Comfortable Outfit Ideas For Work From Home

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                                                 By Vaishnavi Srivastava

Since the pandemic has hit us and we all have been locked up in our houses, we have started to live in our PJs and loungewear. But what do we do when we have to attend virtual work meetings? Do we sit in a crisp button shirt with a skin-fit trouser and make ourselves extremely uncomfortable in the name of work? Absolutely NOT! 

This is why it is important to have a handful of comfy clothes that do not make you look sleepy-head even if you binge-watched Netflix till 4 AM. Apart from a mug of coffee and something to munch on an entire day, you need to get your hands on a few clothes that are work-appropriate and are also super comfortable. 

We are here to help you with 10 outfit ideas or pieces that will be your saviour in this entire scenario. So, without waiting any further, let’s go and explore the comfiest options that will make you look put together and effortless at the same time. 

10 pieces to get your hands on ASAP-

1. Breezy Top

Have a meeting and do not want to dress up in your pantsuit? No worries at all. Get your hands on this cute white top with puffy sleeves that will make you look super stylish and formal. It’s a lightweight and light-colored top available in three different colours. You can wear this the entire day and lounge around your house without feeling uncomfortable at all. 

2. Wide-legged Jeans

Want to level up your work-from-home outfit? Pair a basic cotton top with these wide-legged jeans and you are sorted! These relaxed-fit jeans will not make you uncomfortable even if you sit with your laptop the entire day. These are super breezy and are perfect for a basic yet chic look. 

3. Comfortable Jumpsuit 

Another amazing piece to get your hands on is a jumpsuit that exudes professional vibes and is extremely comfortable at the same time. You can wear this chill outfit throughout the day and keep up the girl-next-door vibe alive. 

4. Linen Pants

Looking for something breathable and comfortable to pair your simple top with? These linen pants are the best option to go with! It’s better to get your hands on the bottoms that are a bit loose and do not hug your body tightly and what else could be better than cozy linen pants when you want to wear something that provides you with utmost comfort. 

5. T-shirt Dress

Probably the coolest and the most comfortable outfit to wear all day for working at home along with running all errands is a t-shirt dress. This t-shirt dress is a perfect combination of a bit of formal and casual. You can definitely consider getting your hands on this if you love comfortable and casual dresses. 

6. Cozy Hoodies

We girls love sliding into oversized hoodies, don’t we? Making the best out of this comfortable outfit for our work-from-home look, pair it with your favourite pj’s and you’re sorted to attend those weekend meetings! 

7. Kurti Set

Want to look a bit decked up for a change? The easiest way to revamp your style and bring in a surprise element in your look is to get yourself into comfortable kurta and palazzo pants. This kurti set is a perfect example of comfort and style. It’s made up of pure cotton that is again a very comfortable fabric that will not at all irritate your skin. 

8. Basic T-shirt 

Keeping things minimalistic is the new trend. This basic t-shirt is a perfect upper to go with some comfortable joggers and there you go! You have your super comfortable work-from-home outfit ready with the least amount of effort. It’s perfect for a lazy day when you just want to be super comfortable while working.

9. Paper Bag Trouser

Another extremely comfortable yet chic option that made its place in the list are these classy paper bag trousers that are super in these days! These are not just comfortable but also very breathable and fashionable. Pair it with a basic cotton tee or a top and you’re good to go! It can be used as casual or formal wear as per your needs. This makes it a very versatile option. 

10. Cotton Shrug

Have a presentation and don’t know what to wear? Go for a comfortable cotton shrug that looks very stylish and professional and is equally comfortable as well. Shrugs are one of the best pieces that can add a lot of structure to your outfit and can make you look put together. 

Here we end our list of the 10 outfit pieces that will sail your boat smoothly throughout the work-from-home period. Get your hands on these pieces and you’ll not have to worry about choosing an appropriate outfit for your virtual work meetings and presentations. 

Let us know which of these are your favorites and have helped you the most in acing your work-from-home look!

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