Our Favourite eye makeup looks of Corallista.

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Eye Makeup Looks of Corallista

The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist.      - Jennifer Salaiz

We all agree that a woman’s eyes can speak a thousand words. So why not adorn our eyes with the perfect make-up and colorful eyeshadows this winter. A quick scroll through your social media feeds will show that colorful eye makeup looks are on-trend. And to help you keep up with the trending eye makeup looks we are here to talk about the stunning eye makeup looks of Ankita Chaturvedi.

Ankita Chaturvedi is a well-known beauty and lifestyle blogger. This beautiful engineer from IIT Bombay is well known for her Youtube Channel called ‘ Corallista’ which has over 718k subscribers.  She creates videos on beauty, style and travel.

Let us take a look at some of her stunning eye makeup looks, you can take inspiration from.

1. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup:

Have you ever thought about wearing a new shade other than the standard black for a dramatic smokey eye? If not then this eyeshadow look is a must. Purple is a dark colour that goes well for western and ethnic costumes. Ankita looks gorgeous in this purple eye makeup with a hint of black eye shadow. Her lashes appear voluminous and add to her beauty.

2. Golden eyes and cherry lips:

Golden and red are the most common colours of the Christmas season. You need to start with a primer to create this dazzling eye makeup look. This ensures that the eyeshadow is not messed up. The glitter spreads quickly all over the place, so make sure you put a piece of paper under your eye so that you can blow up any spills. Spread the golden shimmer properly on your eyes in the right shape. Finish this look with a bold red lipstick or a cherry red shade as donned by Ankita.

3. Party Ready Eye Look:

This night eye makeup look is pretty bold and edgy. You should also experiment with colours, depending on the color of your attire  The trick here is to add glitter to the top of your eyeshadow and illuminate your waterline with a lighter brown shade. Go for a nude or lighter shade lipstick while you're sporting dark eye makeup. Add a dash of mascara & you’re all set to rock the party!.

4. Pretty in Pink :

This pretty pink eye makeup is perfect for casual outings, whether it's a date or a brunch with friends.  It looks great when paired with skirts and boho tops. You should also wear false lashes to embellish this pink eye makeup look. Lashes are really important for this style, in order to add some zing to the pastel shades of pink.

5. Bronze Smokey Eye:

 The black smokey eye is very common. So, consider trying the bronze smokey eye to stand out from the crowd. Take the right brown shade and add it very carefully. Make sure you don't mess it up when you're applying brown shade on your eye. Apply bronze glitter to your eyelids after you have finished adding the brown shade. This is going to give you an excellent look. It looks pretty, shiny, festive, and unique. Go for a nude or red lipstick to complete the look.

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