How Has COVID-19 Affected The Lives Of Students

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How Has COVID-19 Affected The Lives Of Students

                                        By Vaishnavi Srivastava

In order to curb the surge of the coronavirus, our nation had to undergo a major lockdown which brought almost everything a halt. Schools and colleges too were forced to send the students back to their hometowns for an uncertain amount of time. Neither the educational institutions nor the students were ready for such a setback in the normal education system. It was this time when there formed a cloud of uncertainty over the heads of the students of Gen-Z. 

Students who are touted as the ‘youth’ of our country and are expected to be able to take our country to great heights in the near future are fidgeting between the gruesome situation and the new online method of learning. In such a time where anguish, despair, and hopelessness are the only fellow companions students have, they are trying their best to cope with the situation. But this is resulting in some serious mental health issues faced by them. Notably, the ‘best years’ of a student are when they go to schools and colleges and get to explore the outside world but what about the youth in the current scenario who are locked up in houses and are barely allowed any movement. 

The current scenario has gaslighted a lot of agony as well as hopelessness in the lives of the students. Everything around them is uncertain and hard to cling to. Students are exhausted from witnessing the breakdown of our healthcare system during the second wave and the number of deaths observed in the current scenario has left deep scars on these young minds. The pandemic has wreaked havoc in the lives of students and how Gen-Z is battling through the problems of economic fall, abysmal opportunities, disturbed education system, and the wrath of the virus. 

We spoke to a few students and here’s an account of them sharing their personal experiences about how has Covid-19 disrupted their lives. 

Suyash Srivastava 

- Student of Class XII

Covid-19 has brought me to a stage where I’m unable to focus or retain things as I am always feeling demotivated. It has also given way to mental fatigue and stress as all I can see is only uncertainty ahead. Missing out on opportunities abroad has been a major hitch in my career plans and this makes me feel pretty hopeless about my future. Along with all of this comes the FOMO on living my best years that are being wasted being locked in the house. The situation is mentally tiring and exhausting. 

Mitali Suryavanshi

- Student of MIT WPU (Graduation Final Year)

Covid, just like others, affected my life and turned it upside down completely. For the past year, it feels like everything has stopped and when I started getting used to the basic new normal, the second wave came like a tsunami. Honestly, covid has been so mentally draining. whenever I watch the news, it's only how many people have died in 24 hours, like death is more about numbers now. Listening to close friends, family, and how they are suffering or they are losing close ones is very disturbing. Amidst all of this, studies have been sidelined completely. But, still hoping for all of this to end as soon as possible.

Aparna Rana

- Student of Class XII

The daily routine of students has been completely disrupted due to COVID-19, because of which many find themselves at a loss of time management leading to procrastination and distraction. Attending online classes became a chore for most of us and many stopped even attending them after a month. Students' mental health has been affected greatly due to Covid and many students find themselves now unable to concentrate on their studies or even find the will to open their textbooks. Students in their last year of school, have been under great stress due to COVID and those who have no stable emotional support at home are spiraling in their anxiety making them give up on their studies. 

Tarun Shukla

- Student of MIT WPU (Graduation Final Year)

This pandemic has been one phase where everything fell apart, right from the education system to the hopes and dreams of us students. Missing out on all the fun and not being able to plan a flow of study due to the online classes have been the major draining factors in my case. Covid has not only affected our careers but has also taken a toll on our mental health that has left us hopeless for the future. 

With this, we come to an end of this discussion on how the entire pandemic situation has strained the students completely and has not only drastically affected their career plans but also their well-being. It is stated in one of the studies that the majority of students or the youth of our country will be diagnosed with PTSD symptoms in the coming years. The youth who is expected to be the torchbearer of change and progress in a nation is dull, hopeless, and full of anguish. 

We would love it if you too wish to share your experiences or insights on the topic and throw some light on the downfall of hopes, careers, and health that is being experienced by students amidst Covid-19. 

Nevertheless, we hope that there is light at the end of this dark road and this phase too shall pass soon. 

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