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In a world where many jobs are demanding and technology has advanced to the point that it’s hard to get a break from screens, whether Netflix or something else. Well, it's difficult to get away from, at least for me. We neglect to spend quality time with our families because we are so engrossed in internet drama. We frequently lose sight of what it means to be loved and surrounded by family. Consider yourself lucky. If you have a grandmother at home who is willing to converse with you whenever you initiate a conversation,

It's uncommon to have a grandmother when you're a kid, especially if you're from the city. And if you grew up with one, you know how influential she was in shaping who you are today. I bet,  she'd always give you the greatest advice, prepare your favourite dishes, and tell you about her past. Also, if I am not wrong she might have taught you how to tie your shoes, read, and looked after you when you were sick. For many people, their grandmother is also their first teacher. They're the ones who introduce us to new things and help us develop our own opinions about life. My grandmother was also my first instructor in life, just like yours, I believe. I learned a lot from her, but one of the most essential life lessons I received from her was to love the world with an open heart.

As long as I needed her, Grandma was always there. In situations where I didn't know what to do, she knew just what to say to make me feel better. My grandma was my favourite person too, as is the case with everyone's favourite person (especially when they're young). I used to sit with her at breakfast, lunch, and even while she was resting. There was a sense of security in knowing that she would answer any question without hesitation, unlike my parents.


In addition to answering my silly questions, as I started to grow up she would often talk about self-love. She also taught me how to love others in a way that made them feel special. She taught me how to be kind, not just with words but with our actions as well . she showed that making a mistake is perfectly acceptable. It's fine to not be perfect all of the time since no one is perfect all of the time. You are erroneous if you believe that this is a regular thing for a youngster to learn at such an early age because any child who grew up with grandparents would have had this experience. When it comes to writing about grandparents several things make it unique. Everything counts, even the little things. Exactly like grandmother's stories. As families of all ages gather around the dining table for holidays and family celebrations, this is a perfect opportunity for the grandchildren to learn more about their grandparents. Parents are often the first to teach their children manners, but grandparents can strengthen the basics and share the subtleties of etiquette with their grandchildren through fun activities. I can't speak for everyone, but I've often believed that if my grandmother said something, I'd do anything. Her sway on me was undeniable.

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I'm not sure why all of Grandma's stories begin with family history, but thank you for sharing yours, Grandma. At a young age, I learned a lot about my family. As we all get older, we all want to know more about the family history and want to have stories about their parents "escapades. We all love to hear the stories of their parents and young children about how their grandparents used to live. However, I was fortunate in that I was able to capture the art of storytelling from my grandmother. She became my life's first teacher.

Flipping through old family photo albums is a favourite pastime of children and adults It's intriguing to small children to see dusty prints, ancient albums, and even the raw photo smell, I used to be one of them. Opening family albums brought back memories of storey time with my grandmother. The way grandmothers tell stories is far superior to anything on Netflix. Likewise, my grandmother was a gifted storyteller. As a child, she would talk about my mother's childhood, her family's financial situation, life in the village, and how much parle biscuits cost back then, among other things. Even though I didn't recognise it at the time, these storytimes were the seeds of compassion that were planted in me. Because of her, I'm grateful for my life. Gratefulness towards my parents and other people is something she ingrained in me.


One of my best memories is of the time I was five. She had prepared all of these wonderful concoctions for me to taste - even though I knew that it would make her sad when she saw me not want any. She never tried to force me into eating anything, but instead, she would take gentle bites of what was in front of her and tell me about the people in the pictures on the wall next to us. "This one is your great-great-grandmother," she said pointing at a woman with dark skin and darker eyes than mine. "And this one? This is your great-grandfather." 

I asked her once, "Grandmother, what stories do you have?" 

"I have lots of stories for you," she replied

 "What kind of stories?"

"Stories about love and life and all sorts of things." 

"Do you remember all the stories?" I asked her because I often forgot lots of stories.

"I remember most. Sometimes I forget how it begins but I always remember how it ends."I might have not properly understood what it means to '' end something'' back then, but whenever I recall this day, this sentence often fills confidence in me.


It is difficult to describe the feeling of love, but it can be said that it is a feeling of deep affection. It has an enigmatic power that is not limited to humans. However, the more deeply connected the two are, the more they will feel love for each other. Love is the most basic emotion in life and it will never die out. Like many say, love comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. My grandma's love is the special love I can never replace it with. My grandmother's affection has left a lasting impression on me in a variety of ways. When grandmother would stoop down and pick up every rock in my path and warn me to be careful because I might trip on one and damage myself. We will never forget the manner that when I was sad, she would wrap her arms around me and hold me firmly. She used to tell me stories about heroes, monsters, princesses, and dreams coming true. At the time, I didn't realise that her gentle acts were developing a humble human being. I owe my grandmother a debt of gratitude for allowing me to experience this feeling in my life.


My grandmother doesn't live with us anymore due to various reasons but she still means the world to me. I rarely call her but whenever I do, she still talks to me like I am five years old. She was my first teacher and with her, I learned to love the world with an open heart. Loving her felt like breathing fresh air; she introduced me to new ideas and concepts with such joy and curiosity. I would count on her to listen when no one else could, she has been there for me through thick and thin. She is my biggest supporter and role model, she always put others before herself.


My grandmother has always been my inspiration. She was the first person to tell me that I could do anything I set my mind to; she was the first person to teach me about love, kindness, and what it means to be a good person. She taught me how to cook and clean, and she even helped me with my math homework. When I play the piano, she always listens patiently from the couch. She is one of the wisest people in my life. Having said all that, it's time to end this blog. With time, we tend to lose sight of the fact that our grandparents are ageing as well. The moment will come when you must mature and learn to make decisions on your own. It may be difficult to imagine a world without them. What a struggle it's going to be! 

Grandparents have so much to give, so much to teach, so much to watch over their grandchildren's lives, and so much to leave behind for their grandchildren's love memories. Grandparents are well aware of the good influence they may have on children's life. Allow your children to chat to their grandparents as often as they can if you're a parent reading this.

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