is one of the most celebrated tennis players of all time. Being a mom and a great athlete has never stopped her from achieving any of her goals. She has shared a lot of fitness tips over the years. One of the secrets is that she loves to mix up her workout. Be it running, swimming, or a little boxing with Mike Tyson, she loves to change her routine constantly.


  1. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe's body transformation was seen throughout her reality show 'Keeping up with Kardashians.' She has always been open about the struggles she had with her body. Khloe's Instagram feed is filled with her new transformation photos. Her workouts are intense and hard. On a podcast with Jay Shetty, she revealed that her workout was more for her mental health than for weight loss. Her one piece of advice to whoever is trying to get results is to keep small realistic goals. And celebrate when you achieve them.


  1. Kate Hudson

When you own an activewear company like Fabletics, you have to do the work when it comes to fitness. The secret to Kate Hudson's fitness is that she adds variety to her workout routine. From yoga to pilates, pole dancing to hiking, she keeps her workouts interesting. And her love for dancing can be seen on her Instagram feed. She believes in keeping a healthy plan that means no stressing about food or working out like crazy.


  1. Victoria Beckham

This singer turned fashion designer keeps her workout routine a daily part of her life. Workout helps her with the hectic lifestyle of being a businesswoman and a mom of four. She makes sure that she takes time to work out every day. She spends two hours every morning working out, and discipline in her workout is a must for her.


  1. Gigi Hadid

This supermodel has always been athletic. From volleyball to horseback riding, Gigi has competed in a lot of competitions in her childhood. She has always prioritized fitness in her life and calls herself a fitness addict. Her workout routine mostly consists of boxing and strength training. Even though she is not strict with her diet, she likes to keep a balanced healthy diet as much as possible.


  1. Jennifer Aniston

This F.R.I.E.N.D.S. actor never seems to age. At 52, she looks fabulously fit. A lot of people are wondering about how she is maintaining her physique and what's her secret? Jennifer says she is a yoga fanatic. She loves how it helps in making her physically and mentally strong. This holistic fitness workout helps with posture and helps in sculpting a toned body.


  1. Rebel Wilson

Rebel's transformation picture shook the whole world. She shared a lot of snaps of her workout and transformation with her fans on Instagram. At the start of 2020, she set a goal for herself. To get there, she focused on circuit training and since has fallen in love with this workout. From flipping heavy tires to biking, this workout regime has helped her in losing weight.


  1. Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell tries to find a way to work out anywhere and carrying any lightweight portable equipment helps her with this. And if she wants to lift weights and doesn't have any with her, then she just finds things or objects that are heavy to subsitute for them. She also believes that doing anything physical can bring a positive impact, be it a walk or a dance. Along with keeping her fit, it also helps in keeping her mind focused.

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