Change The World By Being Yourself

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                                       By Vaishnavi Srivastava

You are not small. 

You are not unworthy. 

You are not insignificant. 


The universe wove you from a constellation, 

just so atom, every fibre in you comes from

a different star. 


Together, you are bound by stardust, altogether

spectacularly created by the energy of the

universe itself. 


And that, my darling, 

is the poetry of physics, 

the poetry of you. 


Nikita Gill 


We are all created differently, with different qualities, different features, and different traits. It can be difficult for you to accept yourself just the way you are but trust me, it is not at all difficult. 

Loving your own self and being comfortable in your own skin may sound philosophical but it is my friend, the most practical quality you need to live happily in this world. 

That being said, self-love or self-worth doesn’t come in a day or two, it is a process, a beautiful journey where you will learn, fall and rise daily. As early as you will make peace with yourself, the entire world around you will accept you for the way you are. 

Also, there are a few baby steps that you can take in order to love yourself a little more every day, here you go- 

  • Take charge of your thoughts

No matter what, don’t let your mind dwell on thoughts that depreciate your value in your own eyes. Take control of the negative thoughts and shrug them off like a boss!

  • Don’t seek validation:

Another major thing that pushes you towards being insecure about yourself is relying upon validations from others. Know that you’re awesome, and you need no one to tell you that!

  • Increase self-awareness:

The more you’ll understand yourself, your body, and your mind, the more you will value them. The very first step towards self-love is self-awareness!

  • Accept your flaws 

No one in this world is perfect, we all have our own sets of flaws and qualities. Accept yours and move on to better yourself in every way you can!

  • Self-love is the key

Instead of being sad about how you look, how you walk, or what opinions others have for you, start appreciating the things that make you special. Stop being harsh on yourself, that’s when you will start being comfortable with yourself!

These are a few ways that will help you in climbing the stairs of self-worth and will definitely help you in not only being comfortable but happy in your own skin! 

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