Face Shaving Process, Do's, Don'ts & Myths!

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Face Shaving Process, Do's, Don'ts & Myths (1).png

How often have you been told that shaving your face will lead to denser growth and thicker hair? A thousand times, right? 

But what if we tell you, it's NOT true! 

Yes, you heard it right. 

Face shaving is a method to get rid of all the peach fuzz on your face and to scrape off all the dead skin that's causing your pores to clog resulting in acne and sebum build-up. 

There are tons of myths revolving around face shaving but you know what, we have busted all of them out for you guys! 

Watch the video below to know everything about the process, do's & don'ts, and the myths surrounding face shaving. 

And do not hesitate to pick up that razer and unravel the beautiful skin underneath:)


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