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By Ruchi Sharma
Over the last few months, you might have come across this brand-IKEA! Be it buying furniture or some home accessories or maybe other things, amidst other famous brands, this one is really gaining footing in the Indian market. Though it’s not a new brand but it started its operations in India with its first store in Hyderabad only in 2018. So, what exactly do IKEA stores offer? And why are they so popular? We got all your questions answered here. We begin with some of the questions but follow them with some unique products that got our attention!

What is IKEA?

The first question to answer is what is it about? The IKEA international website says that their vision is to create better everyday life for people. And that’s what they actually do with their products too! IKEA is named after the initials of founder Ingvar Kamprad who was actually a child entrepreneur, Elmtaryd, the farm on which he grew up, and Agunnaryd, the nearby village. WOW! That’s so interesting! They have a really interesting timeline of their history (https://about.ikea.com/en/about-us/history-
of-ikea/milestones-of-ikea). And just like all the successful businesses in the world, their journey was full of ups and downs and at the same time full of innovation. They started off in Sweden and as on 2020, they had nearly 422 stores operating in 50 different markets.

Why is it unique?

Their products are self-service packs wherein the customers pick them up, drive home and assemble it themselves! Now, that doesn’t sound very unique to you? But it is! We are mostly habituated to either buying things online and get the products delivered to us with a technician assembling it for us or even when we buy big furniture like beds etc., mostly the store people send someone to assemble it but IKEA innovated this unique thing that required the customers themselves to assemble the products. Nowadays, many other brands have followed the suit and you can find lots of them send easy instruction manuals that guide you to assemble the products on your own, this is especially beneficial in today’s time when you are limiting the people entering your house.
Also, their products range is quite different. Though, I haven’t had the chance to visit their stores in India but I have personally been to one overseas store and their store layouts and products are pretty much similar worldwide. That’s another thing which gains a thumbs up from us i.e. their standardisation. I have personally loved their storage solutions. They have this unique layout system where each category of products has a fully dedicated separate area. They even have mock bedroom, children’s room, dining room etc. set up with their products that allow you to choose the whole setting as well! With so many goodies arranged all over, they don’t limit themselves to only furniture or home décor and go a step ahead with things right from basic necessities like a knife sharpner to totally quirky soft toys! Their furniture also is a bit different from the regular furniture you find at any other shop.

What products do they offer?

Image Source: IKEA
They even have their own restaurants at their stores. But as far as their products are concerned, the variety is quite vast. Initially you might have thought that it’s a furniture brand but wait, it goes way beyond that. Just for a glimpse sake, we found a list of categories of products they offer on their India website and here it is-
Kitchen and appliances
Beds and Mattresses
Storage and Organisation
Bathroom Products
Outdoor Products
Kitchen and Tableware
Home Electronics
Laundry and Cleaning
Home Smart
Winter Collections
Home Improvement
Food and Beverages
Now, that’s quite long, isn’t it? But actually, visiting a store and going through the whole setting of the products being offered is a surreal experience. You will find many such things which will grab your attention! Though in current times, you can just scroll through their website and have a good look at their products as well. The general review of their products is quite satisfactory, though the reviews are unique to each customer.

Where can you buy IKEA products in India?

Currently, there are two stores of IKEA in India- Hyderabad and Mumbai. So, you can directly go to these stores and buy products. Also, you can buy online and get them home-delivered to these two cities and they also deliver products in Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara. They even have this 'how to shop at IKEA store guide' (https://www.ikea.com/in/en/campaigns/demo-page-pub4a1776d1).

Some products

There were a few products that gained our attention on their India website. They have these unique names in Swedish language for their products. You might find some similar things from other brands that may be easily available as well. Though we would like to add we haven’t personally used these products and thus, it’s not a product review but rather things we added in wishlist! Without further ado, here’s the list!

Swivel chair-

Image Source: IKEA
This cute chair looks really nice and comfortable with adjustable height. The round cushioned area looks neat and could provide a different look to your regular study setting. Its priced at Rs. 8,490 on the website and is available in 3 different colours.

Rocking chair-

Image Source: IKEA
Who doesn’t like a nice little rocking chair in their home? Lazing around on it with a steaming cup of coffee is just what a perfect evening looks like. As you can see these ones look nothing like the traditional rocking chairs but seem pretty comfortable. They are priced at Rs. 8,990 and are available in almost 8 different colors as well.

Desk Divider with Compartments-

Image Source: IKEA
This one got our attention just because of the utility! Do you share your work desk with your kid or do you have two kids at home who share the same work desk and often end up fighting for space? Then it seems a perfect solution to avoid the fights over space. Reasonable priced at Rs. 599, it’s basically a desk divider that can help in efficiently separating the desk in two parts.

Children’s stool-

Image Source: IKEA 
A nice break from how typical plastic stools look, this seems like a cute replacement and can add a nice look to the children’s room. It's priced at Rs. 1,190 and is available in cream color.

Hooks in Shape of Chairs-

Image Source: IKEA
These cute chair shaped hooks can add a different touch to the walls in your kitchen or any other area.

Corner wardrobe-

Image Source: IKEA
All ladies here will agree; we all have that dream to have a walk-in wardrobe. But due to space constraints, it’s not really possible to have one. This corner wardrobe occupies that often-ignored corner space and gives the feel of a walk-in wardrobe as well. Definitely, a costly one priced at a whooping Rs. 79,550 but still it found a place in the wish list due to its sheer utility!
We hope you liked this IKEA journey with us and have got a gist of what the hype is about! So, what's on your wish list from IKEA or are you already using some IKEA products and want to share your experience of using them? Do share in the comments section below or you can even write a product review as a blog on our website!
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