Five Must-Read Books This World Book Day

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By Ruchi Sharma

'A Book is a friend for life’. This is one sentence which is true for each one of us. We all have that one book that holds a great place in our life. It could be an inspirational book, a cheesy romantic novel or even a childhood fairytale. At some point of life or other we have all come across that one book which became a part of our life. All the ‘binge readers’ out there understand what love for books mean. And for them and ardent book lovers, the favorite one keeps on changing, but even then, there is that one book that they can vouch for! We all have had our fair share of reading books by these awesome writers like Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie etc. Those days spending hours in school library trying to find that one remaining book of Secret Seven or Famous Five series, is something almost all of us relate to. Not to forget those dreamy days of expecting admission letter from Hogwarts all due to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series! Though movies were made on it but the feel of reading the books is totally surreal. Even if one is not fond of reading much, there is at least one genre that interests everyone.

On today’s ‘World Book and Copyright Day’, I've decided to celebrate by sharing some books that I have added to my ‘to-read’ list! But firstly, what is this day about? World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated by UNESCO to promote enjoyment of books and reading. It is sometimes also called as World Book Day. In fact, there is a story behind the selection of 23rd April as World Book and Copyright Day too. It’s the date when noted authors William Shakespeare, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Miguel de Cervantes all died. That’s why this date was selected at UNESCO’s General conference in Paris in 1995 for not only paying world-wide tribute to authors and books but also to encourage everyone to access books. UNESCO stands up for creativity, diversity and equal access to knowledge by championing books and copyright. (Source- So now without further ado, I bring forth five books that I've added to my to-read list by our very own Indian Women Authors. You might have already read some since this list was compiled on basis of popularity and reviews! But I felt I needed to share this with everyone and welcome them on board with me to a wonderful journey getting lost in plethora of words. I apologize in advance if I missed out on a favorite of yours but the never-ending list of awesome books got me confused as well! Also, feel free to read ahead if you haven’t read these books but are willing to give them a try. I have compiled the list based on reviews and thus it's completely free from spoilers!!!!

1. Three Thousand Stiches By Sudha Murthy

If this book was to be addressed in one word, it would be ‘inspirational’. The experience and struggles that the author faced while serving the society are predominantly the main highlight of the chapters. The name of the book itself has a beautiful story behind it which relates to struggles that Sudha Murthy faced while helping a group of women find respectable jobs and earning. Lots of other real life stories make this book very inspirational and a must read. The author herself is the chairperson of Infosys Foundation and has written many beautiful children's books as well like - The Magic of the Lost Temple, How I taught my grandmother to read, etc. Her simple and beautiful words surely strike a chord with everyone be it young children or adults!

2. When Dimple Met Rishi By Sandhya Menon

A romantic yet hilarious book, this one is about how opposites attract and the chaos that follows. The two characters, Dimple and Rishi are completely opposite to each other, but it’s all about how love works hard to prove itself in unexpected ways. This book is also available on Netflix as a web series named ‘Mismatched’ but the real fun is in reading the book and I can’t wait to read this rom-com already.

3. When Love Came Calling By Preeti Shenoy

Based on two characters, Puja and Arush, it’s a lovely story of what happens when harsh realities of life distort the picture-perfect world of two individuals who fall in love despite having totally different characteristics. It also ventures on the paths of importance of a family in one’s life. This novel is all about young love and discovery. The writer also has many other bestsellers to her name like The Nameless Relationship, A hundred little flames, Wake Up life is calling, etc.

4. Those Pricey Thakur Girls By Anuja Chauhan

A novel based on the eighties, this one has reviews that have declared it as a must-read. The detailed descriptions and characterizations are one thing that make this a must read. The character Dylan Singh Shekhawat is much loved by everyone. It’s basically a light read with a strong message.

5. This is Not Your Story By Savi Sharma

Written by a writer who herself was a CA student once, this is a story about three different characters. Shaurya who is a CA student, chasing his dreams, Miraya, an interior designer, her story about believing in love and Anubhav, an aspiring entrepreneur, who gives his life another chance. An inspirational read, this one seems to be definitely a good motivational one time read.

For this article, we've tried our best to include more inspirational stories but its not that we all don’t like to read some horror, mystery or comedy. We love each one of them and would soon come up with another shot at awesome reads for each one of the different genres. Also, do tell us if you've already read some of the above books? Or if you have a suggestion for books that can be added to our list or a favourite genre on which you want the next list to be based upon? We would love to hear your thoughts and know which is your favorite book! Lets spread the joy of reading this World Book and Copyright Day.

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