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2020 surprised us all and definitely did not go according to the plan!

I had grand visions for 2020 as I was to step into my 40s this year. Contrary to the usual perspective of welcoming the 40s with apprehension, I felt like I have never been this ready to begin a new phase in my life. Having explored every aspect of self, including physical, mental, and spiritual wellness holistically, I felt prepared to embark on this journey and wanted to help women embrace the 40s in the same way. 

And so, I had conceptualized #acingthe40s for and was excited to inspire my audience to enter the 40s gracefully – well prepared and in the best of health and wellbeing. 



The campaign started with an aspirational goal to equip women entering their 40s or those already there by sharing my wellness journey and recommendations for holistic living.

While it was to be launched in April 2020, the shoots had to be canceled with the never-ending lockdown. 

But, I went ahead with the idea more so as a celebration of my quarantined 40th birthday on my IG page in the form of IGTV Series. 

There's nothing quite like adversity to spur innovation. 

I decided to launch #acingthe40s with the limited resources available indoors, and I was surprised by how much it resonated with the audience. The series I was looking forward to creating was relatable to women now more than ever, and the positive feedback from the viewers kept me going.

I established myself with a brand-new identity and pivoted my entire communication strategy to address a mid-life woman's challenges and inspire her on a path of mid-life wellness.

Despite not being a leading health and wellness influencer in terms of numbers, I managed to carve out a niche, engaged, and captive audience.

Today, I am best known for my holistic views on health and wellness, innovative recipes, and unique brand collaborations with renowned industry experts. has created a community inspired to lead well-rounded lives by expanding their wellness horizons to encompass all dimensions. 

I have also been building a 40s Survival Kit on my grid, comprising life essentials to help women transition smoothly from midlife crisis to midlife wellness. Via this campaign, I aim to empower women to be better prepared and confident to brace our mid-life with exuberance and grace.

With this objective in mind, I have been creating exciting content, giving a glimpse of my lifestyle and life experiences while also inspiring viewers to adopt healthier lifestyles. 

Breaking the 40s stereotype

#Acingthe40s is more than just a campaign. I believe it could be a platform encouraging women in their 40s to see midlife wellness in a whole new perspective.

40s can be the new 20s, in fact, even better than the 20s, if done right. With today's advanced healthcare support and extended longevity of our lives, there is much ahead for women in their 40s to look forward to. At 40, we are more mature and financially independent than ever before. With our life experiences behind us, we have clarity on what we want from life and how to accomplish it! 

This segment is a niche audience with high purchasing power that remains underserved even today. Women in these age groups have more time at hand and are often looking for ways to enrich, expand, and add meaning to their lives. 

Given the opportunity in this space, I feel is rightly positioned to serve the audience well while challenging wrongly accepted myths by widening their health and wellness perspectives. The topics addressed through this platform are purely from my research and personal experiments with lifestyle and revolve around:

  • The health and nutrition changes women tend to face in their 40s
  • Dietary must-haves for women in their 40s
  • Workout recommendations for women in their 40s
  • Lifestyle recommendations for women in their 40s
  • Health and diagnostic tests women should get done periodically from their 40s
  • Book recommendations to feed the mind in their 40s
  • Alternative healthy recipes that nourish the body inside out
  • Skincare regimen for that flawless skin even after the 40s and more.

Let's collaborate, and transform lives!

As someone who has learned step by step by experimenting with tried and tested methods, it took a lot of research, efforts, and patience to get where I am today. It was not a smooth ride, but together we can make it easy for others. As I work through my 40s, I plan to share my journey through this platform to educate, engage, and empower women to traverse their mid-life with more confidence and exuberance.



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