Common cyber scams targeted at teenagers

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Common cyber scams targeted at teenagers

These days teens might be tech-savvy but often they fall victim to cyber scams. Because they lack the knowledge of real-world. Because of their easily trust nature and overconfidence lure them in such scams. They think they know everything but the world wide web is a scary place. Because teens these days spend most of their time on their phones. It becomes very easy for scammers to prey on teenagers.

If you are reading this article then I have listed a few common cyber scams for you. So that you keep these in mind and don’t fall victim to any of them.

  • Inexpensive luxury products- Whenever you are browsing through your phones, you always come across such ads where you will be offered a very good deal on iPhones or your favorite clothes brand. You also might find the handbag and shoes you have been trying to get your hands on. Teenagers often get swept away when they see that they can get their dream products for such cheap prices.
    You should know that these are just scams and no such stores exist in the real world. Scammers are just trying to con of your money. Some of you go ahead along with the adds and when your money is gone then you find out that your product is nowhere to be found because it never existed. Most of the time teens are ashamed of themselves that they don’t even report it to their parents or authorities. So mostly such scams get unreported.
  • Fake scholarships and grants- Many teens often look for financial aid for their college and that is when they fall victim to such scams. But you should know that these offers are just to steal your identity and sell it to other platforms. You should always apply for scholarships through government websites. And never give your personal information like credit card number. Always try to visit the office of such companies. so you will have an idea about if they really exist.
  • Sexting scams- This is the most common scam these days. Because you meet a lot of people online and suppose you start talking to someone. Suppose you send a nude picture to that particular person and there will be complete silence for some time. You will start getting desperate and then a message will pop from the other end that you are talking to my underage son or daughter. It is illegal and I am reporting you.
    Most of the teens get freaked out and starts begging that please don’t tell anyone and that is when the money question pops in. So out of fear, they pay that person some money. But in reality, there is no underage kid on the other end. You just fell victim to a cruel scam. So always be careful of whom you are talking to. And never exchanged nudes until you have confirmed the identity of another person.
  • The Instascam- These days millions of teens are obsessed with Instagram. You will often come across get rich quick links. Sometimes these scammers come into your DMs also. Or if you are on any celebrity Instagram profile, you will always find such comments. When you follow those links you will be promised to make double money in hours and when you provide your debit or credit card information. You will know that you have been scammed already. So always be careful of such scammers.
  • Part-time works- Teenagers always try to make a few bucks on the side so that they can get their favorite sneakers. And this is how they fall into part-time job scams. You might have also received such an email or ad on your social media that I work from home and I make thousands of rupees per week by just working a few hours. But when you proceed then you will find out that they will ask some basic payment from you first. And once you will pay them. They will be nowhere to be found. So never try to make money through such shortcuts.

I hope these references will help you in the future so you will not fall victim to such scams. I would also request the parents to have a regular talks with their teens on such topics. If you ever feel that something is fishy then always consult an adult in your family.

Have you ever encountered such scams then feel free to share with us.

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