Fashion Tweaks That Will Transform You From Drab To Fab

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                                              By Vaishnavi Srivastava

Who said you can only look good by slapping on a full face of heavy makeup, putting on all the jewellery in your vanity or dressing up in your finest clothes on just a normal day? Going from drab to fab doesn’t require any of these. All you need are just some small changes and tweaks here and there and you will be good to go! 

We will talk about a few must-haves that will help you in completely changing your look from drab to fab in just a few moments with the least effort! 

Fashion freak or not, these tricks and tips will help you a long way. 

  • Accessorize

There’s no fashion expert who hasn’t stressed much upon the importance and significance of accessorizing well! Yes! You read it again. 

Jazzing up your plain or simple outfit with just a few dainty pieces of jewellery will completely change your look and will make you look more put together and stylish. Choose the right accessories for the right occasion and remember to not go overboard with the same as well! 

  • Style Your Hair 

It may sound very insignificant, but yes, hairstyles do play a major role in amping up your look. Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing just a plain tee with your favourite pair of tracks, if you have styled your hair nicely in a neat ponytail or a bun, girls, you will rock the show with that look! Having frizzy or unkempt hair is a big NO-NO. 

  • Fits Over Misfits

Wearing baggy or oversized dresses is all cool and comfy, but you can never match the elegance of wearing a well-fitted dress. If you want to look fab and make a statement, choose fits over misfits and see how you ace the look! 

Ill-fitted clothes are not only unpleasant to look at but will also make you look super shabby. 

  • Wear Clean & Ironed Clothes

Imagine someone’s walking up to you wearing a shirt full of stains and wrinkles all over, what will you think of them? We all know the answer. 

This is why it is always advisable to ensure that your clothes are squeaky clean and have no stains whenever you wear them. If you want to look fab in just simple clothes then this can be your holy grail! 

  • Confidence Speaks Volumes

Last but not the least, no matter whatever you are wearing, the one thing that can always make you look your best and all things fab is your confidence! If you are confident enough and know how to present yourself in front of others, then nothing can ever make you look drab. 

These were the 5 style/fashion tweaks that you can follow and can change your look from drab to fab within seconds! 

Let us know which one of these do you swear by and do drop in your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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