How to find your life partner through numerology!

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Still waiting for Cupid to strike you with his arrow dipped in love potion?

But what if you are looking for love in the wrong place or worse with the wrong person.Let’s face it we all have different personalities and likes, so if you are a person who always likes to be organized and consider that life is all about discipline, you would find it difficult to adjust with someone who is a last-minute planner. Although that could work for flings, but it would definitely be a disaster if you are considering a long-term relationship.

Love definitely gives a feeling of warm fuzziness but what happens when the effect of Cupid’s love potion wears off and you face the reality.Hence, it is very important to understand your personality and other types of personalities that complement you to ensure a long-lasting relationship.

So read along as we help you find someone who has great chemistry with you and we will do this with the help of some Mathematics. Yes, you heard it right.

For this first, we need your date of birth. So let’s say you are born on 1/01/1991 (1st January 1991) all you have to do is add up all the numbers, 1+0+1+1+9+9+1=22, now add up the individual numbers in the two-digit number to reduce it into one digit, 2+2=4. Now 4 is your Life path number. In simple words, add the MONTH+DAY+YEAR and reduce the sum into a one-digit number.

A Life path number is a guide to understanding the purpose of your life, natural tendencies and abilities, and the challenges you will encounter as you strive to learn the lessons you are meant to learn.

Let's delve into the world of life path numbers one by one -

Life Path 1: 

You are self-motivated, independent, and are a diligent worker & a natural leader.

You want to lead your own life on your own terms, and therefore can take care of yourself completely, stand on your own two feet and get what you want. So, why do you behave as if your success and happiness rely on others so often? This is a crucial matter to consider.

Others may think of you as self-centered or insensitive. They could despise the optimistic energy of yours, always hoping that they themselves had more of it. Self-centeredness is inevitable in your case. You have to learn to respect who you are and to recognize that any resistance is expected from others. 

When self-centeredness becomes self-awareness and then self-acceptance, and you become more relaxed in leading and/or pioneering your position, others would be less inclined to react to you.

You seem to be pushy, protective, aggressive, and frustrated when you aren't feeling confident. Those feelings are your preferred tools when you deal with feelings of indignity. 

As a 1 Life Path, having full faith in the skills you've acquired and perfected would act as a kind of "comfort net" for you when you feel vulnerable or when your self-confidence is under threat.

Most compatible Life paths : 3 & 5

Good friends Life paths: 2 & 7

Least compatible Life paths: 1 & 8

Life Path 2:

People with life path number 2 are not warriors, but lovers.

You are a seeker of peace, and you loathe strife terribly. You're happier when you're supporting others, your colleagues, your community or when you're excelling in a profession that is service-oriented. It is always beneficial for you to work in a group atmosphere to achieve results.

You are the individual of details, the one who everyone looks to to get the work done and get it done right.You excel in an atmosphere of encouragement and solid guidance but do not like working for yourself & may not achieve overall satisfaction or enjoyment.

The energy of the 2 life path is very delicate, so much so that everyday you get your feelings hurt in ways no one except you can comprehend.One of your lifetime learning lessons is to set firm emotional boundaries and not to be a "shape-shifter" who changes oneself to appease others or preserve harmony.

The 2 energy revolves around love. You crave limitless love to give and receive. Combined with a deep sense of service and emotional sensitivity, the drive brings wonderful things into your life as well as constant challenges. The key is not to be needy to the point of desperation.

Most compatible Life paths: 6 & 8

Good Friends Life paths: 2 & 9

Least compatible Life paths: 4 & 7

Life Path 3:

The Life path 3 is meant to take center stage and perform.

You enjoy creativity, conversation and people-to-people interaction. The essence of the three is really the essence of the joy of living. You quickly consolidate knowledge and know how to rework it into new ideas. You accept your tastefully brimming artistic instincts.

You're a natural blogger, actor, advisor, or teacher. Any career where you are able to present your thoughts to an audience is right up your alley. You're not a 9-to-5 career person; you don't really work best under someone else's control or within a fixed framework.

Part of the purpose of your life is to establish impeccable communication at any stage.

Undoubtedly, you will be the life of the party: smart, funny, friendly, and good company. You make an ideal host or hostess, and around you, people feel nurtured and relaxed.

Your deep self-doubt is one of your greatest hurdles. Feelings of fear will interrupt you and actually intimidate you into giving up. Although everyone feels self-doubt at certain points in their lives, when you're on the 3 Life Path, this is a determining factor in your life.

Evidently, one of the 3 Life Path's challenges is also that you're so good at everything you do that you have a hard time deciding what to concentrate upon. So many plans, very little time. 

Most compatible Life paths: 1, 5 & 7

Good Friend Life path: 2

Least compatible Life paths: 8 & 3

Life Path 4:

A 4 Life Path concerns the development of stability by gradual and steady processes. You are cerebral, knowledgeable, and an information seeker.

Since you know how to build solid foundations, you are always in charge of designing operating systems and the specifics are supposed to be taken care of. You are the world's work-horse and "master builder."

You devour information so that there is no limit to the extent of your understanding of it and the ability to convey that understanding to others when you find a topic or subject that interests you.

Although you will undoubtedly have a sense of humour and lighthearted moments, you tip the scales toward seriousness and critical thinking. You're the first to suggest that you don't want to argue, but you end up arguing more frequently when you seem to be worrying about topics that you feel you know a lot about.

Since you consume and interpret information in a high-intensity manner, you need to take plenty of time to yourself and maintain peace and calm in your environment. That's imperative for your physical and mental health.

You have a fair, conventional, well-behaved disposition and are not into people that are otherwise. You don't appreciate people who are major risk-takers, don't obey the rules, or don't succeed in a conventional atmosphere of work or home.

One of the key problems that must be tackled by number 4 is constraint — both the restrictions put on you externally and the limits you place on yourself.

Part of the learnings of your life is trying to get out of your own box and taking a chance or a risk once in a while.

Most compatible Life paths: 1 & 8

Good Friend Life path: 7

Least compatible Life paths: 5 & 3

Life Path 5:

A lot of intense energy is found in this Life Path because you have an adventurous life. You focus on diversity and quickly get bored. You need and seek constant stimulus in life. You enjoy freedom and are here to feel the Earth's sheer physicality of creation in whatever manner, shape, and shape that you can muster.

Your world revolves around the senses. You have a deep longing to experience it all to the fullest. Things have to taste fine, smell good, look nice and sound pleasant, or you simply don't feel satisfied.

If you don't make the most of your high energy and drive, life will quickly become a soap opera. You're the Drama Queen/King, whipping up drama everywhere you go.

You can't bear a clingy girlfriend if you're a 5 Life Path. Your motto is "Don't rule me". A 5 Life Path requires plenty of space and flexibility, especially early in life

You are likely to be entrepreneurial and would not prefer to be subjected to someone’s authority.

You have a wild side, and you would just rather be dead than bored. Your threshold is pretty low for what you deem dull. If you don't find that your everyday life is up to your high-drama expectations, you can also escape to the world of Entertainment, films, and books

You also deal with a relentless feeling of restlessness and a feeling of confinement or constraint.

Most compatible Life paths: 1,3 & 7

Good Friend Life path: 7

Least compatible Life paths: 4 & 8

Life Path 6:

You lean towards love and marriage. If you choose not to be a parent, you will be a parent in other ways: with pets, colleagues, and friends. You have a distinct quality of nurturing, combined with an intensified sense of duty.

Have you ever found that people are drawn to you naturally? Do people come to you, looking for your assistance with their problems? Do people, even if you don't ask for it, put you in positions of responsibility? These are all components of the vibration you need to get used to and recognise. If you don't like being "the responsible one," you'll live a life of bitterness and anger.

Knowing that more responsibility will be placed your way enables you to use your natural ability and skills with a loving heart.The job of your life resides in balancing your sense of duty consciously, not too much, not too little.

You're brilliantly imaginative and need to find opportunities to constructively utilize your creativity. Most 6 Life Path's are exceptionally musically inclined or are successful in some artistically creative activities.

You often have difficulty taking advice or instruction from others. You're a bit of a control freak, let's face it. Always remember this is something you're going to need to take a look at every once and in a while.

Being far-sighted is another significant aspect of the 6 Life Path. You have the gift of seeing a larger picture, and you can't understand why anyone can't see it. You are also a perfectionist.

You have a tendency to feel self-righteous, lofty, and superior to anyone else when you are feeling unappreciated, undervalued, or overwhelmed, and you make no apologies about expressing this to anyone around you. You wonder why it's not easy for others to be like you, act the way you do, and have the same beliefs. You also assume that others are "wrong" because they don't believe the same things as you do or act the same way you do.

 Many people with Life path 6 are attracted to the beauty and fashion designing industry.

Most compatible Life paths: 2, 8 & 9

Good Friend Life path: 1

Least compatible Life paths: 5 & 3

Life Path 7:

You have been born to learn to trust in yourself and others. You are surrounded by a lot of spiritual energies, so you need a solid spiritual foundation. 

You'd shine as a philosopher, analyst, or researcher because you're always searching for facts and knowledge, and love to dive into the complexities of life. You are a bit geeky in your own quirky way.

Do you feel like you are really out of place in the world? Many 7 Life Paths seem like they are old souls who are discovering the material world here. Very often, you're on a different frequency than others. You are bright, you are clever and you are deep. You are excellent at technical issues, communicating and learning something new.

You have a natural intuitive skill that is at odds with your strongly analytic mind in certain respects. For you, this may be a cause of confusion. On the one side, you're all about data, information, and analysis and you need standard thought processes to work in your chosen field.

On the other hand, you are continuously obtaining intuitive data that you are unable to interpret and that might worry you. Either you obstruct and inhibit your intuition — which may contribute to frustration and poor health — or you learn all facets of your highly calibrated mind to respect and balance.

At the end of the day, yours is a deeply internal journey where you're supposed to get to know who you are in the deepest, most real and most soulful way. And this will continue for a lifetime. Because of the push-and-pull between your faith in hard data and your intuition, it's crucial that you regularly take time alone.

Most compatible Life paths: 3 & 5

Good Friend Life path: 4

Least compatible Life paths: 1, 2 & 8

Life Path 8:

The 8 Life Path’s lesson is all about how you handle your personal relationship with power and money.

This path is about building financial stability. The freedom that comes from being financially secure is what you want.  And this usually comes with a more extreme relationship between love/hate and money.

The 8 Life Path is not so easy to sail when you are expected to use power, strength, authority, and control to make a meaningful impact in the world. You're sure to have major authority issues in your early childhood – and probably your whole life.

This path is intense and requires much diligence, knowledge, and courage.

Sometimes you will experience traumatic experiences in childhood that challenge your will, resilience, commitment, and power to stand up for yourself in a balanced manner and step into greater realms of accomplishment.

When you accept that your life is meant for accomplishment and success, the main work begins. You have amazing executive and entrepreneurship talents. The key for you is to dream big and find the best support people in your company who can help you.

A caution: You may have persistent health problems due to stress and addiction.

Most compatible Life paths: 2,3,4 & 6

Good Friend Life path: 9

Least compatible Life paths: 1

Life Path 9:

The 9 Life Path is the most numerologically advanced and has one of the most powerful vibrations since it incorporates the attributes of all the other numbers.

If the concept of reincarnation is accepted by your belief system, you would be reassured to know that the 9 vibration is that of a wise old soul that emerges to wrap things up. You'll also be glad to know that your life is supposed to be vast and spiritually demanding if you do not believe in reincarnation.

Yours is truly a lifetime to concentrate solely on letting go and surrender, and on acquiring and acting on higher spiritual principles.

Have a deep inclination to follow something you believe in, and you will pursue this with great passion and determination.  You have an authentic concern for humanity, so generally, your priorities include serving people in some way.

One of the attributes of your 9 Life Path is that your original family always has problems with you. As a child, you might have felt unloved or neglected. You sometimes feel out of place, as if you just don't belong.

You must find a way to preserve healthy personal boundaries with your family and find the courage to leave behind dysfunctional dynamics. You're all about transition and letting go, so your dream involves freeing yourself from an oppressive sense of family identity.

This is not to say that you say your family "good-bye" and never see them. This implies that you identify yourself for who you are and encourage members of your family to do the same.  Only some good old safe emotional and physical boundaries are needed.

When you engage your spiritual side, you are at your best, listening to your intuitive inner voice, which is crystal clear when you eliminate your mental clutter.

A note of caution: You do such a fantastic job of caring for everybody's business that people don't even know when you're in trouble or need help. You've got to let down your guard and ask for what you need. Others aren't able to read your needs easily — you need to ask for help.

To work with the idea that you are getting small incentives for your service is a lifelong lesson for you.

With your love for humanity, your greater purpose is to inspire others. When you are motivating others by your example, not by what you say, you are in your element.

You have an amazing charisma and you can choose either positive or negative ways to use that. You'd also do well in creative fields. On the 9 Life Path are many gifted singers, comedians, actors, and artists.

Avoid living in the past. Gently release yesterday, live today, and welcome tomorrow.

Most compatible Life paths: 2 & 6

Good Friend Life path: 3

Least compatible Life paths: 8

I am sure by now you will be able to decipher the meaning of life path numbers.

Although this should not be the only deciding factor for finding your life partner, this gives you a fair idea of different personalities who suit your preferences.

Happy Dating!


1. Is it possible to find your life partner with numerology?

The answer is YES, it is. You can find your perfect life partner using numerology. All it needs is some amount of mathematics and you’re done! 

2. How to find your life partner easily through numerology? 

You can find your perfect life partner through numerology by following the process of simply adding the MONTH+DAY+YEAR and reducing the sum into a one-digit number and seeing which life path number is the most compatible for you. 

3. How does numerology for marriage partners work?

You can use numerology to find your perfect match for marriage. By calculating your life path number and seeing what are the most compatible numbers for you.

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