How To Drape A Saree In 10 Minutes- Pre Drape and Hacks

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                                              By Vaishnavi Srivastava

Saree can be better described as yards of sheer elegance that not only accentuates all shapes and sizes but also sprinkles loads of grace on the women wearing it. It is very rightly said that ‘Nothing makes an Indian girl look as beautiful as a saree does’, and all of us ladies cannot agree more, right? Right from suburbs to metropolitans and from brides to old ladies, sarees elicit womanhood. 

Sarees account for being one of the most elegant and graceful attire that can be ever worn by women and can make them look stunning. 

Donning a saree can look like a little bit of a vague and troublesome task, but trust me ladies, by following a few hacks it will be as easy as a walk in the park. 

Isn't it awesome how our mums are able to get that beautiful and flattering drape in not more than 5-10 minutes! That’s because they’ve been doing this for a pretty long time and practise is the key. If you are a beginner and are all at sea as to how to begin with it, we have your back!

We have come up with a few hacks and tricks of pre-drape that will help the newbies as well as the perfectos to master the art of draping a saree in not more than 10 minutes and flaunt that elegance and grace.

So without any further ado, let’s begin with the saree draping escapade! 

How to pre-drape your saree to save time?

To begin with the pre-drape process of your saree, it is extremely important that you lay the fabric flat on an ironing table and iron the entire saree well to get that crisp drape finish. Or else, if the fabric will be clumsy, you might not get the desired results even after pre-draping and pre-pleting. 

Step 1: Pleat the pallu:

Starting off by taking one corner of the saree that is the pallu (in most sarees you can easily identify the pallu if it has different patterns and design or if the saree is entirely plain, you can go ahead with any one corner), you will start by overlaying the fabric using your fingers to form equal-sized pleats beginning right from the top and going down to the length you want your pallu to be. 

Once you are done forming the pleats in a well-structured fashion, use a safety pin to secure them and iron the entire portion again to keep it crisp and handy while draping. 

Step 2: Form the main pleats: 

The main pleats that come right in front and below your belly button need to be extremely defined to give a smooth structure to your drape. To get your hands on the same, you need to go to the other corner of the saree and wrap it once around your waist. By measuring the desired length, you need to start forming the pleats and go about till 5 to 6 folds to get that flattering front drape. 

Once you are done draping the section, secure it using a safety pin on the top and in the middle to keep the pleats intact and repeat the drill of ironing it again. 

Step 3: Start draping:

When you are ready with both the pleated sections, start draping the saree by taking the corner where the main pleats are. Tie a small knot on the corner to make sure that the fabric remains intact when inserted in the inner skirt. Wrap it around your waist and once you complete one round and reach the pleated part, make sure you tuck it in your skirt very nicely to avoid any rumples. 

Step 4: Drape the pallu:

After attaining a structured lower drape, it’s time for you to go in with the pallu. Take the pleated pallu and wrap it around your torso once and take it up to the left shoulder. You can secure the pallu with a safety pin with your blouse fabric and make sure to pin it a bit on the backside to get that smooth look. You can also stick out a few pleats on the bosom area to give it a more defined look. 

Step 5: Get the final look:

Now that you have perfectly draped the entire saree well, you just need to do little touch-ups here and there and you are good to go! 

So this was it, ladies! A quick saree draping process including the pre-drape hacks that save your time and make the entire work a hundred times easier. 

Sarees scream elegance and there is absolutely no attire that can overpower the grace of the same. All you need is a bit of practise and with time you will hone the draping skills like a  queen! 

We believe we were able to keep forth the knicks and knacks of saree draping that we learned over time and they are as useful for you as they are for us. Do let us know in the comments how you find this quick guide on saree draping:)


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